Baby's First aRPG Feels Like A Missed Opportunity (Minecraft Dungeons Review)

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    LAMON GAMON!!!!!!!!
    Is Minecraft Dungeons gud?
    Sadly... it was not what we were expecting.
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    1. vincent yang

      Dude with a Cube. The perfect illuatration.

    2. Dahn

      It's a corporate game, not a game made by devoted developers. It's made purely for the money, not to tell a story or from passion. It's just called Minecraft for the name recognition factor. It's just another shitty "Live-Service"

    3. MrGrimside

      After playing the game for my self when it released yall got alot of stuff wrong in this video I dont know if yall just got a early access build or yall just overlooked alot of things

    4. theasder

      This review is completely wrong, they didn't even care to get to max level and most of what they say is blatantly false (like life-stealing missing). After the first play through the game informs you that new weapons and weapon mods (applied by default) and monster modifiers are available in the next difficulty level (Adventurer). The game is way deeper than what they are making it be. It's not Diablo 3 or POE but it makes for a good 20 hours of casual fan even for adults.

    5. PumaPLAYS

      I just finished the whole game. I’m max level all my items are max level every map is completed on every single level and every ruin (the secrets) I’ve found. The games ending really just sucked THERES nothing to do and it was done in less than a day.

    6. CJay

      Dope video!

    7. Matthew Strohminger

      Looks like a wannabe Lego game but just lame...

    8. CommanderShepard

      You guys are morons, this is CLEARLY a kids game to play together with your kids. Everybody got that except you.

    9. daniel Sup

      Its actually pretty good and every good for game pass

    10. Rob Wallaby

      Damm gamepass is making Xbox games trash.

    11. Tang Desi

      According to youtube notifications, you just uploaded this video 1 minute ago 🤷🏻‍♂️

    12. Simon Jones

      coming into this game expecting a story is just dumb and marking the game down for lacking a story is ridiculous, what were you expecting the next great story in gaming like mass effect or KOTOR etc? there is 6 difficulty tiers as well for a start so your wrong there and the game costs £16 or £1 with game pass what the fuck did you expect. i didnt come into this game looking for a challenger to diablo 3 with crazy depth and endless replayability if you did then thats on you. i dont think this game was designed to be a game that was going to be here in 10 years time so again if you thought this was going to be the next big minecraft live service then you were wrong. you have come into this game expecting something that it was never going to be and reviewing it based on something it never was intended to be is just stupid. its like going into an arcade racer and criticising it because you expected it to be a racing sim. then again we all know negative content gets more clicks so i guess thats a good intensive to come up with a reason to criticise a game for any reason you can think of.

    13. Jordan Holmes

      I thought Minecraft Dungeons was going to be a dungeon themed Minecraft game, not an aRPG. Fail

    14. gringo533

      Best content for money value (for me): Terraria! I think I picked it up for around 10 EUR several years ago and I have more than 100 hours played in Steam!

    15. Sidney Boo

      Gears tactics is overrated... it's so boring after playing like 10 missions. A masterpiece before that tho... never played a game that drops off so fast in my life.

    16. Yusei255

      It's decent you're just talking shit and making a mockery out of everything. Quite pathetic.

    17. Sol

      I'll play it because GamePass, but I'd never pay for this. Still waiting for Lost Ark.

    18. Finsoups

      The best upcoming game for nintendo switch this month is bioshock the collection in my opinion. Bioshock stems from 2007 and its still one of the most memorable games today. Like pfff I was looking forward to this game tho. thanks for saving me from spending 20 bucks.

    19. Krzysztof

      This is just another cashgrab. Sad but true.

    20. OneButton Dash

      why is every stream I check on twitch that is playing it liking the game. you guys are literally the only people i've seen shit on the game?

      1. Kleitos


    21. Quentin Els

      When a games brand name power alone can sell millions of copies, the effort that gets put into making something worth you're money and time will never take top priority, tldr,for the zoomies, it's easy money

      1. Pure_Hoss

        This game.... any FIFA EA game... THEY ALL KNOW... THEY ALL KNOW that little kids will buy it anyway.

    22. maximilian sterling

      Here's how badly this thing failed here's how big the flop on this was Title of the actual game: the last minecrafter that's pretty much what it is that's exactly how embarrassingly bad this thing is.

    23. Humble

      Maplestory 2 felt more minecraft than Minecraft Dungeons lmao

    24. Jimmeh Boy

      it's like boring witcher or skyrim combat with zero of the story or the mods lol

    25. Dannyheal

      After listening to this, it reminds me of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, just an introduction into the genre of games. Very much focused towards a younger audience to get their feet wet. FF:MQ could be finished fairly fast as well. This could bring kids into games like Diablo, Torchlight, etc. Not to mention, parents may not want their children playing those games quite yet. I think you guys were over critical in your comparison to much more mature games. However, given the length of the game and DLC is pretty unfortunate.

    26. KingTairun

      this channel is becoming all about making hit peaces on Sony's competition. I suspect they are affiliated with Sony at this point

      1. KingTairun

        @Kleitos what did they say about Gears? that is "meh"? All their videos are PS5 good "PS5 blew us away" Xbox bad see their uploaded videos timeline. I don't own Xbox but it is super obvious Sony mouthpieces it's getting annoying! They went to the Xbox conventions wearing Sony merch just to troll.

      2. Kleitos

        Yeah, let's just ignore their Gears Tactics review and Games Pass opinions, shall we?

    27. DelusionalX2

      Im just so disappointed that you cant make your own dungeons and stuff... its MINECRAFT thats such a missed opportunity

    28. gloominousdoom11

      Awww...the old dudes don't like the kids game. booo

    29. WhiteK

      so it Wolcen: Minecraft edition

    30. Artemis Odinson

      Gamepass I'll get the achievements and be done.

    31. Will Stopka

      Bet kids will love it though

    32. Toad Sicle

      I think Children of Morta is the best example of doing what Minecraft dungeon wants to do but actually good.

    33. Andrew Jablonski

      How crazy, i thought this game would be a slam dunk. How hard is it to make a dungeon diver with the minecraft engine? Things aren't even destructable, there's no building, and its level based?? Lmao, what the fuck?

    34. Buddy K

      Wtf is Mojang doing with all that money? I've seen better games on Dreams.

    35. Eric Storm

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> I think that is called bad porting of a console game to PC. At this point it's clear that they want you to play it with controllers (note: this is not an excuse, just an observation)

    36. Kieran Bowley

      To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything more. I have a 6 year old that I regularly play appropriate multiplayer games (and Fortnite 🙈) with on Switch and XBOne. This seems the perfect game to start him off with in the ARPG genre. We will be playing on Gamepass so no real cost to me than what I was already paying. And if we get in to it and stick 7-10 hours in across multiple difficulties then I will 100% be getting us the expansions. I do like the term Baby’s First ARPG though 🤣🤣🤣

    37. Twitsik

      Arch tempered AMsels commenters are going wild

    38. FlyfishermanMike

      My young son and I enjoyed Riverbond so this looks fun to us. I don't think this game was supposed to be anymore than it is.

    39. Greybeard


    40. Shut up About The Last of Us Part 2 Leak

      Wait The Last of Us Part 2 review guys I'm sure these 2 gays give 10/10 masterpiece 😁

      1. Moh J

        When did naughty dog not make a stellar of a game though?

      2. Shatique Gonzalez

        Shut up About The Last of Us Part 2 Leak I’m more excited for the release of that game then I am about actually playing it lol

    41. Connor Bramley

      "they would get stuck and I would just beat on them from a distance" 😂

    42. Matt Smith

      Wait... It’s an RPG that has a total of 9 missions? There’s COD campaigns longer than that.

    43. Shannon Hodgkin

      sam and ralph

    44. Ale Simmons

      games gonna be on the gamepass so I could care less. Ill just downlaod it and try it. If it sucks well then im not really out anything lol.

    45. sonny

      Hmmm.. dissapointing... well that saves me money so i can buy xenoblade chronicles... atleast mojang made the decision easy for me.

    46. Duke5150

      I don't play minecraft, but I like the lego building, exploration stuff. They should have included what made minecraft popular. Lego really needs to come with a builder/adventure game.

    47. SotNist

      I have Game Pass. I'll play through it and move on.

    48. Derek Meinke

      I like these guys and all, but it takes them forever to say anything

      1. Kleitos

        Never watch YongYea

    49. Tutos Chez Jau

      If the game is made of procedural geometries / blocs that eat CPU, why not making some elements breakables ?

    50. Nabael

      I am a bit disappointed but I didn't get my hopes up too high. I mean if it was going to be a huge, successful and detailed game the devs took pride in, it wouldn't have been on game pass from day one. It is a hollow vessel meant to sell DLC. That's what it feels like.

    51. okPaco

      its been almost 2 years since the announcement and who knows how long they worked on it before. What did they do for 2+ years????

      1. Mam Spugeti

        original minecraft: made by one guy as a hobby, fun replayability and had some heart and creativity to it minecraft dungeons: world-renknowned ip made over the course of years by a dev studio backed by one of the most powerful companies on the planet, worthless garbage that is a soulless cash-in with no replayability factor that gets old by the first 10 minutes

      2. damian ezzell

        Right 😂

    52. —T —

      I love the personality of this channel

    53. Adam Rasmussen

      Oh cool! A new kid-friendly arpg. It could be the Link's Awakening for a whole new generati....oh, I misspoke....

    54. Jack SD

      i bought hollow knight for £10. The best £10 i've ever spent

    55. crackthecorn

      did u guys just play the default story mode and shat on the game or did you go a bit further to find some of the unique armor and weps . you cant even finish adventure mode until you reach like lvl 60 . then you have a higher difficulty . so duno bros looks like you played the tutorial and are shitting on the game . kina lame dudes .

    56. some dude

      imagine my surprise that another shitty game with a minecraft skin is garbage, honestly don't know why they don't just use the base idea of minecraft and add in heavier rpg elements with greater progression to make an elder scrolls style game with updated pixel art

    57. TraumaDoc

      There is probably Minecraft mods that offer a better RPG experience.

    58. lanceuppercut88

      Sad that one of my favorites gaming AMsels channels has just turned into an Xbox hate channel

    59. PeskyRex

      I'm still gonna play it on xbox gamepass for pc , to get my own opinion on it

    60. Traficante De Pildoras Rojas

      Step aside diablo, poe and grim dawn here comes minecraft dungeons!

    61. dungeon_props

      Its really a weird timing for Minecraft Dungeons. We just saw that unreal engine 5 demo like a week ago. Its all about next gen now. We expect a big leap in video cards this year on PC.

    62. Andy Avila

      Aside from the bugs and no destructible environments, I don't know what the fuck these 2 were expecting lol. Its minecraft, like this is what I was expected 🤷‍♂️

    63. Emerl18

      I don't know why anyone is surprised that Mojang can't make an engaging game even using the Minecraft IP. They're so uninspired and lazy that they can't even give their lifeline title a slab and stair block of the majority of existing blocks in the game, even though it would literally only take a simple copy-paste job and assigning a new block ID for each one to do it. A single modder could probably tackle that in a couple of days. There's no excuse. Let's also not forget how Mojang was doing the Update Aquatic, and with the VAST amount of options they had from both real and fantasy ocean life to draw inspiration from for new hostile mobs, we got...a water zombie. Nothing else. ONE new mob, and it's a lazy zombie reskin that swims. Now with the Nether Update coming, the only noteworthy new mob is a literal square with a disgusting hair pattern and a horrible face that walks in lava. They're just so uncreative that it's mind-boggling. It's an actual miracle that they managed to create a title as industry-defining as Minecraft.

    64. Master Splinter

      Looks like Diablo immortal with a Minecraft skin on..lmao

    65. JubeiSenpai

      Takes an exceptional talent to take a IP where you can make anything that you can imagine and turn it into a hollow boring mess of a game.

    66. hytfrsea5wiugyiftdury

      Omg I can’t believe u guys are white. Typical white males............Omg I can’t believe it, I’m white.

    67. The_ Grumpy_Grunt

      Minecraft is still a thing? That shit came out when I was in middle school. Why do people still play that garbage lol

      1. Ariosor 11

        Most sold game ever, 200million downloads, 120 monthly active players. Yeah Minecraft is a thing..

    68. Catflap

      They missed out huge on craftable gear, mineable diamonds and emeralds, secret cave areas you find buy blowing up tnt. Maybe finding items to repair npc villages who in return sell new gear. A way to breed better stat pets to fight with, it would have been cool to build up your own village to protect as the game goes on. Like in Diablo where you upgrade your vendors. Minecraft has like 50 different unique areas of land with different trees and block types and enemy types. This game feels like it's got 4 different areas and the very basic minecraft mobs. I feel like this game was created by somebody with no creativity.

    69. SuperTyrannical1

      I think I original got the forest for £11 and sounds liek that was a way better buy. :/

    70. chhipzahoy

      Laymen out? Laymen out. Laymen out

    71. Tobi Olusola


    72. jory brown

      Still will give it a try, just for shits and giggles

    73. Tobi Olusola

      I think microsoft lost faith in this product halfway and just said... screw it... release it and see how it does.

    74. nohints

      That feeling when you're unfavourably compared to FO76

    75. SwordBreaker925

      I just wish minecraft looked like this. In terms of graphics, in terms of environment design, and in terms of camera perspective. Building would be so much better if you had an optional isometric camera

    76. WD Forty

      Typical Corporate Greed... Unfinished BS and begging for money lol. What a joke... They are just as bad as Bethesda and EA...

    77. rwalker0130

      What’s interesting is how all the big Minecraft channels played this a while ago and were raving about it 🤔. I trust you guys more so I’m gonna pass for now

    78. rwalker0130

      Try streets of rage 4, I’m having fun with it

    79. 343 killed halo

      Is that a halo 4 poster in the background? That’s disgusting.....

      1. 343 killed halo

        Bakes 13 that it?

      2. Bakes 13

        343 killed halo you’re gay

    80. Tupacstole Mybike

      get yourself the Xbox game pass for 1 dollar a month. play this game, beat it, then cancel your membership. save yourself the 19 bucks boiz