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  1. SuperMinecrafter5000

    I hope he’s not sleeping, *takes breath* DESMOND!!!!!!!!!! The smiling friends are here

  2. Jonathan Donnchadh

    so Child abuse is funny I guess... NOT ..Will just so you know... you might want to run like a bitch if I ever see you

  3. Green White


  4. Wheres Francis2

    I want another Morty finds love only to have it stripped from him thing. Makes me happier in my cold exsistance

  5. PiX


  6. Jude Thaddeus

    Uhhhhhh.. lol

  7. Oscar Morales

    3:26 Those dudes were living in the future.

  8. Reba Joe

    I believe we see him in a picture of the Boys Brigade at some point in the museum episode without the prosthetics.

  9. Fascination land


  10. ANDRAX

    * Madison unnaturally glued to the floor * Dad: "Madison! DID YOU TAKE PILLS!"

  11. Aaron J

    I’m enqualled with the show, James!

  12. Profresher Blacklight

    weird my dad makes mirrors and coat racks and shit with old happy meal toys and action figures he finds at garage sales, he calls them 'boys toys" lol settlers of catan got me dyin

  13. John Daugherty

    /Demon Seed.

  14. Curtis DeSmith

    this show is already 7 years old holy shit

  15. Some YouTuber

    Shit, then size matters.

  16. Danowulf

    When you realise that the same guy made Community

  17. Егор Рюмин

    Is that a jojo reference?

  18. Litstein

    PURE L.S.D

  19. BoxNub

    Rick & morty is one of the only shows i would pay to watch

  20. Trantor The Troll

    Should have gotten Sagat. the Street Fighters are GREAT at Beating up Cars, so im sure a TIE Fighter would be simple.

  21. Ghaz

    Sony: hey why not buy a ps5 Literally everyone (except Xbox simps): how bout you make more so we can

  22. cubeincubes

    2020 the whole WOLRD has been hit with Oscar Fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Pierce Dolgener

    If you think about it Morty is becoming more like Rick

  24. Shubham Mehta

    Holy shit

  25. Geo Gav

    The enchanting coke reassembly hum because daffodil minimally place above a anxious invention. longing, inexpensive option

  26. Patrick Luke Dones

    1:23 cool pokemon

  27. Chuck E Cheese

    adult swim animation plus very very subtle product placement.

  28. Evil Deku

    This is basically the new episode.

  29. Mark Belcher

    A masterpiece. The moment i realized there was a twist at the end i was so amazed it was so perfectly crafted that upon a second viewing it made more sense and became even sadder...

  30. Zoth-Ommog

    Bruh the monkey guy dapped it at the end mad respect

  31. royal skeleton

    when you relize that cave update is out yet: 1:18

  32. Teko

    I can't even watch smiling-friends on adult swim website Is there another place to watch this masterpiece ?

  33. Natty Hillerse

    If I had a uterus, I'd ask all involved in making Primal to impregnate me.

  34. Jags_5 Vanzant


  35. Spencer Berg

    “If you leave Catcher In The Rye next to them people think their crazy when they wake up” this is true

  36. General_Dave

    Imagine slowly dissolving like that

  37. Stanislav Pres

    Great idea

  38. tyler elliot

    lizzo actually has pretty good comedic timing lmao

  39. bigshady680

    wouldn't they have just needed to reserve engineer the ship that got them there

  40. Daniel Jańczuk


  41. Axylon

    very informative video, now i know how a plumpus is made

  42. Justin Green

    Sam it's your family friend Justin Green thanks for making this. Had a blast

  43. Rumpleforeskin

    This is the perfect reason why you should save constantly in Minecraft.

  44. Mathew Jomy

    His rick voice is soothing

  45. Sarkastik Leader

    New York must have a serious fear of birds lol

  46. Craig

    Love the ending to evangelion

  47. Will Niedmann

    this is so filled with subtle sight gags and really smart visual gags. It's really worth pausing the video to observe these easter egg-style jokes. Adult Swim really hit us with another completely insane project from the off-kilter minds of its full-time staff.

  48. Matias z

    I don't remember this Celebrity deathmatch episode

  49. kjadfhgioaudbfvilaeu

    Poor Morty's balls...

  50. Riley Richard

    The lyrics basically foreshadow exactly whats about to happen to Doctor Rockzo: Running down, through the streets, Boys in blue after me. The moon is full, and they won't sleep, 'Til they get a piece of me... You can never Chase me down. I'm the one, The Atomic Clown! Can't catch me, Can't get me Oooooo.... I'm the one, The Atooomic Clooowwwwwnnn!

  51. the rainbow star


  52. Eric P

    How did they match Pauly D’s outfit so fast?

  53. Bedrock man Made out of bedrock

    I saw mr.m

  54. prettyboiideo AKA Deo

    I was so high watchin the ending of season 4 an my mind got fucked an I was jus stuck an I almost cried it was too good Rick and Morty is a God tier show

  55. Natalie Elam

    0:06 Lord, forgive me for what I am about to do... 😏

  56. WannaBeCrazy ツ

    Hows my new pfp bois

  57. Chai Tea

    They need to do a Rick and Morty x Eric Andre crossover. I feel like another interdeminsional cable episode would work perfectly for that!

  58. Realest Âcë

    Can we appreciate how far they got in animations .

  59. Not Monsieurr AjAx.

    Y dis in my recommended tho😭😭😭

  60. Morgan Smart-Viccars

    Dipty dipty doo!

  61. Neo Brown

    Everyone’s saying Season 5 will come out in 2030. Please guys, have more faith! ... ... *It’s coming out in 3030*

  62. DyingDice

    whats in there

  63. Stoned Gamerguy

    Dude didmt even know if he should be typing all this 😅😂

  64. Oliwer Mattsson

    I like boba fett and stormtrooper laugh in the bakground

  65. fan base

    They did good by picking rick and morty

  66. Robert Graham

    I thought it wasn't continuing & the creators of the show made that dumb show about the alien family on earth the dad can't fix the ship. Dumb ass show

  67. Laura Connors

    The Adam Rippon interview was low key wholesome

  68. Toast

    long live blannibal

  69. Helmy

    Make this into a series I beg

  70. HappiAyo

    The only show that isn’t always fake lol

  71. Merry Stranger

    I love how honest this ad is

  72. Kiddo !

    You thought it was MF DOOM But it was me, Hannibal

  73. Mikan Tsumiki


  74. nate252

    God bless you AS for giving the man a voice

  75. Qardo

    A whole planet full of snakes? *pulls out my Snake Whacking Stick* Now just have to wait for May 10th........grumble...grumble...

  76. Adrien BONARDEL

    Je suis français et j’ai hâte

  77. Mincan민캔

    I read oral

  78. Anti hipócritas •hace 3 años turbio

  79. Chicken Pot Pie My 3 Favorite Things

    😭😭🤣🤣 fantastic