Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

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  1. Burnt Toast

    I'm sorry but I hope this chick gets a tape worm or something bad happens to her for all the cruelty she put these octopuses through. Disgusting.

  2. Madison Johnsen

    I hate this.

  3. Jonah Deforge

    Why don’t they make these asmr eating video with veggies

  4. Civil Rights Leader Flavor Flave

    I can’t even watch this haha still will drop the like though

  5. Fox Comm

    It’s because they don’t make noises in pain, making the act seem less impactful and making it less on her tainted conscience. It’s sad.

  6. Hannah Sears

    This is why we have the coronavirus

  7. Dill_o_n

    This is too disgusting to be funny lmao! Good video anyway Ethan...

  8. Neil Popp

    maybe better to pretend this content doesn't exist than to broadcast it.. This kind of stuff makes me hesitate to keep watching h3, The cringe is just too fucked up.

  9. Casper the Horny Ghost

    Imagine making an "opposite" version of what she is doing to these sea creatures, but instead replace it with human beings. That shit would be worse than Saw

  10. lALXl

    When she poured the soy sauce on the squids, the squids were dead, they didn't feel anything. It was the salt in the soy sauce that caused the muscles to contract and loosen up at random times. Freshly decapitated fish and frogs also have such muscle contractions when sprinkled with salt. It's nothing cruel really.

  11. El Gringo27

    Has she ever seen 1000 ways to die,they could just hang on to her throat

  12. Macheeny ?

    the corona jokes at the end weren’t funny :/ just ignorant

  13. LENNY!

    Fam framing her videos in this sort of context makes me feel like how hardcore vegans must feel when when normal people eat steak it turns my stomach sour. 🤢😬

  14. Sharknado 3

    Honestly this make me kinda hungry doe

  15. Yo Uh

    5:56 I shouldn’t have laughed but I did

  16. Nabil naba

    The literal hitler of octopuses has arrived

  17. Holland 6138

    They aren’t “ rything in pain” it’s just the nerves. That’s also why frog legs kick even if there is no body

  18. 親指

    2:41 i think it's dead and it's just doing that gross thing muscles from dead animals do when they come in cuntact with salt.

  19. Soulja Boy

    Not defending her in anyway but if y’all are outraged at how she treats animals why can’t you hold that same outrage towards the meat and dairy industry as well. It’s the same thing, animals suffer at the expense of humans.

  20. k meeker

    I'm SO glad he's exposing them. They're disgusting. Lol

  21. Mathias Kjeldgaard

    This is just animal cruelty

  22. The Lost Guide


  23. Abdulsalam 35

    Please kill me

  24. Dead Boi


  25. Bre-tiful Teaching

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t watch this Too disgusting

  26. thweranman sptr

    so much hentai refrences

  27. Luca Istvánsson

    Dear Hila and Ethan, I really enjoy your video and I watch tthem all to the end, plus giving a like. But this time, I couldn't do it. I had to abort. I am a meat lover and in the future I want to learn hunting myself, kill my meat myself, but I have a love for animals, living animals who all can experience pain. The only death for animals that I accept is a quick, painless end to life. All animals living on the planet are descendants of the same ancestor. Most vertebrates share a similar nervous system with the same signaling system, part of which is what we call "pain". The biochemistry is the same for all of us. It is the absolute ignorance of some people and cultures that lead to a total lack of empathy for anything except for their closest relatives. They are believing that the planet Earth and all it's habitants, are moving but dead things, like rocks. These people, who are treating animals, plants, heck, the whole planet, as if it was a doormat, a lifeless, dead, undestructible object that you can stamp on and dump things on as you like without any concern, are so disgusting me, I often wish there was a nuclear holocaust to exterminate this plague of a people. This is why I think it is a good idea to raise more awareness to this, but not only to this but to the whole understanding of our place on the planet in general. A) Ignorance. Believing that only humans feel what they feel and anything else are moving dead objects. Believing that the planet is indestructible so dumping plastics in the ocean, polluting rivers and the atmosphere is no problem at all. B) Arrogance. Believing that humans own the planet and that they are the only entity that is important. Believing that humans are not one species out of millions that are related to each other, coexisted and codeveloped and shared the planet since 3'500'000'000 B.C. but that humans are a detached alien master race of some sort who do not share at all their biological mechanisms with millions of other species. I hope these people die out one day without the need of a nuclear cleansing.

  28. Dan Curry

    THIS is how covid-19 started.

  29. exalogix

    kpop stans are getting out of hand

  30. Otto Thibby

    the squids aren't still alive, it is reacting to the enzymes in the soy sauce

  31. Mado

    i swear these videos always show up right when im about to eat

  32. Kristin Marine

    Some octopus species have the intelligence of a 4 year old child, they have unique personalities and qualities. To torture them alive is inexcusable, please report her channel

  33. wendy 53227

    is it true the whole trisha paytas/ moses was a scam for views????

  34. Lou P

    So glad you're back to regular content. Good shit Ethan

  35. Juliet Whiskey221

    Me: squids can’t ra... 3:27

  36. Abdulsalam 35

    This is worst than hetler

  37. Gay Mcdonalds Employee

    The only reason I would go to Vidcon is to see Ethan's phat ass

  38. Giulia Elaine

    How can AMsels allow this ????????????? I want to smash her head

  39. Hamid DZ

    And this how to create COVID 20

  40. Jake Brassard

    Because they dont have the ability to feel emotion but if anything registers pain differently than other animals and mammals an octopus or squid would be about one of the most intelligent marine species we know of and maybe they can feel pain in some capacity yet we haven't reached that conclusion yet but that's why we should act like things feel pain even though they probably dont because maybe just maybe there might be some exceptions but a squid still probably doesn't feel it.

  41. Micdali

    She's a titan from attack on titan

  42. karmabeast

    This isn't mukbang. This is criminal evidence.

  43. Pope_the_fatty 333

    I love trying to eat dinner and making the poor decision to click this vid

  44. Koen van der Post

    2:10 Ethan: "where she highlights the brutality of the act of decapitating a live octopus". Later that day, Ethan eats 4 hamburgers, believing that the cows where killed by gently massaging them into a deep sleep in which they dream of neverending meadows. Ethan buddy, maybe look into the meatindustry (and especially fishing industry) a bit before criticizing the same thing happening on a smaller scale on camera. That being said I don't condone this eating of alive octopus, 3/5 of their nervous system is located in their legs, so it definetely causes suffering. Actually when some people from Hawaii catch octopus they bite it in its brain right between the eyes, instantly killing it.

  45. Connor

    I heard soy sauce causes an reaction with their muscles. They aren't alive.

  46. Jennifer Hartlaub

    5:44 more like.. HENTIcles

  47. Uzi 1600

    I want to leave her in a tiger enclosure and watch it maul her alive slowly. Taste of her own sick twisted medicine.

  48. bigjapaleno

    isn't the body moving only because the salt is contracting the muscles? like that there is no pain only muscle movement because the head is removed? or am i wrong??

  49. Daniel Tattley

    This was great, I loved that

  50. Carson Longacre

    Are we blind? This is what caused COVID-19

  51. The Iron Gopnik

    Copied Charlie tho

  52. K B

    11:20 oh yea

  53. Whitney B

    Lmao fuck I can’t 😱

  54. Billy Bobby

    Is this considered punching up or punching down?

  55. Autistic Andy


  56. Ryionizer

    I'm pretty sure Ethan already made this video

  57. Nathan Rippy

    That's why there's corona

  58. Evil Studios

    holy fucking god was it ever disgusting...

  59. Casey Marie

    Hila has such a nice tush. She even makes mom jeans look great.

  60. Chungus Amungus

    It is nasty to me but it's not that weird if you live in Asia.

  61. Ah Mon Bo Fis

    thank you for making videos again!!

  62. Jimithin

    She is a true psychopath

  63. Adrian Vance

    This made me so sick,,, I have a hard time eating pork and beef but this chicks just eating live octopus,,,, come on bro

  64. Ruby Bull

    I think she gets most of the nutrition from devouring their souls first

  65. GuardiaN_PL

    Wanna bet she'll make the next one with bats?

  66. Todoroki Is A Beast!

    WTF is wrong with that woman.

  67. Young Slime

    good video about a good topic but please get some help ethan, its gettin rough for you i can tell

  68. Bowe Johnson

    I literally felt like crying. It’s so disgusting to watch this person eat such beautiful and intelligent creatures alive.

  69. bruh

    God i hope one of those tentacles sticks in her windpipe and chokes her, this was legit hard to watch

  70. MHTRIfreedom

    sorry ethan and hila, I can't watch this video till the end, I already had trouble when you discussed this on the podcast but it just discusts me so much

  71. Jarper

    Ok, this might be the only time PETA will look like the good guys. (Wtf is wrong with 2020)

  72. Merlin Batory

    Humans are not superior or any different from other animals. Somewhere while evolving humans developed a much higher level of empathy and remorse than other animals, making acts like hers instinctively seem wrong. Accepting that suffering is just part of nature is something everyone must do. However, the thing that separates her from the rest of nature is how much pleasure she gets out of it, and that's what is messed up in my mind.

  73. IrishLenny 04

    Squidward has left the chat

  74. Dank Dopths

    Any korean person in the comments, is this what your culture does?

  75. Tanner Scanlan

    You forgot the videos where she eats a whole cat that was probaly thrown in the fryer alive and a dogs leg

  76. Eric McGuire

    this is more horrible then my suicide bomber grass hoppers

  77. Jessica Pounders

    I just couldnt watch this...

  78. The Truth

    a charming tale....just like Disney told it

  79. ol_ Shosh

    She is discussing

  80. GNackers53


  81. flam3

    I’m not saying I completely support what she does, i mean it’s awful, but seafood is the only animal food you can eat live without getting sick. And some of the shit is mad tasty.

  82. Nico B

    i’m like gagging

  83. Michele Castellani

    What the hell this video was super fun

  84. Luca Stroppiana

    Well... now we know who ate that bat..

  85. Kyle Smith

    This is why corona virus exists

  86. James Wilson

    So...homie back?

  87. Ben Gunderman

    I'm rarely moved to commit physical violence by youtube

  88. JJ.

    Octopus and squid are good.

  89. SeñorExplosivo

    No this cant be culture shock. I refuse to belief torturing a living animal and cooking it alive is the norm.

  90. Daniel

    Ahhhh. So that's how Coronavirus started.

  91. Tony U

    She may be Kawaii, but there is a Covid-19, Wuhan Demon inside of her

  92. Dumble Doff

    I bet she’s monetized...

  93. sappy thoughts

    The liver part really got me🤮🤮

  94. Shiva Rain

    I dead ass thought I could have a snack while watching this. Boy was I wrong.

  95. Dasha

    And that's on becoming a vegetarian

  96. Drewstheman05

    Heck yes!!! loving the new vids! ❤️❤️❤️

  97. KrazyApeGaming

    This chick would not want to run into me in the street

  98. AntiFan

    This is something I thought you would find on the dark web

  99. Mrgazzer09

    she's like the love child of a kawaii anime girl and a sea monster.

  100. HellsPlumber

    I'll leave this here: Report > Violence or Repulsive content > Animal Abuse