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  1. sarah khan

    why do cody ko and danny have the same kitchen i'm so confused

  2. Daniel Deans

    Hi Danny, I just want to say thank you so much for making your videos and your music. I listen to Bump This all night last night and it helped me forget all the stuff that's going on right now and put me in a really good mood. So, yeah thank you Danny.

  3. ShadowBane

    12:27-12:33 lmao

  4. cameron carruthers

    my head hurts

  5. Hemlata Bhati

    Not doing anything is also a action

  6. Calliah Rawls

    ** *We don't know either.*

  7. Harrykr19

    sorry 23:01

  8. Sofia Pastor

    4:16 look at the kid second furthest on the left....her eyes tho

  9. Harrykr19

    23:00 That form tho

  10. Denton

    Siren basically just bloodbended that creepy man

  11. Kai The Cactus

    Ah my favorite youtube channel, david gorgonzola

  12. Talc

    If anyone is getting those teeth it’s going to be me.

  13. Galactic

    Danny: **is in house** Also Danny: My wife is on my case, she’s like “honey we have kids! You can’t just sell the house!” And I’m like “I already did!”

  14. Sela Brown

    Fuck. That’s why I have a big nose and got diagnosed with diabetes in 5th grade?!🤦🏾‍♀️

  15. Galactic

    “Honey, I’m going to the grocery store; want anything?” “Yeah, I’ll take some leetus please!”

  16. Dash Rendar

    The Jack/Tom video should have ended like this: Teacher: This week we lost loved classmates Jack and Tom, because Tom was a psychopath. It was a murder suicide, and had he just been left alone, Tom would likely just stayed to himself. Also, the girlfriend 2r hour challenge should have ended like this.. Guy can't do challenge, and comes over 4 hours later.. Girlfriend is in 3some getting DPed by German sex stars.

  17. Jaso Tv

    Jake physical abused the Martinez Twins jake is a jerk

  18. ThePurpleElephante

    I’ve watched this video too many times. Too many times 😂😂😂

  19. Marissa Brinkman

    "imagine going to high school" -Danny Gonzales 2018

  20. Big brain Nut head

    10:40 that is the exact face my dad makes when he's bouta whip out the belt

  21. HipUsername

    Stuff will be $1 but like $20 shipping, or there are multiple options and the one that's $1 is a mini version of a product, or an xxxxs in clothes, or a knock-off version of a toy. Also you can search for toys and results for cock rings will be peppered throughout lmao Wish is magical

  22. couch Potato

    I was on the skies the dream why I was watching it says on my mum’s friend why I was on my iPad and it was very weird watching you be on it as well because yeah

  23. LordPKbron G

    Do you think people with wigs ever switch wigs? Hear me out, A guy, Fredrick walks towards the elevator and presses the button. When the doors open he walks in a sees a guy he has never met before standing inside. So he walks in and the doors close, a few seconds pass before the two men lock eyes. Fredrick saw a glint in the man's eye and gave a short nod. The two men then in unison reach up to the other's hair pulling it off and delicately placing it on their own head. Fredrick readjust the wig and returns to proper the elevator stance just as the door opens and he walks out.

  24. Addis0n Raz0n

    Who was triggered that kalani was in this I'm SO MAD WTF KALANI YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS

  25. S Macomber

    this grown man made a song about making slime. to put in a video about Collins Key. this boy has to much time on his hands and will probably be the downfall of all of humanity. are you okay Danny?

  26. Colorful Cola

    Mans 25 but looks 16

  27. Brianna High

    The girl in white when terra said she’s radio rebel 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. DisgustD

    You look nothing like your dad 🤔

  29. MisterMeowz

    this movie is weird yes... but amazingly weird

  30. He put my stuff in jello again!

    2:37 that’s the most vine energy I’ve seen in a AMsels video

  31. it is the frenchiest fry

    the lighting on lil pump compared tp everyone else in his scenes looks different than eceryone else's i legitmately dont think he was there

  32. Mr. Reader

    Please reupload that video with those same effects I laughed so hard😂

  33. Elijah Piche

    You’re second channel should be called gerg

  34. Minor Strations

    the rat is so sexy that her hands clip through her waist.

  35. Internet _idiot

    I stood like a superhero in a conversation that lasted 20 minutes. Thats 10 days. Bitch wheres my new lifestyle

  36. Nater Fowler

    I am now greg

  37. Craig Lopez

    The not touching his face community would not approve of him touching all over his face

  38. Muhammad Muneer

    Adopt me

  39. Charlie O'Steen

    I’ve tried. I don’t think I can ever get through this video

  40. Drummerkid2006

    Moths looks like a fish

  41. Lexie McClintic

    My dad has fallen asleep on the toilet...

  42. Bubbawantfries

    Me: *moves brick* Also me: yo I was working hard now pay me

  43. HipUsername

    Your mint Greg hoodies are completely out of stock. Fix it, NOW

  44. aka LeNioM

    Did you all not see that?... Pssh... You people who dont acknowledge something important but comment about stuff i dont care about.

  45. Pablablah is Flipping

    I really love Danny’s vids but...when he makes fun of my favorite AMselsr, that’s where I draw the line

  46. audrey beuter

    7:31 yeah that my gym teacher. he usually plays candy crush while we're warming up

  47. Canadian Being

    Real title Animals aren't supposed to be thicc

  48. Rachel

    should’ve bought something

  49. Boba Tea

    Do moooooooore!

  50. Megan Aylward

    Please do Zapped, hooo boy it’s something

  51. Otto Boelk

    Don't touch my girlfriend and kiss her and fuck her and don't you DARE lay a finger on her.

  52. --

    10:30 isn’t a millennium a thousand years 2 millenniums would mean people from the 50s have been here for 2 thousand years

  53. Laboratory X

    She pressed Boom to activate the net. She pressed the button that literally has an explosion on it (instead of the one that says trap) to activate the trap. There was a trap button, but she used the explosion one. She was trying to murder her friends, but she hooked up the wrong buttons to the wrong outcomes and decided a net was good enough.

  54. Ashleigh Charrette

    watch Dadknapped. I always loved that movie but I also thought it was super weird.

  55. SmashSoup

    Danny’s face and his barely audible / nervous “okay” after being threatened by Paul Zimmer at 10:26 is this video in a nutshell

  56. Donald.J Trump

    and eating spicy foods **shows a fricking w a t e r m e l o n**

  57. impursive

    im cringing just watching this. theres no need to hate on other you tubers you disrespect. like df is 'I'm gonna kill santa Claus" and your mad they yellin.🙄 and imagine people watching you sit in your room for 16 minutes like damn.

  58. FrillyJilly

    19:31 You can see her filming in the microwave lol

  59. Lileh

    I broke my cringe face

  60. Chris Aitken

    Here comes the aeroplane hits different for Paul Zimmer

  61. LMAO Doopy

    Petition to force Danny to release the full footage of the fake youtube videos | | V

  62. #1 TheatreKid

    Everybody gangsta till your husband gets sucked down a drainage pipe

  63. Maxwell P


  64. Sam Anderson

    I still want to shoot myself after hearing that girl, goddamn. I hope that isn’t her real voice because if that was the case I would have shot myself by now

  65. Ajay Lewis

    The face one is a well documented case, believe it or not.

  66. Takahari YT

    She actually fatalitied him

  67. Hitler's Sugar Baby

    Indian Facebook memes be like

  68. Maxwell P

    Aint blocked in Australia!

  69. Her Royal Awkwardness

    Please collaborate with NigaHiga hahahaha. You really have the best songs! Discovering your channel is the best thing that happened to me this quarantine.

  70. Original〜Otaku

    y am i seeing this at 2020 corona era

  71. Sebastjan Murko

    Please never pull off your shirt again

  72. Ginggonggung

    Him: that this chair sucks *music starts to play* Me: skips ahead 50 seconds

  73. Chris Aitken

    “We don’t do this inappropriate, SUPER inappropriate” candy ken 2020

  74. Gage Brumley

    8:00 why is this so similar?!

  75. theboi toffi

    She really just did some blood bending shit

  76. Not Ditto

    10:03 Cars 4 (Live Action!)

  77. Emily

    Loving wavy haired Danny

  78. Mase Mason


  79. Victoria Key

    this guy looks like a midlife crisis....

  80. Steel Dog 20

    I saw so many problems with her depiction of being in public high school

  81. Jeff Biddle

    It’s Tiffany blue

  82. •Ro Ro•

    Roses are red we miss the old dad if they don't bring him back we'll murder chad

  83. David Stojcic

    Hi Danny im GREG All of us are GREG All hail GREG

  84. Dark_ GRIM


  85. Landon Benson

    I would buy the hamster harness

  86. Constant Erratic

    “Ruby, get ‘im” sounded like “Ruby, get out” and she left.

  87. Reece Jackson

    who likes roblox

  88. Mango Plays Roblox

    do fgteev its worse than collins key

  89. Ninja Gaming

    Hello fellow gregs👋

  90. Jennifer Davis

    When they said that there should be a song about next Wednesday I got John mulaney vibes

    1. Jennifer Davis


  91. Help-i-cant-spell

    i dont understand he just put on the screen the same person 4 times 0:32

  92. Zainab Hassanein

    Quick nitpick a dentist didn't invent the electric chair,it wasTomas Edison and he was an inventor 😐

  93. Sofia Pastor

    It’s just so funny after you realize Troom Troom is bullying Danny! Like wtf is going on here?!😂

  94. Paige Olmstead

    Hear you go *hands soul*

  95. Skeleton Sketches

    Disney Channel movies like this lied to me about high school. No one in Highschool is that happy.

  96. Constant Erratic

    His hair is Conan level mesmerizing. I wonder what products he uses because I need them.

  97. Egg Thanos

    Why does Lil Tay give off Toph from Avatar vibes

  98. •Hitomi Edits•

    Guess who’s singing this next Christmas at dinner??

  99. Kitten

    For the one about the parents becoming smaller for their kids and stuff, I remember reading a post by a dad who called raising a daughter the "biggest cock-block." He said stuff like how they raise the girl only for her to go off and have sex with someone else, said something about someone else enjoying her pussy, cultivating her, etc. Has anyone else seen that post?

  100. Paige Olmstead