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  1. Judy Ann Macutay

    Got chills, and tears.

  2. ALİHAN bike

    everybody loved but she didn't :C

  3. die rox


  4. Mata Batin

    Good job and chanel.

  5. Kevin Sabillon

    This song is other thing ☹️sorry Justin ☹️

  6. Connie Android

    Charts . ??

  7. Connie Android

    Apparently someone was listening so lonely got u here for all to hear u sing .

  8. Rebecca Garcia

    Only in Jesus Christ we are complete.

  9. Wyn Inget

    I'm so lo~o~o~onely I cried man

  10. Karolina Perat

    There should be more songs like this out there. I like where he's changing.

  11. wellilove1d

    us belibers have, has and always will be here, honey, no matter what. ill always be here. so proud.

  12. Kevin Sabillon


  13. Satender Raghav

    Aur aaasman pr pura visvash kr lu Kya ????

  14. joanna b

    I feel the pain in his voice. It's heartbreaking.

  15. Morning Glory

    im not kidding this song makes me wanna cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💕💖💞💓

  16. Maron Prince

    Leave him alone ....... Folks

  17. Khalil Chouchene

    perfect song

  18. Alfred Banni

    He just tells what he feels as an artist. Many people know and adore but he still lonely. He dont really has space to get into his real personality, he hasn't got room for his privasi and life also secret. Every body know all of what he don't want they know. After at all, he still being lonely.

  19. Satender Raghav

    Bimariyon and etc vghraha se dar bhi lgta hai

  20. LOL LOL


  21. afutla qian

    This song makes me feel like we ruined this kids life I never really thought we took such a deep toll on him as a kid

  22. Kiran Banana


  23. Alifa Husna

    Omg as a former Belieber (I still like JB and his songs, but not so much like before), this song breaks my heart...

  24. Damásio Lukuco

    Profundo JB

  25. Gerbera Daisy

    Justin, I just want to say: I'm stuck with you

  26. HimacityPlayz

    Nobody likes him flexing!

  27. Nathaniel Benjamin

    It’s crazy how much Justin has grown

  28. Maria eduarda Martins

    Yummy yummy yummy 😍😍😊

  29. Fenne

    Wow. Just wow.

  30. Tanmay T.M

    Amazing...... This song deserves it ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Tanmay T.M

    Till 2020 I'm listening to this amazing song from its released ❤️❤️🎧🎧🎧

  32. Winter Bear

    I'm here just to find out was it true that Baby was disliked too much... But no... I was wrong... Justin I love you and I'll love u always...

  33. Satender Raghav

    Ab Meri Halat kaise sudhregiiiii....paise ki kmi hai thodi si....aur tum jante ho vaise to mast hai sb ....thodi si Gyan ki kmi hai

  34. The Mavericks

    Ha ha ha ha..............

  35. Fadilah Lani

    Wow karate kids 😎 I love this song and karate movie

  36. Elizabeth Jones

    This is weird timing... Just yesterday I was thinking about Justin and how far he's come, watching old videos thinking this kid has no idea how big he's going to become, and now I listen to this. Really made me tear up. A sad masterpiece. 💗💗👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  37. Sam Moktan

    You are great cuz you are here to listen this beautiful song

  38. Nailde Silva

    YES 😁

  39. Diana Rose Salinas

    Whoah I can feel the emotions trying to convey by the song.

  40. Drake Grey

    Pizzagate is a lie

  41. 준준

    i can feel how you feel justin. i will always support you as one of your fans. Be strong

  42. kai 99

    could you be here with me forever?

  43. Regiel

    Its october in 2020 why I'm still here?

  44. A.b.h.i

    (Belieber) today and 'forever🌸


    Imagine if all dislikers come and like it

    1. JM Gulde

      This song will be lucky if the dislikes decreased

    2. JM Gulde

      It would be good

  46. 1234 75


  47. fatima fifi

    I came to listen to these legendary songs to not hear to my sister's annoying talk lol

  48. Phibaniatei Lyngdoh

    After a long time.. Justin finally make some good music

  49. Winter Bear

    Idk why... But it's only 20 M views... Can't imagine why ❓


      He didn't promote it bro

  50. Amy the hedgehog

    I need a remake of this song

  51. Flying Gravity

    Most of us judged him and saw only his fame and money, but nobody tried to look deeper and saw what kind of kid/teenage he really was and how many things and hate he had to stand at a young age. I feel so sorry for him, cuz he has had to go trought tough time in past but I'm glad that he has Hailey now and He is happy. ❤️ Love always!❤️

  52. Luana Cristina


  53. Sanic The Hedgehog

    This isn’t cotton eye joe

  54. Harsh Oswal

    Everything is fine but why the girl is wasting the water 😕🤔

  55. Diamond

    This Song is just - PERFECT

  56. vijai rai

    Wow justin bieber Come on # every one miss you 😀

  57. Peruz


  58. Kamilja Kamilja

    This song is very felt 😍😍😘😘😔😟

  59. Roblox Games

    The fact a 13 year old got the most dislikes on youtube...

  60. Ilima Daakybaeva

    During this song, I wanted to hug him.


    I love this video and. 👇 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Cecy Gacheru

    i love you

  63. Lydia Seb

    It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear this song🔥.... still my fav❤️ lot's of love 🙋from India, Nagaland

  64. Sarah Noemi Ramirez Arias


  65. Eshita chavan

    Heart touching song.... BRO 💯 keep it up.... love you a lot ♥️

  66. Mario Gomez

    Huge bro 👏🏻

  67. Laura Rouder

    This was hard to watch. The world owes you an apology

  68. Criança Também Pensa

    I love is the music

  69. mr samer mr samer

    oo omg 👌👿💏

  70. Corinne Rolinson

    Wow amazing

  71. ezfreak 015

    Yeah alot of people hate him but people that love him more than that

  72. Noah Ooyen

    this is a super music i love it


    oUhhHHh aAAaaAh

  74. Luís Ventura


  75. Star

    I’m so sorry man. That God give u peace for u never pass this again

  76. Luis Hernandez

    When beaver was beaver

  77. Akshita Tripathi

    Pain is the part of our lives.

  78. Hannah Grace

    I can’t stop listening to this song it makes me feel SO HAPPPY

  79. Anita Tomas

    Can't believe this is actually live, his voice is amazing.

  80. Gaming jamil

    This s soooo gooood❤️