1 Hour and 30 Min of Daily Dose Of Internet! (Part 3)


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    *About* 1 hour and 30 minute of Daily Dose of Internet - Series 6
    HUGE DISCLAIMER: None of the following videos are owned by me.
    I edited out the intro and the outro for every individual clips and made it into a whole 1 hour 30 min version.
    I hope you enjoyed this video!
    No, I did not steal this video. Instead, I had permission to do this by the creator himself so huge shoutout to Daily Dose Of Internet for allowing me to have access to this!
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    1. JDXGamingZ

      Please read the DISCLAIMER in the description. I don't want any misunderstanding. Please support Daily Dose Of Internet, he is the true legend in these videos. PEACE OUT FOR NOW ✘ ✌️

      1. Juants1229

        None of the videos are actually his, so its free real estate.

      2. JESUSisCHRIST 1

        @Somerset Frisby Awesome thank you and yes definitely should study more into this ... i actually think its got something to do with the whiskers ... notice every creature in existence has some sort of little "feeler" antenna to some form of whisker and even us humans ... i believe that there is more to the whiskers than we realize and please keep in mind Samson and Delilah and how his strength was in his hair well what if we have something like that but what if your hair and beard has to grow out for years or something without shaving and dont shave your ear or eye brows either nor pluck any nose hairs or anything ... do not do anything at all and grow completely natural for years or say a year or so atleast ???? would that do something in your body to cause maybe certain senses to be heightened??? I dont know but i really have thought alot about this and i believe there is something to animals whiskers that were not told or maybe no one has thought about it or whatever but i believe theres a lot more to the whiskers than people think i mean literally every single creature in existence has whiskers from maggots to elephants haha ....

      3. JESUSisCHRIST 1

        @Somerset Frisby right . .. all animals can sense when bad things are fixing to happen so is it out of the question that humans can too ... i also know for a fact thaf animals can communicate with each other without having to just use body language because my cats are all the time asleep and one cat wjll wake up and look at something and then all the other cats wake up and look at the same thinf at the same time like one said something and the others are like "hugh , whats going on ?" haha but they obviously can speak to each other and not meowing or using just body language.. there is just way to many times when things were going on and then they all all of a sudden are aware of it and not by a single meow or movement ... sorry for babbling haha ... have a good night and be blessed my friend in Jesus's mighty name ...

      4. jack edwards

        @dumb sloth me to

      5. JESUSisCHRIST 1

        31:03 Does anyone know where this is at ? and is this natural ?

    2. broken.

      the cyote was like theres some candy at the end of the tunnel

    3. Deborah Duthie

      Loved this one two. The Beluga Whales are a hoot. Penguins, excited dogs, Drone delivers coffee, exercisers on the roof tops. All really special moments and special effects that everyday people have figured ou5 for their own cell phones. Beautiful🇦🇺

    4. foxy thedog26

      36:10 Me: spins final wheel Also me: I am inevitable

    5. B S

      1:07:39 become a rattlesnake

    6. LiZutSu

      38:00 That Got Me I Jumped While Nappin

    7. Terrel Carson

      Your so intond with the video to where time goes by fast. Love your videos man.

    8. Cettina Cassar

      Me when my mom says you only need a Daly dose of internet

    9. JohnnyMartini

      Honestly this man is a legend, educating people on the internet and making it entertaining unlike the rest of the internet where it’s just cringey, egocentric entertainment

    10. Ismael Jerez

      4:57. No wonder ppl call kalas bears(sorry for my spelling mistakes)

    11. Okay I have No iDeA

      What we sound like: Hi I like your shoes! 3000 year old mummies: E E EH EH EH EH

    12. Bob Thehamster

      10:17 girls taking a instagram pic

    13. Vietnam War


    14. Daysha Reeves


    15. scar figsa

      i like how u how 911 dislikes

    16. Justin Johnson

      Excuse me there’s a video in your ad

    17. {oIAmKori UwUo}

      Why does he sound dead inside?

    18. Mona Deisel

      of course tokyo is the most populated city in the world. it is a drift city and has so many things other places have that why i want to visit tokyo

    19. Tracy Paxton

      That cat needs a whole family to affectionate with, then when someone gets tired of him he can go to the next person.

    20. Shauna Dean


    21. Kitsune

      Sounds like a gun pew pew 5:50

    22. drew Borchert

      37:08 watch the bird

    23. Davidee

      Actually, the dogs name is kupata(კუპატა) and he is still protecting the next generation of georgia. 11:00

    24. Pastel Kitten

      Man: Makes origami swan with his mouth Me: *Can't even do the first fold correctly*


      It’s not 1 hour and 30 minutes And it someone’s let’s content so you are wears

    26. Mohammed masud

      1:24:23 wtf

    27. Hunterbeast 727

      He was fr when he said “very very soon”

    28. Arcenix 1188

      Hey everyone this is YOUR overdose of internet.. This guy made 1 and a half hours of daily dose of internet-

    29. elefanator nerf

      55:19 was like my dog

    30. TheMainVerse

      (Pause at 12:25) Me when the Teacher assigns homework on Saturday's and Sunday's.

    31. Noemi Sanchez

      The babies eyes to 😂😂 The cat can do more sit-ups than I could

    32. GYRO

      18:21 الي عرف هاي وين لايك

    33. Annabelle Blume

      Oh my gosh! Those ribbon eels where so pretty! ❤️

    34. Black No0b

      The yellow dots goin bbrrrrrrr

    35. BustedAimBot Gaming

      Apparently mummies sounded like the talking moose on an old Macintosh.

    36. CrazyLittlebrother Gaming

      Minecraft in real life 3:08

    37. zander cope

      This is one hour and 27 minutes.

    38. Jeremiah Ashley-keller


    39. T 3

      The tesala has aim bot

    40. Lower divine being

      44:37 the fish ate the shark R.I.P.

    41. marcus ghosts

      Yeah i've seen a starfish go for a walk and its patrick

    42. K_witch 964

      In pretty sure it’s just me but at 24:44 it sounds like the toad is saying mum

    43. Mary Mary

      1:45 where is that??

    44. Anna

      4:32 imagine how good the seller must had felt

    45. TEAM Warbot

      Oh if u dident know water bears r acually called tardergrades

    46. L4chsspacken

      36:55 Favourite Clip

    47. Rapha RL

      Thats not daily dose of internet, thats daily dose of ads lmak

      1. Ryder And Caleb 1

        He need ps to get paid tho

    48. jelly

      19:49 its the zhaba from gta 5 omg

    49. jacques bothma

      26:54 wow

    50. Michael Crain

      5:43 is weird

    51. Jordan Correia


      1. Jordan Correia

        @JDXGamingZ oh Still

      2. JDXGamingZ

        Its a prank, its a prank!

    52. Hyper Bird12

      Cute Penguin time: 40:32 My Car falling in a volcano: 40:49

    53. Reg Magee

      :0 u lied it not an hour and thirty mins it's an 1:27:40

    54. The Masters of Random

      47:12 LOLOLOLOL

    55. fortwars starnite

      49:34 #best_animal_parent

    56. Solar Dude

      27:48 its oral-gami

    57. ItzUser YT

      Now i call it “Pool” Table

    58. Ian H

      Waay too many adds. Gave up.

    59. Mr Villager

      Iss 1 hour and 27 mins

    60. Mr Villager

      THIS IS NOT 1:030 iss 1:030

    61. Keith_Playz Keith_Playz

      the auto pilot thing for tesla haves aimbot

    62. Abdullah khan

      i got scared on the crocidle one

    63. Jesse Dover

      Mummy sounds like "Wind Shield Wipers"

    64. EXO EDITS

      20:48 and this was how we brought saten from hell to earth.

    65. EXO EDITS

      If u have seen all the vids he had posted like me ,UR A BLOODY LEGEND.

    66. EXO EDITS


      1. EXO EDITS


    67. Samuele Proietti

      Damn, the man eating that kind of spaghetti is soo dumb. I'M ITALIAN, JUST ROLL THE FORK GUYS, IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED.

    68. Grayson Gorospe

      The tumbnail should be the first video

    69. Skoc

      If u would like daily dose, U would have started with the video from the thumb.

    70. cinta lestari

      8:12 man : *does a fake breath in pain* cat : 0_0 man : *continue* cat : 0_0 man : *Breath in pain intensifes* cat : 👁️👄👁️

    71. Mark Gabriel Dabu Javier

      I just realized that this video is 1 hour

    72. DukeCyrus

      I am astounded that I watched this all in one sitting, quite relaxing honestly

      1. Agotty

        I’m on my 3 rd hour long vid... 😂😅 covid

      2. CLOUD-9

        Right? I love his videos there's never a Boeing spot there always entertaining..

    73. Zio Lan

      Humans: ride scooters Cops: “how dare you”

      1. Hunter Storm

        just why would the cops get mad for people riding scoters their just scoters why is going to kill us huh?

      2. EXO EDITS


    74. Zio Lan

      So long as you’ve got permission you’ve got my like. It bugs me when people make compilations and the creator doesn’t make any money from it.

    75. Mike S

      Koala bears look disgusting.

    76. Sarodore The Dragon

      21:27 -this is a good show for information but Considering the misinformation hospitals are injecting to inflate the numbers, its horribly inaccurate.

    77. NOT A HUMAN

      3:08 to 3:25 um minecraft irl

    78. Jay Brooks

      That cat walking on the carpet has OCD ...🧐 !

    79. juan Rivas

      Your Pro'd Video was Awesome...

    80. Cyberknight FTNWO

      North star time lapse.proves earth doesn't move, think ffs

    81. Please No

      for all the car people 18:45 it is like when a car has sat for 2 years and your dad and youre grandpa agree there is now way it is charged and you go to take the radiator out and it blasts fluid into your eyes and you cant see

    82. Boaz

      27:27 i cant even tell u how SAFE that is

    83. Gregg Fridline

      except the fact that Covid has 50% of the tests are False Positives. they don't tell you that part.

    84. atPuddle

      Gappy Balentine Gay

    85. Shawn Craft

      39:48 is the most relaxed dog ever

      1. Shawn Craft

        43:55 and then the cats head was never seen again

    86. GamingWithRex 2.0

      Alternative Title: *HOW TO MAKE PROFITS OFF ADS (2020!)*

    87. 李佳佳

      Please read the DISCLAIMER in the description. I don't want any misunderstanding. Please support Daily Dose Of Internet, he is the true legend in these videos. PEACE OUT FOR NOW ✘ ✌️

    88. Jon Is Following Christ

      The Covid graph was stupid......unsubscribe

    89. Pøisøn Errør

      That's the cutest cat ever 😻

    90. Andre Gauntlett

      Share the link to yourself in iMessage and watch from the chat to get rid of so many annoying ads

    91. Alen S

      How dare you put ads in these.....

      1. JDXGamingZ

        Tbh I didn’t put them. Ask the owner or AMsels because ads be going crazy these days.

    92. Giovanni Jimenez

      27:49 is literally crazy

    93. The Codgamer

      37:21 random time stamp that will describe my life

    94. Rik Alex

      Hahaha the cross eyed cat got me

    95. WREKN

      5:58 that sound like bullets flying

    96. joee3e

      1:41 this is the real disney intro

    97. UnorthdoxCleric

      That under water swimming one is stupid and really dangerous.

    98. BrumDaily Official

      10:30 does anybody else see woody or is it just me?

    99. Cynthia Moreno

      me going into the nether and gettig chased by pigmen 4:55

    100. Telvanni

      You sure put ALOT of ads on videos that aren't yours.

      1. JDXGamingZ

        More like getting copyrighted and revenue goes to claimant not me. Research before commenting.