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  1. Casey B

    Floyd is the ultimate hater. Teofimo has the chance to make Floyd irrelevant. Teofimo is undisputed at 16 fights and 23 years old. Teo can have more money while being respected. He can dwarf Floyd.

  2. Seth Reese

    Im sorry but Mikes finna beat jones damn near to death

  3. Jose Guedez

    Gamboa has been on his way out for 10 yrs

  4. Ashton Finney

    That's it, I wanna catch this guy in a back alley. He dont know everything.

  5. SupernovaSun77


  6. Steven Cagampang

    2 Loma fans... All excuses

  7. Jorge P

    Con quien más va apeliar chocolatito no quiere pelear con el gallito ni con cuadras ni con rubinsai son los élites de la división con más boltos porque así como pelio cuadras y el gallito comen al chocolatito sin problema

  8. Cc3OTW 757919

    Man go fight somebody n stop talking

  9. Boosk Moose

    Who’s here after Khabib vs gaetje

  10. Jeff Scuderi

    Hes unrecognizable and sounds different what happened to the real Vargas

  11. Gabe Allen

    When ksi won I bet shanon said we lost champ

  12. Fear less

    Dagestan like krytonite lol,


    paulie is the second one who slaps lobov and the first who spits on him 😂

  14. Alan Michael Jackson

    Teo would kill Ryan lol

  15. Art Vandelay

    I'm not even a boxer but I guarantee if I hit him with just 2 body shots he would not want to continue. Those guys hitting him are light weight, Ryan throws fast and crisp, it looks good, sounds good, but there is not even enough power to move him. It's not the size of Francis, the thing saving him from extreme pain is his abdominal muscles serving as a protective shield, but for liver or kidney shots it won't matter.

  16. Hybrid Kid aka Rolando Mota

    How tf he gonna say he didn't have a floyd Mayweather? He had him and roger lmao


  18. Ferds Garcia

    The Pacman is smaller than him at 5’5” tall and fighting 5’10” heavier guys duh!!!

  19. matador c137

    Gamboa earning good money lol

  20. Hank S

    so many excuses, if Loma is such a matrix, he shouldn't went into the fight with his excuses knowing full well he was going to get beat. he doesn't deserve a rematch. he was beat fair and square. Lopez went into the fight injured as well. but he still went ahead because he is who he is.

  21. dranz boy

    floyd and tank davis afraid to teofimo now..hhahahhahah

  22. ice man

    really dude u give leo Santa Cruz a chance ur just trying to sale that fight

    1. RicRokkka

      And it’s tank Davis biggest test 😂 A Fight no one fucking asked for

  23. Keithen Lloyd Jr


  24. largon 03

    The whole point of beating the best to become the best so YES Teofimo is the best p4p right now until someone beats him, and I do not see that happening. #thetakeover

  25. Dont Watch

    Soo not only was it two different videos but also he never got knocked out till the last minute of the first round wow my life is a lie.

  26. Anthony Davis

    I luv this real respect and love. Highland Park Michigan

  27. Javi Rivera

    Like this dude classy tike.

  28. F Morse

    Did you ask him all these questions before Rogan..seems super bored for Roy even lol

  29. largon 03

    I understand some of the score cards were incorrect but why are so many people hung up on the score cards and sound so upset about it, at the end of the day we know who the winner is Teofimo. This is what happens when the champion gets beaten and nobody is expecting it just like Wilder vs Fury they started saying shit about Fury's gloves. I noticed that when they have a guy on a pedestal and loses it's just hard for many to accept the loss, especially if they betted. Like I've said before and I'm tired of saying it after that fight, Loma DID NOT GIVE ANY ROUNDS AWAY! Lopez didn't let Loma do much for the first few rounds, there's a difference. When a boxer gives a round or 2 away that's when they choose not to throw many punches like Floyd and Canelo but right after the 2nd or 3rd round they start boxing and taking over. Loma was different, he didn't know how to penetrate a taller and stronger and fast guy like Teo and he said it himself. Loma never said I gave away any rounds this is just people talking all this nonsense.. #thetakeover

  30. Roman Caesar

    The age is gonna diminish in the ring u gonna see so much passion.....almost cried writing this shit.

  31. OUUWEE


  32. Von Spitz

    That Russian beat yo ass fam... Y'all need to run it back asap ‼️‼️‼️

  33. Fon Hollohan

    Lomachenko out boxed him and made him look like a amatuer boxer. It was Lomachenko's fabulous footwork that frustrated Russell so much so that he couldn't get in the pocket long enough to execute his game. It was that simple, yet Russell came out with lame excuses as to why he lost. If they have a rematch Lomachenko will do it again.

  34. Albert Cortez

    WBCorrupt FAULT!!!!!!!

  35. Lamont T

    I feel like this fight isnt getting the press it needs

  36. Karel Mars

    There is a life after boxing ,so lopez did the right thing ,so I disagree with the trash talking of Diaz,and I know mayweather would too.

  37. Anthony Hernandez

    The fight if it happens before TANK will be at 140. Lopez said before LOMA fight he only stayed at 135 to beat that guy then he was out. Again this is BEFORE the LOMA fight when everyone said TEO was just talking and dreaming about beating LOMA. This idea that he is running to 140 is flat just false narrative

  38. Anthony Hernandez

    Haney is lying about the RUSSELL fight which would hold.more prestige than GAMBOA. You couldn't make the fight because you already were in negotiations for the GAMBOA fight. That why you dont want to answer because you not a spinner like your dad who energy was way different when him and Russell team guy were on that Interview. He got exposed for all the lying they were doing. His dad also was clear LOMA would win so he looking suspect on that too. Bro yall were pulling for LOMA because stylistically he is a great fight for you. Let's get it straight too. LOPEZ wasnt talking about not RUINING your MAYWEATHER comparisons. I think you guys are mad because TEO is in the spotlight. You were suppose to be 1st to the limelight that's what thos about

  39. Jess Hertz

    Teofimo is you Papito and from Lomachenko!!!

  40. Justine Silaiah

    Ring rust is a big factor.

  41. Texas Elite

    I like Abel non bias. He spoke some serious facts there.


    Joel Diaz has a loma esque fighter on his roster (Israil Madrimov). A wild card @154 division

  43. Mathew Baylon

    Casimero’s got chin and swag

  44. Jose Rodriguez

    Everything is fine until Gamboa start hitting that spot real hard then ....!!!!🤔

  45. Harlem Goon

    Mayweatherd bodyguards would get beat uo by Connors team!

  46. james b

    All those jokes this isn't funny. Boxing isn't a game at their level. This is an exhibition but It's dangerous, because of the bigger Tyson and he was a legitimate champion. He's getting in the ring with another former legitimate champion. He will test his metal and someone can get hurt.

  47. Kent Jr.

    He got dragged by Manny

  48. leo ordorica

    Suddenly he noticed that too many belts is bad for credibility of boxing? Hey! Floyd what about those days when you were flashing all those belts I guess you didn't complain back then sucka

  49. Youtube Life

    Loma got robbed

  50. Jonathan Mata

    2020 undesputed👑👑👑🔥

  51. Malice XI

    He said the same stuff about pac


      And then what happened to the fight?

  52. Chelo Alvarado

    Nobody wants to watch this boring-ass fight

  53. Tommy Nguyen

    loma wins rematch he had a 14 month lay off honestly i feel hed do better now

  54. Mohammed Ali

    He's not in the wrong weight class, the people are just rehydrating too much

  55. Tainted

    Haney needs to make an statement not in social media, but in the ring. Can he KO Gamboa?

  56. MeVsMe

    Beautiful moment

  57. Leu Mas

    This is not "Miss Universe Q&A" that needs wise or clever answer. And when you are the best in evading punches, you are consumed by your 'feeling' of authority to dodge questions. Sure 'nuf Floyd made a wise investement!😂

  58. 2485Shaggy

    Proved hes the goat

  59. jpogi gtxcr1

    Those shots were extra crispy.



  61. Shayan Nizam Khan

    Wow he sneezed 3 times

  62. Geraldo Ramirez

    Cuando mandas atu hijo a trabajar por primera vez, y regresa al medio dia a tu casa y dice no pues es que me canse, la misma historia.

  63. thehome man

    I had it 7-3 and were mixy

  64. cody thompson

    Champion is a mind set 🦾🦾 I ain’t never have a day job💰💰💰

  65. Ivan Persov

    Saku was listed at 5'11" but seems smaller. A true pioneer and legend.

  66. Douglas Butler

    Manny head and shoulders above no mo

  67. Casey B

    Loma fought all of amateur career at 132. Stop the BS. Loma is a bitch and Teofimo is a warrior.

  68. Gordon Brennan

    Noboby cares what life hes livin what a sad individual he really is thinks the world goes round for him... you ran from the pacman end of story as tyson said your a small little man

  69. Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Logan Paul:"I sneeze three times" Logan Paul's health: -100 Me:"how's that even possible?"

  70. peter rollins

    You guys must have forgot Roy Jones ain't no joke pound for pound.

  71. seraz victoria

    anybody can tell me what title of this song 1:48 ? and whos the singer?

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