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  1. Jayd3n gaming

    Cat used meow! It’s Super Effective!

  2. Lemmy the Lemon

    Now that's a paper cut! *Badum tiss"*

  3. Nadia Jakubczak

    Everyone: talking about the lighting and the tree Me: wait how did the guy do that camera tricks (The third one)

  4. pigeon _stab


  5. Teekam Suthar

    Hello internet, this is YOUR daily dose of everyone.

  6. Tzoana Nuraj

    The hamster was screaming so loud that I broked my eardrums 🐹😱😅

  7. Lucas Andreev

    "How to cook a burger with liquid"

  8. ProkubeGaming

    3:08 Nobody: Games when you fall into the stage geometry:

  9. Melokacool

    That steak just looked like that's been off for years!


    That vow looks sad as flip tho

  11. Sleepy_Bean

    The world is really evolving backwards..

  12. svqar

    0:55 me making the ender portal

  13. Capn Hotdog


  14. SkeleDemon .GD.파시

    I'm your new subscriber!

  15. MLGfusion Gamer

    That mail one has been illegal for years

  16. George Chater

    Cheese 3:06

  17. Puro With A Gun

    Rock paper scissors just changed to a whole new level

  18. Dog.

    I like how every single one of your videos isn’t clickbait unlike everything else

  19. HannahSmith Vlogs

    That alligator sounds like that filter

  20. Temuka XD

    Car gets crushed. 5 Mil people: iNteReSTiGn

  21. Harshil Zinzuvadia

    2:52 the kaal place in krish 3

  22. Henry_vlogz

    Person: hand signs Deaf people wondering why she wants to eat California from the inside out and join the Soviet Union:🤔

  23. BloodSmileGuy

    Is that gorilla the child of harambe?

  24. ReaperEnchilada

    Eyo john can you press the h key?

  25. Maha K

    Me : reads title Also me: visible confusion

  26. me penguin channel

    Star Wars: HYPER SPEED!!! 2:23

  27. INFINITY vlogs and gamer

    Help me get more subes

  28. Espen Aven Skeie

    Hahah 1:54 is not "the best" hospital in the world, its a Norwegian public hospital, there are probably some better ones

  29. Itsjust Psalm

    The caption should said: What happens if you ate a alive bee

  30. TenTae

    Now I'm scared of frogs 😭

  31. Sophia Afroilan

    The perfectly cut dog scream was *chefs kiss*

  32. Steve Boone

    The tiger was like "Get out of the way! GameStop has 1 PS5 left and I'm on the way!"......

  33. Im Xqunø

    I feel bas for the cats ngl

  34. ً


  35. Kuro

    I as a swiss person, have never climbed a mountain. I know I am a disgrace

  36. Ayumi Divino

    Papers used an uno reversed card! I knew it!

  37. Quackerson

    The deer be like: So this is what a dog feels.

  38. jhon1919 jhon

    Is somebody wondering if the guy from the second clip is fine??? 😱...and yeah, try to fight an angry goose...not joking!

  39. FGT

    How does the skateboarding guy stop the skateboard that fast 🛹

  40. AtkGuy

    That baby beaver doesn't sound like a child, *a child sounds like it*

  41. Bluefire 14

    2:29 guys, I found Jesus.

  42. Mad Universe YT

    Pls deepfry @water

  43. Playing Minecraft with Chris

    My Cusin:Nahhhh this dude is clickbait Me:(Shows vid)Is this Clickbait My cousin:Dannnng this is the non clickbait Morgz

  44. Kikin Navarro

    Look over there a small 8 ⁸

  45. Maple_ 메이플

    Rock paper scissors Me: *paper* My brother: *Scissors* Also me: I WIN!!! UwU

  46. Fakhruddin Ahmed

    0:39 That was actual spiderman

  47. SK M

    Sweet, innocent 2019.. how much I miss u !

  48. Micky 02

    0:42 this could be very useful for some teenager

  49. Matt27

    Haha run lil homie! 😂


    I Feel Bad For The Crab They Were Just Born And The Seconds They Were Born They Were Murdered

  51. Jason Sine

    A dollar a quarter and 2 pennies... How much money does Jaden have? Jaden's broke. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. 🤔

    I love that walrus 🤗

  53. Caleb WX

    give him a brake

  54. S I M P

    Vegetarians be like : *We are never safe*

  55. nabila huda


  56. xLxster _

    Paper: Well well well, Now the tables have turned.

    1. xLxster _

      @TheTalentlessWriter 2.0 hi?

    2. TheTalentlessWriter 2.0



    1:52 I Freaking Got Scared When That Dog Or Cat Just Raised Its Head

  58. Mammon's money purse

    That title hurt my brain a little

  59. Mehmet Emin Coban

    1:38 I saw it on a mrbeast video.

  60. Rob Wolpert

    What they don’t tell you about those hospital robots is that they sometimes malfunction and run your ass over.

  61. Nicholas Alexander

    They don’t use the blind to hide from animals. They use it mainly to hide from the elements.

  62. Khalidah

    wait that moose ran on water... suspicious

  63. Radiant Waters

    Paper: haha the tables have turned Scissors: uhm well-


    Looks like the cat is in the bag

  65. Shreya Saxena

    In 2908 - (robot speaking ) -this is what the best hospital in world looks like , humans carry stuff around hallways and even know how to use elevator

  66. Asian Boy

    Daily really likes playing with bananas

  67. Fakhruddin Ahmed

    That hamster was human and wearing costume

  68. Bảo Đức Võ

    i'm from vietnam

  69. Kaii Atsu



    When I saw the thumbnail I was like "is this guy jake Paul"

  71. qwerty-ing gaming

    Plot twist: the cat was a note key back in his days