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  1. Jeremy Lobo

    Dude I just pick up random cloths as my outfits. And here Kylie is taking a decision for which cloths she wanna wear... Nicee

  2. Elza Žieda

    Stormi is just adorable🥺💋

  3. Priincejojo

    Stormi is so precious 😩

  4. bismah faisal

    *Kylie never seems to disappoint as a mother!*

  5. abelardo esparza

    Es súper tierna

  6. abelardo esparza

    I love stormi

  7. Isabela Cubero

    Stormi is the cutest human that has ever existed 🥺

  8. Aiman Asim

    Love how she copies her mom ♥️

  9. Jessica Farmer

    Kris behind the camera telling stormi what to do 😭😂

  10. Pawana Mishra

    Stormi- The only child I like that can walk, talk and is surely not sleeping right now.

  11. Beyza Çiftçi

    *önceden sevdiğim kylie

  12. Nilay Durmaz

    Ingilizce yok

  13. Nilay Durmaz

    Oh may gat

  14. Jenna Todd

    stormi is so cute awwwwww

  15. Samantha Yasmine

    So cute ! Check out my Chanel : amsels.info/video/video/qK1t2WmchnjKoZQ.html

  16. sara monge sotomayor

    make more blogs or videos with stormi we love her and you

  17. Lina La


  18. Aisha K.T

    I saw a lil vanilla extract spill there...

  19. deovie tambue

    awww stormi is so adorable

  20. Juliet Garcia

    towel please she s so precious

  21. Saraaa Road

    The last part lol, I loved stormi’s outro. I love this type of videos❤️

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  23. Joshua Gibbs

    hi kylie i just subscribed you are aawsome

  24. Alannah

    stormi is the cutesttt

  25. Sariyah Phillip

    They should have added some more thing instead of plain green

  26. Superfly Chick

    I love stormi😍🥰

  27. Isha

    Stormi's so cute

  28. Victoria White

    Stormie is sooo cute!! 💚Love the Grinch cupcakes!

  29. Desiree Hofer


  30. Alannah

    i love you guys’ vids they’re always so cute 🥺

  31. Maria Cruz

    Cite stormie

  32. Gwendelyne Rainwater

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    People need to stop shamming her. Her family is soooo CUTE!! "Awww this is so pretty" Then stormie puts in green edible glitter. Like this is cuter. I'm DEAD

  34. isha shridhar

    Very nice video

  35. Feryadira2 Yadira

    No entendí nada pero se ve adorable stormi

  36. Nora YFS

    Omgosshhhh so cute!!😍❤️

  37. Ammarah Khan

    shes adorable and so sweet. i swear stormi is the prob the best thing kylie has ever met.

  38. diva


  39. Saibha Kaur

    Kendall is best

  40. Queenisha Cooper

    Stormi is soooo adorable and well spoken! ❤

  41. Toksu Tayeng

    This kid is so smart and adorable ❤😘.

  42. Carol Benhami

    feia horrivel 3

  43. amina meghzi

    Just wondering but stormi looks like Kylie's body guard and nothing like travis. The eyes and the face ! She is the most beautiful baby ever.

  44. Lillix Yey

    Kylie does a great job with Stormie

  45. Abagail Galvan

    I’m sorry for whatever you’re not seeing this I’m sorry but like I can’t see it because because I was doing like a homework and stuff and yeah but I can sorry I was missing it but I canceled the Christmas one of them is the Halloween one I am a salaam another Christmas one so yeah I like your nails they’re beautiful I also saw another one that I like on TickTock love you beautiful and you are beautiful on you smile and then and then Yum I love you go mama Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh my God OMG you’re my biggest fan are you from the Kardashians🥺🤫👻 see

  46. Jasminebtsfan 838

    Storming called kylie beautiful awwww😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Brooke Drevlow

    I feel like Kylie is such a good mom it’s not even funny🥰

  48. Lillix Yey

    Stormie is sooooo cute 🥰

  49. Yoki Waleed

    Ah stormi is 1,000,000 so cute

  50. Abagail Galvan

    those cupcakes girl love you guys I wish I was there to help you guys I am missed you guys at work love you guys yeah and this is like my first time seeing you guys like I wish I could come and meet you and I also love your lipsticks and yeah are you want from the Kardashians oh my God but like yeah where do you live out like a country where I live🧁🧁👑🤤👑

  51. Beb Fro

    Kris is going to see this and RIP you for not having a kitchenaid stand mixer LOL

  52. F D

    Kylie's hair color is so good but first cup cake looks like💩

  53. Rachel

    You can dislike the fame behind the kardashian family all you want but Kylie is an amazing woman and mother and stormi is so adorable ❤️🥺

  54. Zeliha Kaya

    Wonder don t they spilled vanilla in this section

  55. Yafreysi Rodriguez

    She’s the cutest ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Harjit Kaur

    Awww she’s soooo cute she’s so smart and cleaver and nice manners

  57. Miss V DIY

    When Stormi said " You so beautiful " my eyes welled up .She's the sweetest.🥰

  58. Normal Channel

    My favorite part is when stormi says mama🥺

  59. Hana Parvin

    Who all got shocked by seeing her bag collection

  60. Efrain Oseguera Cruz

    Have a Beautiful Wednesday. Good day. Gorgeous Paris. Beautiful Paris. 👸🏼💎✨👑 Sweet Paris. I Love You Paris. 👸🏼🔥🌹✨💕💫💞

  61. Cami Star

    Kylie UNO! Wow that’s so cool!! :0

  62. Deanna Hernandez

    My heart just melted hearing stormy tell her mom I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Dwaine B

    Lmao she has a AMsels channel

  64. Mobin -755

    i bet stormi can ge real brand than me

  65. Carley Herman

    Stormi is so adorable.