Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY - a short film

Billie Eilish

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    a short film originally produced for and seen on tour
    made by billie eilish
    do you know me?
    really know me?
    you have opinions
    about my opinions
    about my music
    about my clothes
    about my body
    some people hate what I wear
    some people praise it
    some people use it to shame others
    some people use it to shame me
    but I feel you watching
    and nothing I do goes unseen
    so while I feel your stares
    your disapproval
    or your sigh of relief
    if I lived by them
    I’d never be able to move
    would you like me to be smaller?
    would you like me to be quiet?
    do my shoulders provoke you?
    does my chest?
    am I my stomach?
    my hips?
    the body I was born with
    is it not what you wanted?
    if I wear what is comfortable
    I am not a woman
    if I shed the layers
    I’m a slut
    though you’ve never seen my body
    you still judge it
    and judge me for it
    we make assumptions about people
    based on their size
    we decide who they are
    we decide what they’re worth
    if I wear more
    if I wear less
    who decides what that makes me?
    what that means?
    is my value based only on your perception?
    or is your opinion of me
    not my responsibility

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    1. Maryam Altamimi

      Iam in love with you Billie

    2. rebeca pereira

      Sera q quando a billie era crianca ela foi tocada ?

      1. Vania Lima

        num sei

    3. S0ul Eater

      I love this video and how she did it

    4. TheMaskedGamer

      Yes, I would like you to be quiet

    5. Vera cristina pereira da silva Silva

      Quem sabe sabe porque ela mostrou o corpo🤕😔😔😔😔😔

    6. Андрей Горецкий

      Билли давай поспорим что ты не ответ на этот комментарий : Привет! Как дела? всё хорошо?....

    7. Marilou Larochelle

      I love you Billie Eilish💖💖💖💖

    8. linda mcclendon

      Wonder who is watching this and is like “Oh yea that’s hot”

    9. Mic Toni

      I will get naked and go outside by the end of 2024 if this gets 1k likes

    10. Hilarie's World

      Dale like si te sonrojaste 😳😳😳😳

    11. Giovanna Moraes de Gouveia

      TRADUÇÃO “Você tem opiniões sobre as minhas opiniões, sobre minha música, minhas roupas, meu corpo. Algumas pessoas odeiam o que eu visto, outras elogiam. Algumas criticam as outras, outras me criticam, mas sinto que você está assistindo. Nada que eu faço passa despercebido. Vejo seus olhares, sua desaprovação ou seu suspiro de alívio. Se eu vivesse por eles, nunca seria capaz de me mover. Você gostaria que eu fosse menor? Mais fraca? Mais doce? Mais alta? Gostaria que eu ficasse quieta? Meus ombros te provocam? Meus seios? Eu sou a minha barriga? Meus quadris? O corpo com o qual eu nasci não é o que você queria? Se eu usar o que é confortável, não sou mulher. Se eu mostrar algumas camadas, sou uma vadia. Mesmo que você ainda não tenha visto meu corpo, você me julga, e me julga por isso. Por quê? Fazemos suposições sobre as pessoas baseadas em seu tamanho. Nós decidimos quem eles são. Nós decidimos o que eles valem. Se eu visto mais, se eu visto menos, quem decide o que isso me faz? O que isso significa? Meu valor é baseado apenas na sua percepção? Ou sua opinião sobre mim não é minha responsabilidade?”

    12. Haifaa Alali

      ترجمة بليز

    13. Roxanne S

      She's so god damn beautiful ❤ EVERYTHING ABOUT HER IS SO COMFORTING! I can relate to this as a Muslim woman. You are special and unique. I love you billie x

    14. Kate Pineda

      this is the best part of billie eilish she is inspiring and shes telling u all out there to stop bullying her from whering baggy clothes people should be able to wear what they want anytime anywhere this is why i agree with this rn

    15. Jena Kaske

      I was judged a lot when I was young, same as you, when I wore baggy clothing. I was already a tomboy growing up, but I got boobs early, I got whatever "ass" I had early, I was different.. And I was shunned extremely by bullies for it. I got praise by those that wanted to sexualize me at a young age, barely a teen. I wore baggy clothes to hide it too, after being molested when I was 8 by an ex friends cousin. I also gained weight, and tried to hide it, with baggy clothing.. Finally, as a 29 year old, I just don't give a shit. I wear whatever I want, and if people don't like it, if people talk shit, well.. Like you said, it's not my responsibility 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love this video. No matter what you do, or don't do, you will never make everyone happy. So just make your damn self happy. As long as you're not hurting anyone, it shouldn't fucking matter (unless the pain is consensual, obviously that's different lmao)

    16. Anis Scorpion

      Beautiful soul billie🌹

    17. Estefane Sousa

      Ela nao falou "Teu nome" nao né gnt?? Kkkkkkkkk amada?

      1. Estefane Sousa

        @Vania Lima aaaaaa mds😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      2. Vania Lima

        Sim Kkkkkkk

    18. permana gilang

    19. hajra talks

      the words really explains the worth. SHES QUEEN

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    22. Karolyne Rodrigues de souza

      I love you🖤🌞

    23. Lily Escobar

      omg :0 no entendí nada pero lo sentí re profundo y la verdad el vídeo es re profundo

    24. Central Uniter

      Brasileiros marquem presença

    25. samira Pazoki

      just do dis

    26. Ajt Hyper

      You know if you die I will miss your music just like X R. I. P


      no one should judge someone by what they are wearing and who they are. why billie why any one no one deserves this hate this is not right in any way

    28. ezmo

      I hate being a girl

    29. Unicorn film Productions

      Woah now I’ve seen it all

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    31. Kim jennie

      Away from everything, Billie became very famous, due to her different character from the rest, along with her songs, and I think it's time to change herself completely.

    32. kiki snuff

      Me enamore

    33. Raine Vitoria

      Alguém em pleno 2020?

    34. عالم الرياضة

      Abonner plz

    35. • Albert Einstein

      *_Billie would break the universe if she started a concert with that relaxing rhythm._*

    36. Ирина Старикова

      Я одна ищу русский коммент ?

    37. Ian

      this is the firs time this goddess is showin her body

    38. amparo lopez

      I love you, you are the best singer

    39. Aucilene Souza

      eu amei

    40. beatriz 3D

      Oiii alguem do 🇧🇷

    41. 7ѕlуяяツ тѕυку

      I'm the bold guy

    42. Saskia Rath

      Girl, this is honestly amazing. ❤️ I wanna say more, but idk how. Just respect.

    43. Maria Eduarda Silva

      Oh my god i love you!!!♥️♥️♥️✌🏻🖤

    44. Raphael Etafo

      She reminds me of kat Dennings

    45. عبدالعزيز

      I love you Billy Elish🙃

    46. Kita Catt

      who wants billie ellish to play roblox?

    47. Tahmina Khanom Moni

      i mean i wear baggy clothes too but im not an adult/teenager.


      Diosa guapa

    49. kaedin dixon

      do you miss xxx

    50. Husna Temel

      Your body doesn t have to be what we want Billie 🙂

    51. Anna Ferencova

      Omg... Scaryy..

    52. —ACE_ X-A9–

      Billie is the best singer ever just letting you know so back off haters ÙwÚ

    53. camila garcia

      Osuna y bille son nv sabias

    54. Madeline Trullenque

      I love you I am by far your biggest fannnn’

    55. Doodles Animated

      U do what u want people just decide to hate the news has to learn to back off and not to exploit ur privacy

    56. Beachy Girls

      My cousins:billie is scary how do you listen to her at night Me:HOW IS SHE SCARY TELL ME TELL ME JUST TELL ME

    57. WOW drama Mable jasper

      People who dislike this was probably complaining that they weren’t pretty as Billie

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    59. Lindy McNair

      billie stay strong! where what you want dont listen to what other people are saying about you.

    60. Danna paola Gonzalez hernandez

      No me gusto no tiene ritmo

    61. Amal.A rshad

      We love you billieee

    62. Gabriela Oberlaender Jorge

      E eu achando q era musica 🤡🤡

    63. Ethan Schend

      I literally love you BILLIE, you let me know when you need a real honest person to love you XD

    64. Nayomi C

      This is so true and it’s also really sad that’s it is people should not be judged like that I always wondered why she wore baggy clothes but I thought it was okay. It’s just the fact that’s people judge it’s sickening 😔😔😔😔 The world NEEDS to change

    65. Luz RM

      no importa tu cuerpo ,si no lo que tu eres y eres hermosa tal cual tus defectos y virtudes

    66. James Dillon

      Ur perfect the way u as re dont forget that and ur loved by all

    67. James Dillon

      Wow I love this

    68. Sara Bilal

      ilove you Billie💞💞💞💞💞💞

    69. Marisete Lima

      Devia ter pra traduzir os comentários Mano! Nao consigo ler nenhum, É aí a curiosidade fica😣

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      1. Sarah Grace

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      2. Sarah Grace

        ITP_Farhan YT no it was always 31 Million

    73. Carmen Troche

      I love you Billie :)

    74. Nikolai Nikolov

      Billy Billy making song about that? Its sounds to me like you care. Its all about your age girl :)Feeling odd?Hah this is what makes you special girl. Different thinking its always appreciated. Believe me that what you need is to love yourself first then all other people will love you its that simple girl come on. With love! :) N.Nikolov electrician(I love my job) Republic of Bulgaria

    75. Asim Besic

      Ur perfect just the way u are billie,if u show ur body or not!

    76. Skum Don

      Yep, she thicc

    77. Rajendra Naik

      Billi you are the best 🎂🎂🎂🌟🌟🌟🌟🎂

    78. 톨 리사김

      Billy, we love you, we want you as you do not listen to the words of others, we want you as you are, I love you so much

    79. CLARA MAX 11

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