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  1. Callie Condie

    I have a golden doodle and she is the best thing ever! I would recommend a girl but you guys can do whatever.

  2. Francheska Villafana

    I dont understand how she didnt knew she did the same thing lol that was funny

  3. C-Jay Milburn

    Love the Metallica boy

  4. Mackenzie Cline

    What are the cops going to do

  5. Carla Cortez

    I need to see the day when Josh cries

  6. 12 & 21 Beauty

    I’m so confused are y’all fine or are y’all fighting or are y’all moving in together or not like what

  7. Painlessgirl 2806

    Katie you should do a prank on Josh by locking yourself in one of the other rooms cause of yalls 'fights'

  8. E Stevens

    My dog in my profile picture is a spanador (labour cross cocker spaniel)

  9. Carla Cortez

    Katie should of brought the OG onions

  10. Avo Avocado

    Are you guys actually engaged

  11. Crystal Spigner-Williams

    Who else thought she was pregnant

  12. Carla Cortez

    Lmao Katie snapped on the make up affect

  13. Zachery Dunbar

    both of u stop with the disgusting perfanity Which the [F] word.

  14. Camryn Mosley

    It’s my birthday can you reply?

  15. wetseal43

    :) ;) ;D

  16. Victoria Cordova

    Omg please get a dog ASAP that’ll be soo cute😭👌🏼

  17. Kasandra Viera

    Katie you should prank Josh by pretending you want a divorce with Josh and see his reaction

  18. Honor Slade

    Oo Ben is getting serious 😬

  19. Kinleigh Mclain


  20. Haz


  21. Brittany Parks

    I'm actually moving right now she is looks like trying to fix up the house because it is really old like not bad but it's like an old house my dad lived in and he's always wanted to move back in it so we're looking at now

  22. monica varillas

    There AMsels channel is named jatie vlogs but they don’t do vlogs they do pranks

  23. Kennedy Cribbins

    Omg my mom and I are watching tiger king and the guy who owns the tigers is so crazy

  24. emma leven

    Think about getting married on a beach in Lake Tahoe. It’s very pretty

  25. Neny Ortíz

    since the video where they “broke up” became very famous, now they use clickbait pretending they have like a difficult relationship 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😒

  26. Eric Wolfe

    Let's confuse josh: Katie, tell him the secret

  27. Reegan Jones

    My birthday is April 11th too

  28. Gacha_Wolf Queens


  29. Toy Surprise

    You guys are amazing I am working out every morning

  30. Madison Siefken

    I can’t even imagine what Katie would look like pregnant 🤰

  31. Yameliz Alvarez

    Is this another prabk

  32. Destiny Alvarado

    How much can I buy him for 🤑🤑 I need a Josh in my life ❤️❤️

  33. Brittany Parks

    My grandpa dide

  34. DudePerfect!

    Damn you guys didn't kiss even once in this video!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😑

  35. Christopher Wilson

    I love thease vids pls SEE

  36. The Graham Fam

    HEY JATIE READ THIS I live in Michigan as well! Around gr. I love your bids and relate more than anyone about the whole quatarintine thing, AND BC the govner expanded it. Anyways, I hope- PRAY everyday that I'll see you at the store or somewhere, i adore your channel. Love, kyndra!

  37. Lucas Alvarez

    where r u guys going for the next yt couples retreat

  38. Kaedence Goebel

    Katie, I want to spend time with you!!!!

  39. Fresh Freckles Fishing


  40. Patrick O'Brien

    U guys should move to Missouri or Kansas if ur going to move

  41. Mia Parr

    5:39 cracked me up 🤣🤣

  42. Maiya Eskew

    LOL when Katies said its not Christmas!!!! You'll only get it if you have watched other videos!

  43. Matthew Thakkar


  44. Kyle Chianese

    I mean 1.95million

  45. Matt Cebula

    Everybody be safe out there

  46. W.D. Gaster

    2:46 or bob the body builder.

  47. Lit Foster Fam

    If and when you do get a dog please adopt/ rescue from a shelter, it helps so much, thank you!!


    Why y’all keep making these bro like I don’t like this sad stuff bruh 😅😂

  49. sky blue


  50. Sierra Campbell

    I just got done watching tiger king

  51. Matt Cebula

    I actually need a phone cool vid love u guys I got both of u on my Instagram

  52. Stella Kay

    Tell me which one you like more......? Jatie: like Della: comment

    1. sky smilemore


  53. Lilly Alford

    My moms birthday is April 11

    1. sky smilemore


  54. Makayla Bruman

    Have a baby please 🍼

    1. sky smilemore

      What she said!

  55. Lilly Alford

    Why do dogs always like males more

    1. sky smilemore

      Question of the century !

  56. Briley Nicole

    Josh: kissing huh that is what you have been doing Katie: *thinks* you can’t say that *hits josh* Josh: owww that hurts 😂😂😂😂

  57. Kayla Marie christine

    Put the foto in your bed room

  58. Hey it’s hails

    awww i mean i wanna jatie baby but a jatie dogggggggg

  59. Mercedes Villarreal

    This is how many peiple want them to have a baby 👇😜

    1. sky smilemore

      only 2! :(

  60. Lily Daa

    fave video!!!

  61. AnTe

    You guys should wait with the baby in my opinion, I mean it’s not my decision at all to make but now when you finally got a house together and you can finally be together alone and enjoy each other’s company. A baby is a big responsibility.

  62. Stella Kay

    I love how josh said Katie’s “BOOTY” workouts 🤣🤣

  63. Torri Johnson

    You should get a Pomeranian but it’s your choice obviously I am so excited my favorite animal is a dog so yay!

    1. sky smilemore

      Do you like jack rustles?

  64. Lilly Alford

    I don’t think you guys really fight but even if you don’t other people might feel different about this but Katie shouldn’t hit him. She literally hit him like 10 times throughout the video and it just kinda bothers me.

  65. Jayden Lee Ness

    is it just me or katie B's hair be looking awesome can i be your guys daughter

  66. Khloe Anderson

    Really so In the last two videos you said “were not moving in together” oh okay well the This is ending, well I guess not... I’m taking a month break bye...

  67. Sky Staten

    Dose she have a nose ring

  68. Dana Phillips

    I have labradoodles which are very similar to golden doodles and omg they're the best dogs !!!!!!!

  69. mark rzecznik

    stop with the clickbait titles

  70. Jaelyn Mullins

    Omg guys I LOVE Tiger King

  71. TSG_Snipes GG

    Yo. Tbh. I have a shih tzu and they are awesome dogs. If you look them up. They are littt!! They are easy to train, and Great cuddle buddies. Just thought I’d let you know

  72. joangelys Baez

    Plz see this jatie vlogs so you guy can make a game room for the empty room if you want more explanation I dm you on tik tok my tik tok name is "joangelysbaez"

  73. Liliana Perez


  74. Stephanie Sierleja

    No one: Not even a single soul: Katie: It’s not Christmas!

  75. emilia schmidt

    They never answer the juicy questions. Or the have lame questions.

  76. Future Gaming

    Can you get a Belgian Malinois

  77. J J

    I wouldn’t joke around about this stuff..you’ll jinx your relationship yo no joke

  78. Sadie Bunch

    OMG guys y’all almost have 2 mill. Y’all so deserve it!! Congratssss

  79. Baller Boys

    Yo josh ur birthday is the day after mine

  80. Denisse Hinojos

    My brother likes to watch tiger King too love you guys ♥️💖

  81. #1Cheer Girl

    There prancing us again

  82. Jennelle Camino


  83. Allison Wolfe

    They should get a puppy

  84. Anna Leigh Veloudis


  85. Emily Johnson

    How old are you guys?

  86. Sabrina Mohamed


  87. Jazminne fajardo

    Omg i knew it there was no fucking wayyyyy y'all will break up and adi fishman did the same thing 😂🤦

  88. Leena Dinno

    My family and I started watching tiger king and it is actually very interesting

  89. Brayden Keim

    I’m so sorry I didn’t see the Notification

  90. Emily Van Patten

    I literally got an ad for Doritos Locos Tacos 🤣

  91. Brittany Parks

    Sorry I can't ever get like a like a little prize because I'm getting a new phone cuz I broke my Apple one and I'm using one of my old and it's a Samsung So and I'm about to get a new one cuz I can't go without one when I go in 4th grade cuz I'm going to be walking home by myself so I have to be able to have a phone and I'm getting a new one so maybe when I get a new phone I will be able to like go to y'all's Instagram and stuff and all that maybe I'll be able to win one but I'm actually subscribe to y'all and I wonder if acacian and I just going to tell you sorry that I can't go like Goodyear answer gram and tick tock and I do have a tick talk but I just can't make any

  92. Savannah Mares


  93. Joana Ayala



    Pranking us you are not dumb

  95. R.R_ Rosey

    Who's better?? Like👍= Katie Comment= josh

  96. Bella Chavez-Abeyta

    I feel so bad for you Katie I hope that you find that person and kick there butt

  97. Jenna Wyman

    I think they should get a dog or two

  98. Taylor Hedge

    I feel like this is another prank you can't prank me twice.

  99. Zachery Dunbar

    one question do u ever had sexual relations hope not too inapporiate

  100. Leanna Hunt

    I knew it was gonna be a puppy Oh my god I'm so happy for you guys