I welcome everyone to my channel! My name is Dmitry - I'm the author of the Men's Craft channel.
I am fond of the tool, as well as doing unique things which cannot be bought in the store.
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  1. Михаил Коровкин

    Лайков. Но надоели ролики когда начинают что-то пились резать сверлить, сваривать. Идею вначале надо показать или рассказать, а всю рутину для «любителей»

  2. Сергей Павлов

    Я еще детстве такую фруктовницу делал. Нового ничего, все забытое старое

  3. Андрей Морозов

    Ну и наворот!..!..а как он чайник кипятит?...не ....ну просто интересно....

  4. 7blueyedevil

    I've got to get one of those hammers!

  5. Master Danil

    В принципе очень прикольно

  6. игорь красилов

    зачем усложнять .. можно просто стопорить колеса..

  7. Rusty Shackelford

    Wow, that a lot of effort to accomplish almost nothing. Instead of taking 20 seconds to switch hoses it takes 1 to flip a lever. This is not even taking into account that hoses may be taken off and on anyway so that they aren't hanging in the way. It took some thought, works great, and looks amazing good job

  8. andyman90125


  9. Ryan Lin

    Great woods skill !

  10. Андрей Трапезников

    Так это же мебель ??? 😯.

  11. 1 1

    very good job. Can you write the measurements (cm - mt ) Can you write the brand models of the hand machines you use? Thank you.

  12. * Забайкалочка

    Вот смотрю и думаю:,,Оно мне надо???!!!" Но ,блин,завораживает!!!😂😂😂😂

  13. alexander marquez

    great idea!

  14. David Delle

    I especially like that magic hammer!

  15. Fedek Gore

    Мне нравится на этом канале что уже сразу автор делает видео ускоренное и не надо скорость 1,5 или 2 ставить, как на других. А то бывает какую-нибудь мелочь 20 минут видео идет, больше шлака чем дела. Ну и идеи тут впоряде!✌️💪

  16. jasc68

    C’est très bien, mais faudrais boire moins de café.

  17. Vigilante Jake

    Why didnt just titled Router Lifter !

  18. Lucas Pirn


  19. Мэд Макс Пауэр

    Я бы сделал переключатель сверху

  20. Алех Повелитель

    Какое хорошо Глюкало 😉😁😂😚😑😑😑

  21. CR62 Silver & More

    Alsolutely great job buddy.

  22. ABW941

    Needs one of those rc power socket adapters, so you can switch on and off the vacuum cleaner while away at the desk.

  23. Paul van Dinther

    I learned to jump right to the end laugh and vote down these videos.

  24. Jeffrey Van Dyke

    What the heck is a "tourist table"?

  25. Nautilius


  26. deakae

    That's the strangest looking pair of tourist binoculars I've seen.

  27. Mongo

    I like the dust covers. My wife will as well. 🤣😂

  28. Paul-talk

    Wild! 😄

  29. Paul-talk

    ... What's the point of the 2 intake ports with their toggle??

  30. Christian Merino

    What a really nice job! So well designed! I'm jealous about you rauter table now! And at the beginning did nor expect it to be a router table!

  31. Rick Drew

    Or just spend $12 on a 2-way gate valve...

  32. DIY_ Mechanical passion

    Wonderful 👍you are very talented

  33. Learning One

    Instructions please, detailed, measurements...

  34. brizzx32

    Or you could just buy a plastic lawn chair, Lol. But I did see some other things he could have made.

  35. Michael Lyth


  36. Atom Atom

    very creative!

  37. D Adams

    Very cool. Very useful. And very impressive.

  38. nava1uni

    What a good use of an old floor jack!

  39. nava1uni

    VERY COOL IDEA, Good use of scraps. Where did you get the ratcheting clamps? They look very useful.

  40. Dave Butler

    I would be happy just cutting all of the pieces correct not that good with a jigsaw

  41. Nicholas Fox

    I use wheels with a built in locking mechanism which would save you doing all of that woodwork. Personally I don't understand why you made moving a cabinet so complicated.

    1. Vic Rauch

      Actually, the lockable or brake wheel castors still move some. When the wood is solid on the ground, that is when nothing moves at all!

  42. Chooper

    Who else thought it was going to be a custom mechanical condom dispensing machine ?

  43. sssam80

    That's Awesome man!

  44. K.E. Hall

    HEY GUYS! Here's a cool idea if you have a spare length of pipe laying around! And a whole bunch of other sh*t, too! 😁😁😁😁

  45. Married Man Woodworking

    I would enjoy this more if I knew what it was before starting the video. I had to skip ahead to the end before I could decide if I wanted to watch each step of the build. I know you are trying to increase views by keeping the mystery but I would appreciate the description at the beginning of the video. Thanks for the video.

  46. Александр Голанд

    Возьмите кусок пластиковой трубы, а так же лист фанеры, бочку, шланги, пылесос... Каша из топора. :)

  47. bill machado

    Que es DIY?????

    1. Men's Craft

      The greatest deception of humanity in the 21st century )))))))

  48. Andy

    How the hell does he do that with his hammer. ? Just one tap and it's cut out.

  49. Сергей Леутин

    Так то идея прикольная и аккуратно сделано. Молодец

  50. Павел 1


  51. Viliam Vacula

    5 genius ideas but 0 Nobel prizes.


    Sandels in the shop? Just a bad idea regardless of how many viewers

  53. Brian Evans

    I like the way your banged them cuts out 🤣

  54. ѻӽϷаԋȧ иʓλӳчɋϯѐԉя

    четыре ролика, каждый с тормозом и все дела.....а таким занимаются со скуки )))

    1. Men's Craft

      Болтается все на ваших роликах с стопорами

  55. III F S III

    You've got some sharp pencils and sharpies...

  56. reddrick69

    You come up with some wild ideas....don't stop!

  57. Чарли Чаплин

    и это называется/ из обрезка трубы?!

  58. Manny L

    For a minute there I thought he was designing a new Star Wars droid.

  59. Dheerandra Kamath

    Superb (Y)

  60. Vincent Miconi


  61. lightespeed

    Super suspense thriller, brilliant improvisation, but I'm too lazy, I just use one nostril for each machine or a mask. Nice concise video, with no stupid music.

  62. D35TR0YM4N

    Wtf did I just watch all the way through? Whatever it was held my attention, so you win.

  63. gldring gldring

    Епать калдун

  64. JATWANG is my name


  65. Travis Schnelle

    Neat idea but I HATE videos that make you skip to the end to see what it is.

  66. Antonio Rivera

    I thought it was a video on how to put a wheel on a jack to make it easier to raise and lower jack.

  67. David Nightingale

    Great ideas and design, too much glue and nails for my liking.🤣

  68. tponn

    A device to minimize dust collected at the vacuum filter. So...after all that...did you show how little made it to the filter? Nope! 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼 *sigh*

  69. Christopher Dean

    Nice idea, but impractical in reality. For a start, I have no idea where I could buy threaded rod that size, or a pair of suspension struts, as car breakers seem to be a dying breed in the UK, haven't seen one for years. Secondhand units online would cost far more than the idea would justify (don't know what those ones came from, but £40 a pair looks like absolute minimum at a quick scan). You can buy a decent enough workbench with built in vice for under £100, so why bother?

  70. Kevin Lovdahl

    Completely useless.

  71. Денис Демагин

    Суп из топора, где топор это обрезок пластиковой трубы!

  72. Дмитрий Ретунский

    Шикарный стул получился👍

  73. Дима че

    Идея хорошая,красава

  74. Денис Белов

    Если есть пилки значит есть и электроинструмент для них,мысль ясна?

  75. Woodworker 68

    Was war das für ein blauer Winkel. Bitte einen Link setzen. Danke für das Video 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Dir noch einen schönen Tag und bis bald wieder auf Deinem Kanal Raphael

  76. thelohim

    This is not genius but stupid genius. So much effort to make something that any scissors can do

  77. No name

    Totally useless handyman project

  78. Виктор Дронин

    Окуенно.ток для аутов как я еще бы и размеры все досконально.Не все могут создавать,многие могут ток полностью копировать.

  79. What Up

    Perfect for bending tinfoil

  80. stephen melton

    Who needs a saw when you can just use a hammer?