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  1. Kestell Laurie

    Thanks for the Yang shoutout. I love Krystal and Sagaar.

  2. gngndthg jyhhf

    Hilarious how naive this chick is.

  3. SoldByIsrael

    Is Joe funnier in this one??

  4. Dads getting cigs from the store He will brb

    Joe "they have no shoe in the game" Rogan

  5. A m a r Singg

    Everyone should check out Candace Owens decimate Krystal Ball

  6. nemian618

    I guess the looting will not stop until the Democracy starts.

  7. Zepper2019

    2:05:26 right on.

  8. Pat Fenis732

    33:10 👍👍

  9. Morgan J.S.

    Around 35:00 Joe speaking about hundreds of shops being trashed on 5th and 6th Avenues. Hundreds of shops looted, yes, but only a handful of people lost money that day. That's the imbalance of wealth distribution and the very reason people feel any justification for looting those places. They are by and large owned by huuuuge corporations. When you live in a place like that (e.g. Ginza, Tokyo) and see, day after day, empty shops with staff waiting hours on end for that one rich person to walk in and drop cash, you realise those businesses are monuments to the problem of inequality, not temples of happiness. Keep it real, Joe!

  10. The Servermonitor

    Krystal is logical but Saggy uhh... And Joe why are you running those tinny ass npr style sounding mics it's headache inducing

  11. C M

    You're a talking head. Show some respect.

  12. Official Brandon J


  13. Noted_Insolence

    This is the most Extroverted Intuition in one room that has ever existed

  14. Steven Sanders

    I met Reggie Watts with my wife at a Seattle festival when he just began and he’s is exactly the same person you see here...keep goin Watts! Thanks Mr. Rogan!

  15. C M

    This guy, a dying breed, actually does his own legwork, investigation. Unlike podcasters, who, like you, have a lackey who "googles" every tiny thing, while you make millions.

  16. Thrith Golden

    🔥🔥🔥RIOTS AND LOOTING, AND VIOLENT PROTESTING HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR CENTURIES 🔥🔥🔥 In America these type of things have brought the biggest political changes!! READ HISTORY!

  17. Nedews1

    Like the conversation, but if Krystal could actually bring up an valid suggestion of a solution to stop the looting instead of saying what is not the solution and talking in circles about the issue.

  18. WColdblooded357W

    I feel like they're both tripping balls in this one. Dunkin is in a ghillie suit and they both have dark glasses on.


    It’s so funny to see this guy 7 years ago. Only in America can this guy get a 100 million deal 7 years later. It’s so funny. No hybrid electric cars ZZ Top. Flash forward tesla car! That’s merica’

  20. chris wilkins


  21. Imagine A World

    55:00 thank god I got this early

  22. Michael Rutherford

    The method of trying to get new info into science is absurd . How many peoples correct theories have had their career ruined . No wonder the paradigm is stationary

  23. Todor Slavchev

    The internet privacy guy is amazing channel. Thanks for mentioning him.

  24. Gavin Anderson


  25. Chris Kilgour

    Is that hillary

  26. Jason US Army Sergeant

    Have either of these two been out of the country in their life? Have they looked at the blown up rubble of the middle east, or the Balkans? What happened was wrong, but , so is looting/rioting.. It's destroying more then a business. It's messing with other citizens lives. Give them a platform, and they'll talk in circles till they get blue in the face. Go home kids, or better yet, go get some first hand experience. Thank you.

  27. John Jackson

    I hate it when the show goes to drugs are great, I guess you never know people become drug addicts, destruction of family and friends, then death.

  28. Chris Kilgour

    Is that Joe?

  29. Danny Fernandez

    Joe u should have Shaun King on your show. He’s a journalist that can speak to the angst all this has caused among poc.

  30. Chris Kilgour

    Is that Kumar?

  31. C M

    C'mon, Joe. Not everyone is as lucky as you, falling into riches, as a podcaster. This is a REAL JOURNALIST, A REAL, L8VE WRITER.

  32. Brandon Riley

    This man is talking about braincycles bro he is an evolved human. It takes a whole braincycle for me to get up in the morning smh.

  33. BringerofRAIN6

    watch in a few months when their actually aware of what bill gates is upto

  34. JJ

    Havent seen joe this excited about something since he talled about DMT that one time....

  35. Hazy Precision

    This man needs to be REQUIRED reading/listening in every school around the country. If listening to this man doesn’t change you, you aren’t actually listening.

  36. Pete Alexandrou

    "every picture is 100Mb". sorry, couldn't fight the nerd within me.

  37. William Henry Van Etta

    2:40:10 she chimes in and forgets to mention that Indian Americans are disproportionately higher income. So it cannot at least wholly be based on racial discrimination.

  38. Brett Anderson

    They didn't tear gas the streets in front of the church. When the police use tear gas they wear mask and none of them did.

  39. Gustavo Hopkins

    Ending the riots is tricky but Krystal is right that using military on protesters while incite violence. Use national guard and riot police to physically guard the stores. Guide protests down streets without confronting them with riot police and then here is the kicker Work on the social injustice that sooo many are willing to protest for. We have put off systematic discrimination and police brutality for way to long. This is the cost of putting it off

  40. gubbyitss s

    I'm sure by now Jamie's got an entire playlist of monkey videos at the ready.

  41. SWilliams9

    White kids stealing shoes isn't the majority of the looters. You lied Joe. Why would you lie about that?

  42. Wrath Scar

    Thanks for the fucking riots twitter

  43. Grimmace

    Wow, 4.3k MSM/DNC bots giving it the thumbs down....must have been really good.

  44. Mariah Pacheco

    This is what I love about Joe. He's progressive, but reasonable. I love the way he's (calmly) debating Krystal about the riots.

  45. Trini Gladiator

    "He had more melatonin than me, so what!" SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️ It's melanin, Mike.

  46. hafiz norhashim

    48:00 i cant believe no one is addressing the fact that Cuomo didnt utilize the temporary hospitals and hospital ships .. whats going on? why didnt they use it? somebody educate me on this plss!!

  47. Brett Looney

    i really like saagar's tie...

  48. Joseph Rostochak KN4IFI

    My 3 most favorite people on AMsels: Joe Rogan, Krystal, & Saagar ! Keep up the great work you all are doing !

  49. Garrett Johnson

    So happy to see the trifecta of individual thoughts online finally converge! If you three made a news station it would be the end of traditional news as we know it.

  50. Depressionsan

    Careful, you may now be big targets.

  51. Rostovtzeff

    krystal dropping the f bombs, love it.

  52. Jake cozzz

    Idk man IV some scary shit. I believe in ghosts

  53. Cindy Sparks

    FACT: 82% of portland oregon police live outside of portland.


    she looks like jason bateman

  55. henrik kruse

    Again with the “we can do it like in Denmark bs” why dont you come work her for about a year? Everything is so fucking expensive and taxes are outrageous.

  56. Andrew Fabacher

    If only he knew how right he was when he said were going to look back at 2020 and say that’s when everything changed.

  57. Jose Murillo

    Makes me sad that both Joe and Saagar are so adament about crushing the "looters". Even if it means using the military on civilians. They are to nieve to understand. The military just like the police do not distinguish between looters and people exercising the first amendment rights. I'm sure if you ask Joe or Saagar. Who do you think are the worst criminals? The guys up in the towers of Wall Street. Or the looters in the street. I think they would answer "Oh Wall Street of course". But if you asked them, them you think we should also unleash the military on Wall Street profiteers? The would say "of course not". Think about the reasoning over that for a minute.

  58. J E

    Joey is the dude that buys into his Joe hype. This disgusting POS will try to smear an armbar on me. I'll just shoot this bitch. Ghetto bert.

  59. Lee Owen

    she's a dummy but I appreciate the dialogue occurring

  60. Earl Smith

    Alex Jones cracks me up, Who knows, maybe this shit is real, but he's seriously a trip lol. Alex Jones part 3!

  61. Joshua Silas

    The rioting and looting was necessary because it would not have reached a national level otherwise. It was not an isolated incident and that is what needed to be known. And it was known. The extrajudicial actions put on by the protestors are indicative of real justice. It was justified BECAUSE it was picked up by every other real American in a real American city CONNECTED. It is justified extrajudicially by the crowd of the PURE American people no matter the color. It is beyond the red white and blue badges. The badges have to kneel toward the heart of America.

  62. Amine MK

    Watching this in 2020, and what Chris is saying at 16:30... it's so fuckin true of what's happening right now...

  63. Sullen

    Undercover cops and right wing agitators were responsible for much of the destruction of property for the most part. The strategy of fanning the flames is very common.

  64. J E

    Joey Diaz... the most overrated comedian of all time.

  65. Mohamed El Nahas

    I like Krystal but she has to take the chill pill, she is way too aggressive and constantly cutting off Saagar and Joe

  66. Ashley Watt

    Snitches get riches.

  67. Luke Ruzinsky

    Krystal and Saagar and The Hill are a legitimate commentary and they really do criticize those on the left and right. This was a good interview and The Hill is maybe one of the last centrist media institutions, they at least have something resembling the Socratic Method. I encourage support of the hill. I've given up on msnbc, cnn, and fox news but this publication still at least has some semblance of sanity and I encourage seekers of truth to support them and encourage them to stay bipartisan.

  68. Elijah McCormick

    21st century Men need to man up, including me. And I have a feeling that circumstances will force us, within a few years, man up. The definition of a man that Dr. Peterson has described will make a comeback one day.

  69. Rudy Bankhead

    This is cringe as fuck... tony deserves a interview where the host actually ask questions without sounding like a noob

  70. Misty Martin


  71. Carlos Gonzalez

    Really good.

  72. Dereck Sawyer New podcast

  73. Nate Burt

    How does this only have 1.8 mil views

  74. William Hayes

  75. shane spartacus

    Russell is so intelligent man like the way he talks is so intellectual

  76. Farzan Ghazban

    why do they say "shit" on Rogan's show, but not their own?

  77. Jak007xz

    One of the greatest podcast ever

  78. Jeffrey Atkinson

    I think if more shows like rising trust in media might come back ,somewhat

  79. Sorrow Heart

    Which 100 videos did rogan watch again?

  80. Stringer Brothers

    Don’t like

  81. Christian Barrera

    I wish joe Rogan would just become like a AMsels journalist because more people find out about the world through his conversations with many of these wonderful people he should expose what needs to be all the good and bad we could do a lot if he wanted

  82. Joshua Silas

    Interesting why anyone would thumbs down this vid. No more talking together! Keep it segregated! Integration sucks!

  83. Fergie Oliver

    BWAHAHAH when she suggested that he “take a knee.” Oh my, what planet is she on? don’t get me wrong, it could work, but it would never happen.

  84. bigfish92672

    2:16:11 I'm Left Wing because I don't want people "...starting out as children with a massive Deficit?!?" HOLY FUCK, JOE! Running up The Deficit and keeping everyone poor is precisely what liberals in both parties do!

  85. Stop Propaganda

    Consumers of centralized, criminally-controlled media disinformation NEED to hear the truth in the following video so we can avoid the planned civil war. Search: “A B Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz exposed BLM, Democrats, ANTIFA, etc.”

  86. gluonone

    Sean Hannity: I'm a Martial Artist! Joe: Hold my Beer

  87. Ben Kodeng

    awesome podcast! had my attention from start to finish.

  88. Abdullah B

    a lot of visual noise in this vids ngl maybe humidity in the room

  89. Elliot Ness

    I was going mad going through different speculations on how media and politics have gone this bonkers. I'm glad these sane people are here to discuss it.

  90. Trafalgar Law Jr.

    Dont watch this if you are high as fuck. lmao im getting social and futuristic anxiety cause all of this

  91. Rich’s Pizza Party

    Nice guy, such a dull guest. The most recent JRE with the folks from The Hill was so much better.

  92. Daniel Gallop

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater PS2, one of the best games on the platform

  93. MR Esotericana

    As soon as Shuab opened his mouth my first thought was Douchebag

  94. eduardo lopez

    joe rogan is really good at destroying stawman arguments 2:05:53

  95. Joshua Silas

    Krystal is right because there are other choices to deescalate by Trump and police. Until policies are put out there in good faith to be negotiated then nothing will be taken seriously. It’s on police and the policy makers no matter what. It’s not on progressives. It’s not on blacks. It’s not on any protestors. They need to extend a hand instead of a fist, or a baton, or a shield.

  96. Joel Mitchell

    Hey India buddy, white supremacists suck--but I don't see them breaking windows and destroying businesses.

  97. michael boone

    Ik you don’t look at these but I want you to kno you made a mistake. Here in Huntsville, Alabama they shoot peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. And there was no looting at all. The chief of police said he didn’t want to “role the dice”

  98. Kyle Walker

    global warming ... what is better all of us die ? in 10 years ? or keep us in the house for 1 year? look at the science books... this is the aliens or gods cleansing the world...

  99. Mitchell Pettigrew


  100. David Graham

    After the UK terrorist attacked, the football gangs from all over Britain organised themselves with veterans and marched through London, over 40,000 men, told our politicians, if they don’t sort the terrorists out, we will, 40,000 patriots mobilise and march through central London, not one MSM mentioned this demonstration.