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  1. Travis McCollom

    "sneaky athletic", "more athletic than you think"... politically correct ways of saying "white man cant jump." Oh wait, saying "white man cant jump" is considered politically correct by racists these days.

  2. jcostello69

    Shaq laid it down, they was Enigmatic!! Dominant Duo!! Champions!!

  3. Scottster Scotty

    get this kid some cheeseburgers a small breeze could box this dude out

  4. 軍煒趙

    That’s a bad flop though

  5. Fast Ward

    Guaranteed 85 Ovrl in 2k 21

  6. Miguel A. Rodriguez Jr.

    One of the best plays in Lakers history that alley-oop was everything as a Lakers fan growing up!

  7. victor rodriguez

    Where arenas 💀

  8. Colin Crasta

    Well this turned out to be his last game.

  9. Eric Park

    legendary moment for a legendary duo RIP Kobe, you will be remembered forever

  10. Chhuantea colney

    Did you all ignore how fucked up LBJ's hairline was at the start of the video

  11. Lowez Walker


  12. Quashana Heard

    Who's here after George Floyd's Death? Blm❤

  13. Ronald Fun

    0:54-1:42 tiktok🤣

  14. Artūras r

    Dar kazkoks nevykelis 31nr laksto

  15. Ayush Mall

    Hello kamala you were my favourite wwe star and you will always be my favourite...

  16. Reservoir Nerd

    Lol Di Maria couldn’t handle Real Madrid and Manchester United pressure after he was exposed for being an underrated player . Pelotudo de mierda

  17. Neil Oscar Salac

    i woulda shot a midrange fade-away shot and yell kobe... because ik thats the tribute he really wanted

  18. Dustin Barger

    He rape someone and paid her of which is ok and all is fine but 1 police officer does something we burn buildings and steal TVs yes great cause

  19. Jonny Ledesma

    4:40 KD didn’t box out

  20. Jonny Ledesma

    4:47 KD didn’t box out

  21. SRT Viper 51

    MJF is making me enjoy wrestling again.

  22. KB24D

    Can’t wait to see the Goat lead the Lakers to a Chip

  23. HASSAAN 23OJ

    I can’t tell the difference between him and Kevin Harlan

  24. Farhan Ahmed

    Next one: Eating hays with Gordon Hayward

  25. Lanet Gerena

    Did anyone see Kawhi Leonard face change

  26. Juan Pablo Salazar

    Klopp represent all of us right now 1:14

  27. Joe B

    Patrick Ewing...Larry Johnson...Latrell Sprewell...John Starks... Benard King

  28. Jack Thompson

    If DeAndre Jordan was me in 2K in that game, I would’ve lost like 2,000 fans just because I missed those shots

  29. Gerald G

    Durant at 2:14 😂

  30. Jamie

    Blazers got shafted by the refs in this series.

  31. Les Matthews

    Holy Shiiiiiiit!

  32. g l x y l z r z

    Next episode: eating gecko with chris paul

  33. Brody Sherrell

    People in Dallas be like : Luka is the goat Warriors Bandwagons be like : Curry is that goat🐐 People who don’t watch basketball: Tom Brady 🤣 That one espn guy who said : Kobe was 9 all time 😅 But in my opinion Mike is the goat but For u all Kobe fans Kobe is goat rip the King of la and Gigi

  34. Kyle Mortson

    Chuck legitimately can’t get up

  35. Chef

    i’m taking wilt, kd, bd, stak, and j rich

  36. Brody Sherrell

    Who else wishes that Kobe and Shaq stated with each other rip the k8ing of La

  37. joeshab123

    I love that LeBron took that 3 from center court to win it at the first opportunity, even if he didn't hit it.

  38. KatForMVP


  39. thouxanbanmike _

    9:50 tclarke?

  40. Tony Vincent

    The NBA Season is returning next month July 31st. Will there be another new finale for Game Zones in Sept/Oct after the Finals end?

  41. Smokezalot 429

    $5 Kobe $5 Magic $3 Fisher $1 Horry $1 Eddie Jones

  42. brytsyd11

    Now let's talk about 2002 WCF.. 👿

  43. Alex7aj

    Damn still with the high school sweetheart? Mine left me for some fat bastard. Such is life.


    Ibe been cryong for a wile

  45. bovedli

    Holy shit. Dude needs to get more minutes!

  46. Ryan McCorvey

    Shaq Odom Magic Jones Cedric

  47. cokechang

    Yep I shouted at this play in my living room, will cherish this moment forever. Thank you Shaq and Kobe!

  48. Mr P

    Goddamn it. I want Kobe back.

  49. Salad_Gold Ketsiz

    Mediocrity at its finest

  50. Mohammed Beg (434MohBeg)

    I like how there’s like all this dramatic music and all and at the end it’s just b/r *smack*

  51. Parak Crizaldo

    Alex is a Highlight Reel

  52. YEABUTTERFLY 菲律賓🇵🇭生活中

    One puncaruso man

  53. YEABUTTERFLY 菲律賓🇵🇭生活中

    He totally worth a better contract

  54. TwiggyHD

    Aaron Gordon robbed.. again..

  55. Christian Kevin Tobias

    That bye bye wave.. Absolute badassery

  56. Les Matthews


  57. Lucas R

    18:28 Everyone when Gordon got a lost

  58. ALI PTBM

    Maybe the next white kd

  59. Jay Goodman

    Sam Bowie curse😏

  60. Sil TV

    *The NBA lost a legend once again*

  61. E Mo

    Hank Baskett is in the costume. I am still upset with the 09 super bowl.

  62. Bro Bh

    NBA Champion

  63. Ansur The Shia of Ali

    "A chance to send the Thunder home." *hits 3* Also sends Westbrook to the Rockets and Paul George to the Clippers

  64. Edmar Candelario

    Kobe and Shaq Forever!

  65. harley dude

    What is it about Indiana, you have the movie Hoosiers and you have the movie Rudy.

  66. Big Papi

    Common don’t know how to judge

  67. SamSI7

    Bunch of Trump supporters, especially Peyton and Brady.

  68. Sky Fernandez

    caruso makes me feel watching manu on his before better years.

  69. Will Gazlay

    Commentary is absolute gold.

  70. Holdington Farley

    Really cool animations, but you NEED to show the actualy dunk in video and THEN you can add teh animation.

  71. PaulW

    I swear I chasedown blocked a center who's like 7'3 like kobe in mycarrer and I'm 6'6 2 way slashing playmaker

  72. Pietro Ferrari

    0:55 There's a video of Neymar's sister in beach in recommended videos 😂😂😂

  73. Ricky Di

    I see everybody sleeping on a member of the original Dream Team my man Chris Mullin. Chris was the shit in the 90s!!!

  74. joel britton


  75. Michael Y

    Joke is on MJ. Both the Kings and the Suns made it to Orlando, but not his Hornets!

  76. Rob D

    That squad wouldn't be good on defense snoop

  77. James Winny

    The GOAT

  78. Dj Sugarbear


  79. tokyworld

    manning is a natural as entertainer. hope he does tv every now and then. brady as well. tiger so - so. michelson not at all. who might be a lighten up funny golfer?

  80. Shut Up I Don’t Care

    “Open up, open up WIDE” 😂

  81. Zed James Santiago

    Boom Diddy Klay Capt Jack Dray Nate Thurmond. A little bit of grit and flash

  82. Dara


  83. Nowitzki Nation-5

    Caleb sold lmao dude can’t play defense couldn’t have a wide open rebound and missed a wide open three as a nba player lmao

  84. Spencer H.

    Mike TV

  85. YTEuropeHD Gaming

    It's really disrespectful that you put Embiid over Kevin Durant on the $5 spot man. That is just not OK whatsoever 😂😂😂😂

  86. Coco Bear

    Man I wish Kobe was still here, narrating that legendary moment to us. 😢

  87. Truth Johns

    In tears...I remember that game. Shaqs narration moving, I was so in love with Afro in peace Kobe ❤

  88. watchful news

    When you bronsexuals look at KD's dagger shots, just how do that make y'all feel ahahahahahaha.

  89. Big WhiteDwarf


  90. Mel Vincent Basconcillo

    Iconic. 💯

  91. Damian Plata


  92. Eugene Running Hawk

    League needs to get that soft ass rule outta there smh they always let donkey get away with it but any other player is gonna get a T smh

  93. ToastedSheep

    This team is like one my flag football team played ( I want to play tackle but my parents are worried about concussions) and they had Phillip Rivers son, Marvin Jones Jr’s son and Eric Weddles son. They got NFL stars coaching them. It’s exactly like IMG, a cheat code

  94. Jxcks -yt

    And this is why I am proud to have the same surname as him

  95. Victoria Keane

    Next year we’re voting him to the all star game

  96. Godwin Igwe

    Got fired the next hour.....dancing on duty while black not allowed 🤔🤔

  97. Ziggler Z

    The Black Mamba to Shrek alley-oop was iconic

  98. Mario Rondón


  99. John Brown

    Damn! What a great look 👀

  100. Scottphil33 Serom

    Wth shouldn't he not be stepping inside the free throw line while shooting