A Really Round Bear

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    1. Mike L

      That bear is about to hibernate for a solid 14 years

      1. Yellow Crewmate

        Same honestly

      2. Bonah Person


      3. peachy


      4. ProPaul

        True facts bud

      5. Syrus Cod

        He about to be a fuzzy bear

    2. Mellow Ello

      They're just fluffy

    3. sebastian estrada

      1:57 superman

    4. Grunky Peep

      "omg like so chunkey"

    5. Inoko

      That Raccon tried to be a suger gilder 2:04

    6. Dhamih

      Looks like piggy bear

    7. Dragos Ianculescu


    8. Aldi Ridho

      rigby is so elastic

    9. [ קɭєครє ђєɭק ]

      0:00 chonky bear

    10. Zach노름

      Thats a circle, not a bear.

    11. TheJellobro

      we all needed to know faces that don't exist. Because in reality nothing exists and we will all die and nobody will remember us. UWU

    12. Le Anh Nguyet

      Bear " My body , my choice !." 😆

    13. oni chan

      ok that last cat looked like it was there under protest .

    14. • Jerald •

      need a elephant rifle to take out that bear

    15. Violet Davis

      Um... the fact that I am super close to the last girl on the “this person does not exist” is crazy. Like we just have very small differences...

    16. Tiny cinnamon roll

      this bear is so... ℂℍ𝕌ℕ𝕂𝕐

    17. Keira Lin

      Imagine going to that website and seeing your face 😳

    18. JurassicSmackdown

      I reckon people have been overfeeding that poor bear

    19. baddoggie101

      How is that even possible, they eat mostly plants.

    20. Yakub

      mega chonker

    21. rossyg 64

      don't fat shame the bear!

    22. Blue Moon

      You made my day way better

    23. CrystalGacha

      1:31 imagine seeing yourself on there

    24. Yameteee

      What's the music on 2:12?

    25. Advaith'sAbnormal

      Everybody gangsta unitl your picture appears in that website

    26. LCB&JJQproud auction

      Hes a big boe

    27. Just a fan

      *Bear will remember that*

    28. val gorup

      The dog with the splinter dosent even get educated yet he/she has a higher IQ than most humans

    29. RocketFlame

      right when I saw that bear I thought of cleetus and Denis

    30. jahan442

      for me it was the wall.

    31. Animalntelligence

      The dog is Bunny -- started with word buttons as a puppy and bow communicate as we can see light a bright toddler.

    32. Ryan Luna

      Raccoon go boing

    33. walter white

      "This guy found a fun way to" get a high colonic "on the water."

    34. DrygonKing Gaming

      who knew raccoons bounce?

    35. NasProds

      what if you refresh on that website and u end up seeing your face

    36. HarambeAteMyDog

      That's not a bear, that's a *B E A R*


      So glad I found this channel, its refreshing and quite addicting.

    38. AcidGlow

      Water sliding looks cool

      1. Icy_ Snoflake

        Would you wanna try that? xD

    39. Grabovskiy Krushchinkov

      what is the track at 2:19??? Dude I know that melody! I know I heard it. I just can't figure out what it isss. It's so nostalgic sounding.

    40. Shafin Ahammed

      2:37 This is the smoothest videi ever 😍😍😍😍

    41. DeepestFe4rs

      Big Smoke: *Bear Edition*

    42. D r I p p

      Bahahaha the raccon BOUNCED

    43. Fity Bux

      3:20 oh eye worms! how cute!

    44. Akul_Jedi

      who else is binging these late at night even though they have school tomorrow

    45. liam j

      he sounds like a friendly leafyishere

    46. Janelle B

      2:49 giving me vibes of the stranger things gate to the upside down

    47. Chinmay Joshi

      2:33 he is concentrating Chakra on his ... ehem...butt.

    48. Thimble Bee

      Aww! Pet-kisses!!!

    49. cwif rbm

      A minute of birdwatching 🐥

    50. Paige Meadows

      thats one fat boi the bear i a fat boi

    51. Shelby 1

      I thought that bear was a boar.

    52. Dairen Baltazar

      That bear is squishy.

    53. GamingwithSakhar

      Cutest bear ever

    54. Game Addictgonewild

      that bear was an american

    55. Lego James

      This bear can’t kill anyone he’s too cute and too slow

    56. blva888

      Nope I saw Hillary!

    57. Dodgey7


    58. Riley


    59. dogfy1

      If they don't exist how are there pictures of them?

      1. Dante Suarez Flores

        They were AI generated

    60. The R6S Shield Main

      fat boy is cute


      Looks so funny. I need subscribers.

    62. Human Bone Broth

      this bear looks like damaged ? the movement of that animal isnt really right i think it was an injury or something but i aint a doc tho :/

      1. Maz

        Yeah the bear looks bloated, something internal going on, you could tell it was in great discomfort, poor thing. :(

    63. Stop YouTube Shadow Censorship

      That bear is T H I C C

    64. [bsh]thrasher

      0:07 When you are stung by bees during honey raid and got a little swollen...

    65. lumber john

      No you didn't make my day a little better becuse it was already the best cuz I knew I would watch your videos

    66. Wendy Here


    67. NoN Applicable

      When you find your girlfriend on that website

    68. Ben Kidd


    69. Dave Byers

      Is the Beariatric Clinic this way?

    70. Terrence Hanratty

      S p h e r i c a l

    71. HAL 9000

      It's just Donald Trump in a fur coat.

    72. Rachel Silverland

      Omg that last one was really wholesome

    73. Leo Mills

      Chonkey boi

    74. FelineHYPER

      Ursus Rotundius

    75. UMBRELLA THΣ 3rd

      That is a THICC bear

    76. I am Sonic

      Imagine if you see yourself in the "this person does not exist" website

    77. Assasin Gaming

      Chunky chungus

    78. Don Jon

      What the fuck was this bear eating.

    79. Ali and Hassan Adventures

      This is a thicc dog

    80. CD Animations

      thats one THICC BEAR

    81. Pug Life

      You guys are so mean poor bear had a thyroid condition.

    82. Azul36

      2:40 Where is this at!? My jaw dropped at that gorgeous scenery

    83. Zsolt Szanda

      Is the raccoon okay?? :O

    84. sam novak

      day 73, today I got to 9 videos The chances of me surviving overdosing on internet are plummeting, I've only ever gotten to 7 and I barely got back, if this is the last entry you know what happen-

    85. Scott Smith

      It is impossible for them to KNOW that the computer-generated person's image doe not exist. Have they documented EVERY person on the Earth?

    86. Don Don

      this bear must live near a bakery

    87. Mysteryself - Fallout 76

      The guy at the ending got me good haha you really do have to equal things out cuz pets are really jealous at times

    88. Chris villa tortilla

      also, raccoons are bounceable 1:58 :D

    89. Ethan Benton

      0:04 Damn boi!

    90. Saxon

      Diabetes Bear be like ... Kim Kardashian ain't got nuthin' on dis ass!

    91. Webdings

      Beeg bear

    92. JJ Cow

      That bear is about to hibernate for a solid 14 years

    93. Wilsonio The Great

      Holy crap I thought those were ants and were about to puke 2:49

    94. blank blank

      The man kissing the dog and the cat was adorable and forced a smile out of me. ^_^

    95. jskd2953

      The obesity epidemic in america is out of control!

    96. Lukemander

      It's a ball bearing.

    97. Firstname Lastname

      Lmao that guy spamming his pets with kisses.

    98. Firstname Lastname

      What bear was raiding too many camping spots, now he looks very American.

    99. 75Plus


    100. DragonClaw95

      1:58 Raccoon: "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!!"