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  1. balto08 AJ


  2. balto08 AJ

    you think these cats would be used to crazy stuff in that household by now (no offense but it is kinda crazy, these courses/tests)

  3. balto08 AJ

    How many cats do you have? I have 44.

  4. I really dont know

    DD is my spirit animal.

  5. Jackie Bao

    so fluffy

  6. Eva Garcia

    With the three new additions the pyramid can be completed 😆😆😍😍

  7. ваmпuр суuцuдnuk

    Is Lulu so friendly, so hungry, or just a bisexual icon?

  8. SJ Spooner-Burnham

    That laugh at 0:22 😂

  9. AV5

    This is so cute!!

  10. cotton candy sweet that's Milly

    Why dose all the videos title always have lulu in the title

  11. W@|D€N@

    This is the only tym I felt sorry for the NUN🤣🤣🤣🤣 These cats indeed care a damm.. Food, petting and play

  12. Scoobis Man

    This is like Friday the 13th exept it’s for cats

  13. KhalOisha78

    2:01 ChuChu became a pepsi can XD

  14. Ирина Аллуло



    Lulu lovers like

  16. Beatriz Moreira

    only I noticed La casa de papel playing on television?

  17. Goldenringlet

    I did the same with cats they doesn't get over the highest ca 1,20 but when I play on my piano they just jump to the top of my piano 1,45 and I can't play anymore 😂😢🙄

  18. Redsky017

    You gonna kill that?

  19. Nadya

    When you are so done with lulu

    1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ


    2. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

      Nobody likes You

  20. Mert Türkmen

    lulu like a car that is pressed and cambered

  21. Nona !!

    2:32 ohmygod

  22. Cloudy Heaven

    Wait can someone tell me when did creamheroes changed their name ;-; ive been gone for along time due to online class

  23. Anjali Gharat

    DD is seriously the fluff ball.......I love him/her .....I don't know her/his gender😅😅

  24. AaliyahKitty UwU

    *i love how when their owner dies the cats just use her as a toy*

  25. Anora Roden

    IS that a new Kitten???????????

  26. Dewi Setyorini

    Lulu will do anything for food😂😂

  27. ZiaCho 1485

    TT: /judging with passion/

  28. R R

    TT is completely done with Lulu in this video LMAO

  29. ZiaCho 1485

    TT: /punch/ DD: aw, she loves me

  30. vikas pathan

    I love cat😺👌

  31. Jagyaseni The Little Vlogger💁🏻‍♀️

    I love this channel!

  32. انا حفيده لجدو


  33. D-wolf Project

    Lulu, why are u so cute? haha

  34. Boy Trent

    i suspect lulu is a covert narcissist.

  35. Hubaib Anwar

    I love Lulu

  36. Siti Rahmah

    Kucing Lulu pemakan segala 😂

  37. diana nabela

    It's clear you love Lulu the most

    1. ForRealMemes

      Who says beside you?

  38. hameedah indonesia

    LULU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. XS1CQ CH

    DD and LuLu went to Narnia again :)

  40. World is Fake Beast system is Real EndThotSimpBad

    She is secretly teaching these cats to Rob the Hope Diamond from Vatican City in Vegas

  41. Anisa

    Lulu is taking revenge as the duplicate spiders tried to scare him 😂😂 yet cute

  42. Epicoliviadraz Drazic

    XD lots of cats love bananas. Especially mine too! Did you know strawberrys are related to catnip?

  43. WölfinP


  44. Zxc Zero

    Lulu is best

  45. Ziad Salem

    Love lulu's cute little moving nose 👃 ❤️

  46. Sana Hazan

    They didn’t even care about you and the last kitten tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Kazumi Libres

    Claire : the thirst is real

  48. Mrs. Flower

    I touch my cat paws anytimes I like she don't mind :)

  49. real image

    Wow that White cat looks so soft more than that memory foam

  50. violins need love!

    Your cats are so beautiful!

  51. parveen qureshi

    after a humans death in this all cats are enjoying lol

  52. sachi sk

    The first cat is a bloody genius ,

  53. Crappy Artzy

    If you ever are a ghost... Don't Target kittens/cats... They are powerful

  54. Es lanzo

    Soooo there are dog squad in american cat squad in japan or china sooo i jist saying

  55. Agus Milano1988

    I'm a very humorous animal hugger. Help my chanel or brother. Helping each other is beautiful

  56. azem melek Gungor


  57. Meghna mani

    I just click on the advertisement 10 times only n onlu for lulu.. i love cats so much❤

  58. モーン

    So Cute LuLu!😍😍

  59. sophia's creativity studies

    So cuteie please give me one😢😢😢

  60. Таня Гринева


  61. Shrilata Mk

    After seeing I this couldn't stop laughing 😅😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😅😅😅😆

  62. sir sm0ke

    sooooo cute <3

  63. Supporter Of Kittisaurus Chloe

    Song and Lyrics for this Video: Think Out Of The Maze Here we go again, with another challenge! A maze made out of cardboard Boxes made out of cardboard that cats love How will they react? Cutting out holes in the boxes Making a pattern so they can escape Following the arrow, that’s how the pattern goes Who will our first contestant be? The mother cat, NaNa, is our first contestant She started off good, until then She looked over the box, her paws showing Wondering where she is right now She thinks she might be lost, so she escaped the maze She actually knew the way back Claire called her name, NaNa responded She meowed, defining she knew her name Oops! Now NaNa thought out of the box! She returned to what she was doing before Looking over the cardboard hedges She bounced out of the spot, and she actually made it Now she knew her children arrived She looked over to see ToTo and DoDo Jumping on the border, run, run, run Now she came back to the start Now, our 2 little lovely kitties are next ToTo, the oldest, and DoDo, the youngest The brothers entering the maze went out a good start ToTo looked over, wanting to say Hi! ToTo then next, heard a jingling sound Sensing the noise of a cat toy ToTo knew he wanted the toy So he escaped fast, searching for the toy ToTo was doing great, while DoDo is behind ToTo escaped quickly, what a good kitty! DoDo is making it, come on, come on... You did it! NaNa will be proud of you two! Up next, is the beautiful TT! She entered the maze, a good start! She was curious, wondering what this is... She actually got it, and escaped gracefully out! Our little munchkin cutie, LaLa, is 5th. Entering the maze, now she wondered... Where is her mother? Mommy? Mommy? What a short verse, now she made it! Our last 5 contestants you saw... Had been making a good run for it! Good start, really good start! Now they will have treats! Tallest from LaLa, CoCo is up! As he entered the building, he now reviewed... “This structure is interesting...” That defines it’s an interesting maze! It’s no match for him, though~! Chairman MoMo, is the 7th up! He claimed the maze as his own now... Until then, ChuChu came along... Now. Guess. What? Where is she? Right, right now? Entering the maze, she cutely sniffed the camera. That would cause some heart melting...~ When CoCo was still out, he would check... If anybody was still in the maze. JUMP! He went! Nearly crashing onto ChuChu, she was startled by CoCo’s landing. Our cute little pirate, LuLu, is next Wondering if anyone is still in the maze He sniff sniffed the areas surrounding him “Excuse me!” He said Butler calling, “Nyam Nyam!” LuLu knew there was snacks Scouting mode, ACTIVATE! Now LuLu made it, finally! He was a genius~! The last one up is DD Come on, loaf cutie, show the viewers what you got! Entering the maze, he is now staying there He said he liked boxes Wow, should’ve seen that coming... Our last 10 contestants you saw Had been making a good run for it! Good start, really good start! Now they will have treats! (Treats, treats, treats, treats) (Treats, treats, treats, treats) (Treats, treats, treats, treats) Now they will have treats! NaNa, ToTo, DoDo, TT, LaLa CoCo, MoMo, ChuChu, LuLu, DD Those ten are good experts What will happen next? Our last 10 contestants you saw... Had been making a good run for it! Good start, really good start! Now they will have treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Now they will have treats~! Ooh... What genius cats! After a long time, they are starving, and will finally have treats! NaNa, ToTo, DoDo, TT, LaLa CoCo, MoMo, ChuChu, LuLu, DD DD, LuLu, ChuChu, MoMo, CoCo LaLa, TT, DoDo, ToTo, NaNa Treats!

  64. Shakib Ahmed

    I bet all of u were waiting for lulu's turn

  65. Arya s kumar


  66. Raihan Kurniawan

    Lulu reaction (if he watching this video) : ○A○

  67. Nanakdeep Singh

    So cute

  68. Anika Suri

    Cats: This is all nunsense

  69. Macha Leaf

    Wow... TT is a small grey cheetah!!☺️

  70. MrChertenock

    Лу-Лу как всегда неподражаем.

  71. Utkarsh Parmar

    0:10 lulu eating coronavirus

  72. blackpink world

    Ok tatlılardır😍😍😍😍

  73. King CC

    TT just said "thank you for the belly rubs but your not catching these hands"

  74. Yoel Future

    ChuChu is me when looking at Bathroom's floor filled with soap 🙏

  75. J L

    this cat will be a shrew businessman if it were a man

  76. Llyke Anazo

    Disaster in vending machine hahahahaha 😂😂😂