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  1. Hla loly

    البلينك العرب اين انتم ؟

  2. Annie


  3. すっぱいグミ


  4. k. k.

    Like for Lady gaga 👍🏻👍🏻 Reply for Ariana Grande ❤❤

  5. becca roberts

    Her best ❤

  6. Charlotte The Wolfy


  7. Pēñzi Śhābż

    Who feels that rain on me kinda feels like a gospel song at some point???

  8. Juventino Vazquez

    Blink please we must give more views to this beautiful collaboration, our girls and gaga deserve it😍❤️

  9. カイザーチャンネル

    0:00~3:08 best part

  10. Yohanna Valentiara Siagian

    Sour candy🍬

  11. Paulo Mendes

    Mãe sim.mascara não

  12. Amanda Clarke

    #life #need4eva #neverletmegowontletugoever

    1. Amanda Clarke

      Nogamesevaagain ugotme #mi_amore

  13. DeesDoodles

    10 years later and I'm still waiting for the next addition to this saga TT . TT

  14. Reva Adelia

    Lady gaga wajahnya sangat menyeramkan!!!

  15. Potato Chan

    Always make tear up.

  16. Juan solano

    8 Junio 2010 / 8 Junio 2020 - 10 años de esta joya! Premiemola con los 400M June 8, 2010 / June 8, 2020 - 10 years of this gem! Lest go with the 400M

  17. RJ Escaño

    2:36 Mimiyuuuuh caught on camera lol

  18. Sebaplays _ Official

    After 12 days of quarantine: *We only have a weekeeendddd*

  19. Marcin Sznycel

    Dzik jest dziki, dzik jest zły. Dzik ma bardzo ostre kły

  20. Yohanna Valentiara Siagian


  21. Mansur Ali

    East or West South or North

  22. cloudy tears

    Finally blackpink is having a comeback it took forever can't wait for the mv to come out

  23. Jp Laurino

    I'll be your galaxy I'm about to fly. Yeah! Kuddos ! 😍😍


    *Our queens improved so so much!!*

  25. Georges R. Abdallah


  26. Walter Fuentes

    The lyrics that she wrote in this masterpiece are thoughts and emotions that we all have in our hearts she just had the courage to Express them with such a passion,just amazing!!!

  27. Dipak Baraili

    I like Ariana Grande voice so much than lady Gaga

  28. Icy


  29. chievo wihardjo

    announcer: today is raining! boys: raining is kinda boring, we can't play basketball, we should play Fortnite instead. girls:

  30. KillerOX


  31. u nIcE keEp gOinG

    1:21 - 1:23 is everything! 💜🔥

  32. Chrystele Huchet

    2020 ?😓😭

  33. Vasia Mihaela

    Lady Gaga, i LOVE YOU and your songs. 💕💕💕

  34. achiravit sophan


  35. NurSofea 3457

    Their voice sounds cute and sexy..

  36. A

    worst sng off chromtica lol

  37. Vu Nguyen


  38. Siboney Martinez

    i can't listen to this song without thinking about harry and zayn

  39. ilham Pratama


  40. Sara Askari-Bayazi

    arianas butterfly wings are the most adorable things ever. im sooo obsessed.

  41. Kang Daniel Daniel

    Jisoo <3

  42. KON



    THANKU GAGA FOR SAVING THIS SONG...Ariana part was boring as always no change but Gaga Omg..she is legend... WISH THIS WAS SOLO OF LADYGAGA Same case with sour candy...Gaga is amazing as always QUEEN OF POP FOR REASON...

  44. ParrisP3

    1000000000 gramyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤

  45. R. chakma


  46. benoit leclerc

    From Québec, Canada I salute you !! Gaga !! i am a man who love you ...! Je t'aime chère femme moderne et intelligente !! i miss you but you have lot of video so i am happy!! Santé et sois bien !..Long live and prosper !...Peace

  47. Roger Jaén

    1:19 *YUH*

  48. Janelle Steadman


  49. Zykloh

    Damn really stole Barns Courtney spotlight 😔

  50. the ngapakk

    Di indonesia trending anda dikalahkan oleh kekeyi... Wkwkwkwk


    @ladygaga Its humble request from next time dont do any Collabs..The way all r dragging You...Dont release sour candy as single..We dont want. Many solo songs in chromatica r better than Sour candy and rainonme...Release them..I said truth ..GAGA SELLS MORE THAN OTHERS... Btw this is the only reason why Gaga released Rainonme and sour candy before Album release as she knew u all will drag her saying that Arianators and Blinks bought the album to listen to Rainonme and Sourcandy.. I never expected Arianators and Blinks to drag Gaga so badly... #ISUPPORTLADYGAGA

  52. Sajjad Rasouli

    درود لیدی جان بسیار زیبا اجرا کردی

  53. F-aiss MY

    I need mv

  54. Ariana Grande

    I love this part when gaga says ,,Rain on me soon on me''

  55. Biergum Carr

    for the fact that their is no MV yet make me sad

  56. Rahul Ghosh

    This has RPDR written all over it🙌

  57. It's Kylie

    My everyday shower performance

  58. Umberto Simeoli

    we get the video to 100 million views 😍

  59. Kbm hasan

    Who came here for BLΛƆKPIИK

  60. Jeon Jungkookie

    In this song rosé sings so well that my heart melts

  61. Kevin Murgas

    Lady Gaga's music is just like ecstasy for my musical tastes. It's like getting high just by hearing it. She is the best, she is the queen, she is LADY GAGA !!

  62. Fabien Fabre

    84M views? I think I represent 83M of them 😅

  63. Huyen Doan

    Xuất sắc. Love blackpink

  64. E B

    "Mi peor enemigo soy yo misma" . . . El comentario en español que necesitabas

  65. Anka Enver

    How much rain? Ari: yes.

  66. mary zet

    well, it may be controversive what i'm bout to say but i am the true little monster, gaga literally saved my life by 'born this way' and i just wanna express this, cauose it almost hurts me personally- i think that 'chromatica' is having and really bad promotion and even if it's really great album i'm afraid it's gonna end up like 'ARTPOP', of course it's objective but i really think that picking 'stupid love' as a leading single is such a bad choise and video is also really not impressive when u look at other gaga's music videos from each era- i will always love mother monster but i want her first PRs back!

  67. Onyrobrec

    This is serious heat! Production is crazy good

  68. Merlemulie M

    Srsly wtf is wrong with the Producers these Days man ? The Beats are clearly out of any Random Beat Generator man wtf..... They are just horrible !

    1. Umberto Simeoli


    2. Umberto Simeoli


    3. Umberto Simeoli


    4. Umberto Simeoli


  69. smart swag

    Sexy jisoo

  70. Melissa Rojas

    This is art

  71. Christian Barzyk

    I don t know you but I like this song until Ariana starts to sing

    1. Umberto Simeoli

      we don’t care what you think and by the way, Ari’s part is beautiful

  72. Jeon Jungkookie

    I must be addicted to this song

  73. smart swag

    Sour candy💜

  74. Jeon Jungkookie

    If you listen to this song a lot, you will feel good

  75. Veronica almemari


  76. Mr DaddyEv

    They did a wonderful work with this movie.. Bradley Cooper amazed me, again

  77. Go Ahead

    The way she sings “thousand” makes me cry

  78. aleja PT.

    Excelente ariana grande ✨

  79. dreamer

    Rosé killed it with this one!

  80. Areeam Alarjani

    Lady Gaga &Blackpink 💗🖤

  81. Isabell Z.

    Listen to it in 1,25!

  82. Emak Gaming

    Ketipu judul gw anjir

  83. nicolas esteban salazar villalobos

    I don't know but I feel a different touch in Gaga on this song, Like her and Ari's energy it's blending together and it feels awesome.

  84. SeKc Mamakwa

    Nice, time to listen to somebody I used to know by gotye 🤙🏼🔥

  85. Karelillo Ramirez

    Best vibe in this entire year!!!!!!!

  86. Renske Okma

    Are there kpop fans here? ☺

    1. Izzy

      Hmmm not me

  87. Jentlexxj'ot4

    It's been a week and still trending... the power that gagapink holds🔥

  88. lily ridley

    no he can’t read my poker face “she’s got a lemon body”

  89. Bảo Ngọc


  90. Loona S.

    am i the only one who thinks that jennies and lisas voices sound a little different here- not a bad kind of different tho, it's a good one

  91. Renate Pennings

    *Nederlandse reactie*

  92. _Nah_ H


  93. Angelina Zeller

    Omg that’s a little bit creepy because Gaga has a knife on leg 😳

  94. Wong Sam


  95. Marc - Tapanawat Oonsaengchan

    i wish my cat can shower like this

  96. meera komaravelly

    I love 💖 Ariana’s voice it is the best I would cry if she replied. My best friend and I are ur biggest fan and we love to watch u

  97. Francesca LaPesca

    when the video will be released? does anyone know? ♡

    1. Kim Jennei

      No one know about the music video

  98. Ulker Tagizade

    I love sour candy huuu

  99. Caryll Pesalbon

    50M to go!!🇨🇿💪

  100. Vincent Bair

    Literally the only time I ever gave a damn about football in my entire life.