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  1. Thierno Barry


  2. Thierno Barry


  3. Thierno Barry


  4. Thierno Barry


  5. Thierno Barry



    Apple really knows how to sell their products. Marketing at finest.



  8. Thierno Barry


  9. Thierno Barry


  10. Thierno Barry


  11. maggie

    Why is there los of signal at both crucial moments of landing and separation?

  12. F0RY0U

    Sesame Street brought me here. WTF?

  13. Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska

    I don't believe anything what Google say

  14. Nasreen Malik


  15. nansubuga ester

    I really feel what he is going thru

  16. Movie Marathon Latest

    There a mouse or rat in the sattle at booster?

  17. Jay Hu

    Mr. Jordan good job.

  18. Stephanie Smith

    Google is simply too boring to listen to.

  19. Ghulam Abbas

    Well said. Congressman

  20. Hann

    She Tim Cooked him. Apple 's the mob of its App store.

  21. DA WA

    WTF he is not answering a simple question. But talking stupid things unrelated to the question.

  22. hotdognobun

    Apple can buy the Government and have Congress replaced yes they have power to fear

  23. Happy Brewer

    The most amazing thing is WHERE DO THOSE HUGE PARACHUTES come from? Like really No way that they can fit in or out of that cone Just like there is no way air can or ever could be stored (don't say made that's nonsence) 1 scuba tank does 1 man circa 1/1.5hrs This is an illusion Thrown from a plane Bummer as I used to worship the whole thing

  24. Pierfrancesco Frusca

    Are you sick? Preserve your healt

  25. Gianluca G.

    Amazing. If you fast forward the video enough, you'll see the sun radius size oscillating a little bit. Is that due the to the sun itself or is the distance of the probe changing?

  26. Mark Lyell

    Sounds like the goverment's time is short to ask all their questions and the 'witnesses' typically have seconds to respond. Do you want answers or do you just want to hurl accusations in an attempt to make the tech giants look guilty? This whole hearing is too one sided and just a show for constituents to see their elected officials 'doing their job' How painfully pathetic

    1. Kal Spear

      This is the most I’ve ever seen the committee let the witnesses respond recently. Normally it’s the committee pushing their agenda with literally no time for the witness to respond. The 5 minute time limit should be reconsidered, or at least reworked and give the witnesses time to respond that pauses the committee member’s 5 minute time limit.

  27. Julian Romero

    Idk how to feel about zion being on the normal cover ... maybe Siakam or Booker .. for the championship MVP Leonard

  28. johnnyboyfart

    Zukkyduck looked surprised Jaypal got dirt on him lmao

  29. DMT IPO

    Your insight realized that a huge thing ruling the universe .. go get some information on who they/he are/is?

  30. Lindy Edwards

    Much love to Elon and Hawthorne! My preschool alma :)

  31. Thomas Li

    They are scared shitless, by us government or the Chinese? Lol

  32. Deli Del

    will this be on pc?

  33. Jake Engel

    Break up Facebook !!!!!!!

  34. ian22

    Appreciated to Mr zuckenberg

  35. ITM ITM

    What an awesome guy!

  36. Sandeep Damodare

    Wow 👌👌👌👌👌👌👆💪💪💪👍👍

  37. babu ranga

    Wow it's amazing👍 super spaceX our project🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. babu ranga


  38. GunSTICK711 Anims

    Ford Mustang Mord Fustang

  39. james wiblishauser

    fringe conspiracy theories?

  40. Have a nice Dave

    democrats are nasty people

  41. Michael Heider

    Why is he showing up to stuff like this? It's not like they are capable to understand his answers.

  42. Nikhil Dhavale

    He is lying. Bad liar


    He will pray more....

  44. Sphere The

    Will get better answers if they were integrated by the CIA with water bucket

  45. Josh McKenzie

    tesla has had this feature for awhile but still hype for bmw owners only???

  46. Troy Lee Newgent

    How bad would it be if the schutes didnt deploy hitting the water that hard in that thing?


    that resident evil 8 what im looking to play on a ryzen 1600!

  48. Gospel of Christ

    Space is water. The earth is flat and square, supported by four great pillars, immovable and covered by the firmament dome. The South Pole, is a high walled, ring of ice, which contains, the earth's oceans. Beyond the ring of ice, are many uncharted lands. The sun and the moon (equal in size, approx. 50 kms. in diameter) are just lights, that hover, in a circular trajectory, beneath the dome. The stars and planets, are just lights, inside, the revolving dome. There is no gravity, rather, think in terms of, the density of air, i.e. an object that is denser than air, motions towards the ground, an object less dense than air, rises up, into the air. Similarly, in water, think in terms of buoyancy.

  49. Joe & VeRo


  50. dondo Lester

    This is just lip service by Jim Jordan. He KNOWS what America wants to hear and that’s just what he says!! One of Jim Jordan’s largest contributor to his campaign is Google!! He will NEVER hold their feet to the fire but he sounds good to America

  51. Kobus du Toit Bosman

    so great this initiative, will remain captivating always - well done Elon and Team!! Just keep going. A fascinating engagement just grabbing awe...will always remain. Thank you kindly.

  52. kylewyle

    I do be waiting on rust tho

  53. Frank

    Spam networks now decide google search rankings, large negative seo networks targeting entire industries. How much is this costing the USA? Millions if not billions. Destroying entire companies with this method

  54. Emmerensia Coetzee

    I seriously wish I was his partner imagine channeling this adrenaline rush into making love


    Smh he is too busy for this circus.

  56. fam alam

    This interviewwr is an arshole, asking FB to censor alternative info

  57. Valentina Montilla

    He was sooo excited, like a child at Christmas <3 This man here is so pure that you can really feel that he cares about the future and not about money. If we really want to go big, we must start thinking like this! I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

  58. Sergio GP

    Love it

  59. Lauren Mcgee

    Mark is a Reptilian