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  1. Regy Karvala

    terima kasih ya allah saya salah satu penggemar anda muslim 🇮🇩 3 jam sebeleum anda bertarung saya berdoa setelah sholat isya supaya anda di berikan kemenangan oleh allah subhanahwataalla amin ya robbal allamin allahhuakbar allahhuakbar allahhuakbar

  2. Adnan Bashir

    When ALLAHA with you, nobody can break you, nobody👊

  3. Infrared


  4. Ballsack Mcgee

    Congratulations on your win khabib your father is looking down smiling at his sons continued success. I hope to see you again day but If i don't Goodluck and God bless you and your family.

  5. Maslehuddin shaikh

    Plz reply my message khabib nurmagomedov

  6. Abuba Trawally


  7. Rish K

    Thank you Khabib Nurmagomedov 🙏🙏

  8. M64 _syr

    Sorry for this question, but how did his father die?

  9. Shahbaz Bin Habib

    Assalammualikum Brother Khabib,May Allah SWT Bless you and your Father RA.I know brothers and sisters who make Dua for you to the extent they Pray 2 Rakat Nafl for your victory. All over the World you made Muslims Proud and showed everyone The True Picture of Islam,which made many haters love Islam and Muslims. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT ALLAH SWT CHOSE YOU FOR THIS TASK.My brother May Allah SWT accept the efforts of your Late Father RA and make the means to carry on serving Islam and represent the True Image of Muslims. Now every UFC fan knows what Al Hamd o Lilah means and what is Sajdah.May Allah SWT increase you in Imaan and Taqwa and give you success in both Worlds. AMEEN.

  10. Malak Fd


  11. Maslehuddin shaikh

    Khabib I follow your fight I am your big fan and you my inspirational and Insha Allah one day I will definitely meet you 🙂

  12. Vinny

    0:53 The way they drew McGregor. Lol

  13. Abuba Trawally

    اللَّهُـمَّ اغْفِـرْ لَهُ وَارْحَمْـه، وَعافِهِ وَاعْفُ عَنْـه، وَأَكْـرِمْ نُزُلَـه، وَوَسِّـعْ مُدْخَـلَه، وَاغْسِلْـهُ بِالْمَـاءِ وَالثَّـلْجِ وَالْبَـرَدْ، وَنَقِّـهِ مِنَ الْخَطَـايَا كَمَا نَـقَّيْتَ الـثَّوْبَ الأَبْيَـضَ مِنَ الدَّنَـس، وَأَبْـدِلْهُ دَاراً خَـيْراً مِنْ دَارِه، وَأَهْلاً خَـيْراً مِنْ أَهْلِـه، وَزَوْجَـاً خَـيْراً مِنْ زَوْجِه، وَأَدْخِـلْهُ الْجَـنَّة، وَأَعِـذْهُ مِنْ عَذابِ القَـبْر وَعَذابِ النّـار.

  14. З. А.Оска

    Дорогой Хабиб!Ты достойный сын не только своего Прекрасного,Мудрого Отца,но Всей нашей страны С такими мужчинами ,как ты,Россия непобедима в века!Ты -честь,гордость ,слава нашей страны!Мир твоему дому!Пусть любое дело ,которым займешься сейчас,будет таким же блестяще успешным ,как твоя борьба!Будь счастлив,сынок,долгие долгие годы,на радость Маме,близким и всем нам

  15. Mir Aqib

    Alhamdulillah 29-0

  16. GoSPAM907 Gaming

    Keep Vlogging since your retired

  17. Luke HK

    Happy retirement champ... May Allah always bless u n your family. Ameen... Love n respect from 🇧🇳

  18. Rian danito

    after this, i will never watch UFC again. RIP Abdulmanap.

  19. xrossh

    Why to 1k people selected dislike ?

  20. Nabeel Khan

    Someone is only truly dead when he is forgotten. Abdulmanap will never be forgotten.

  21. Miffy Sansa

    Lot of love khabib form india 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  22. Sum Sumaaa

    Alhamdulillah khabib,kamu petarung hebat saya kagum... Selalu bersukur ke pada Allah...

  23. محمد الشكري

    i love you khabib🦅🖤

  24. Abzino 1

    30-0 let’s not forget the bear

  25. Abzino 1

    His father willl be proud

  26. Баха Баха

    Ҳабиб 🇷🇺💪💪💪👍

  27. Terry Hatziieremias


  28. baghdad gym

    Allah rahmet eylesin

  29. Mo A

    We now need a sequel to this BT Sport...

  30. Dr Oligarx

    Привет Хабиб! Поздравления тебе от пацанов из Сибири!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  31. vijay raj

    God bless his soul, I'm sure he's so proud of his son. May he rest in peace.

  32. Khalid Khan

    We will miss you AbdulManap

  33. Khalid Khan

    Habib I heard your father died I am sorry for his loss may Allah give him high Paradise and you succeed every fight

  34. pongen er

    I lost both my mom and dad... I haven't see my bad face also .he died when i was 3 at that time I didn't know anything.... Now I'm 25 and I'm stil alive and happy even though I don't have my parents all thanks to God . To all the people who still have both your parents love them , help them, make them happy you never know what will happen tomorrow..don't regard afterwards. We only live once.. Respect khabib. be humble.

  35. Fatal Crew


  36. MickeVaix

    Got me... It really did.





  39. Leontopodium

    До слёз

  40. Jake Ryan



    I feel u bro, how we lost our guide and keep push forward to make our mom's proud bout what of the meaning of life 🔥 Al-Fatihah for ur Dad 🤲

  42. F B


  43. Niel RN

    There is no Khabib without Abdulmanap....

  44. fastest fastest

    Assalamu'alaikum brother.. 🤝🙏

  45. Марина Калова

    Хабиб брат хоть я и девочка я очень мечтаю тебя увидеть ты просто зверь Дай Алах твоей маме здоровья Аминь

  46. krack jack 🖤

  47. Trap Koala

    The greatest to ever do it 🤲🏻🦅 Unbelievable moments trapped in time. Thanks for taking us along for the ride Will. I look forward to showing these to my kids.

  48. КаРмАнНаЯ ВсЕлЕнНаЯ


  49. Снежана Абутаева


  50. Paradise Channel МММ

  51. Кундуз Иботова


  52. Hassan Khan

    Khabib retires and now i have no interest in UFC. There is no good left there. 😔😢

  53. hamed nidal

    We need a move about you.... May Allah save your father in heaven

  54. al fin

    my name is imam osawa from indonesia I am your fan khabib. and I am very proud of your decision to leave the player. and very noble. you prefer your family to be weighed in the ring. May Allah give you health and good fortune. Allah is the Greatest.

  55. M. Milhem

    This gives me tears every time. Team Al7amdulilLah forever 💙💪🏾

  56. Игорь Локтев

    Хабиб, ты заявил о завершении карьеры, ты всю жизнь занимался спортом, и с моей точки зрения легко побеждал, и последний бой, я так же думал. Да ,ты пообещал Матери больше не выступать, очень уважаю ТВое мнение, и решение, но Ты упускаешь , что можешь на эти деньги, сделать огромное добро, сделать многое на своей родине, России, и тем более Дагестану не хватает сильных, постоянно доказывающих этим сверху, я просто, как один из каких то людей, которые за тебя болеют хочу сказать, не останавливайся, да Мама всегда беспокоится за ребенка, но она может и понять, это ведь все что ты можешь, и всегда этим занимался

  57. Yoesuf Firman


  58. Mr. AHMED

    Very emotional 😢

  59. Pınar Çolak


  60. ali taj

    fighting for money is haram

  61. 재준

    Rest In Peace.We remember you 🙏🏼

  62. Mohd Rajim Mohd Razali

    from salam khabib .....congrats for your recent winning against justin..... sha allah will see u again

  63. Rahul D


  64. Mohammed Sheikh

    His father taught him how to fight and start his fighting career.. his mother told him when to end it.. Always thankful to Allāh (God), upheld Islāmic values, humble in approach, and respectful towards his parents.. Undisputed & Undefeated. 29-0.

  65. ماسة الشرق

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين



  67. Faruq Poker


  68. Шнур Show


  69. Nordschwarz

    Khabib ha demostrado Honor y disciplina . Has sido un Campeon ejemplar. Mashalah. Allahomabarak . Saludos desde Alemania

  70. ser sayl

    Хаба, Твой Отец гордо смотрит на на орла.

  71. Jopa 2020

    Хабиб молодец... 29-0 👍

  72. Jake Camacho

    I read a book on dagestan. About the Kaptar. What u kno about this. No disrespect ..jus want to kno about the legend.? I think its interesting . U are the man!!!!✊ and #1.

  73. Валерий Цибиров

    Спасибо вам Хабиб за ваше упорство,талант, мастерство и тот дух в купе с выдержкой что сделало сделало тебя Великим Бойцом!!! Твоему отцу Светлая Память и Спасибо ему за сына 🎗. Вы принял правильное решение, решение сильного человека!!! 🔥 👍🔥👍🔥👍


    The guys has made a history

  75. Y o u T u b b e

    Are you good fighting Very nice