Eating A Cow Without Hurting It

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    1. Lane

      I really want to touch the lava 😰

      1. ViceIon KF


      2. Julian Summers

        Yea. Me too

      3. K3 Boys

        that guy is such a minecrafter

      4. GD Zambinator

        you can but only once

      5. superfirefox595


    2. General George S. Patton

      1:10 almost spilled molten lava on his foot, dude is actually mental.

    3. General George S. Patton

      and that piece of beef probably cost hundreds.. Cool but not enough cost efficient to mean anything commercially.

    4. Diamond

      Take that, that vegan teacher

    5. wi3r tv

      3:08 mincraft got a update

    6. DogeGaming_YT

      Roses are red Violets are blue Cows like cats Humans do too

    7. KkFaller

      A new wave of vegans is coming

    8. Just Me

      Plot twist: The scientist is building a nether portal

    9. Natalie Alvarado

      Imagine smoking a blunt on that balcony with the sky high view

    10. Lightbulb

      2:26 Cowlick

    11. JohnMarcus Reyes

      That dog sound like markiplier 1:45

    12. DatBoi 2000

      *feed it to the cow*

    13. Am. B.

      Possum: *pretending* *death* Human: “Oh little buddy...” *touches* Possum: “SHUDUP DANGIT I WAS PRETENDING DONT TOUCH ME YOU ARE RUINING IT” Human: Hahahaha little Possum

    14. grey billyman

      1:06 everyone gansta till the lava makes the water splash back

    15. walter white

      That view was barren.

    16. JustMalikite

      cows: what?! the cat tasted like hay!

    17. enilitor gaming

      the cow and the cat remind me of somthing but i cant put my finger on it....

    18. Ominous Eclipse

      Needles still hurt better then losing a life. But still hurt

    19. DIY beast

      1:13 bruh i can literally watch that all day

    20. Sudax

      But your taking cells which are part of the cows and I think will kill it very very very slowly

    21. Samson2102

      What people need to understand. If a living creature has a mouth or not, it will bite.

    22. Disco bear

      The cows where just tasting freedom

    23. S o U p EE

      Vegans been real quiet since they invented that cow meat that doesn’t need actual cow.

    24. Dog Person

      As a Hindu, I like the idea of genetic beef

    25. Fawful4

      Parry this vegans

    26. Eileen O'Donoghue

      that view of that dog looked nice

    27. Skeletonian

      Little did you know the cows were preparing their next meal

    28. Ekho

      That scientist is a speedrunner

    29. POKEFAN 2240

      " How to eat the meat " More like "How to yeet the meat" 😹 jk

    30. Firefox Focus

      You ate an alive cow

    31. Cleo The Stray Cat

      I wanna make human meat to eat next-.....

    32. shinigami

      2:35 all degeneate weebs {icluding myself}: that shit looks similar

    33. taehyuqie

      3:08 *minecraft of earth.*

    34. Irvin Rahaman

      1:07 I want to touch the lava sooo bad


      That vow looks sad as flip tho

    36. svqar

      0:55 me making the ender portal

    37. egzs

      Indians after reading the title **i m p o s s i b l e**

    38. Typhoon Gameworks

      Then they're complaining about the dying cow cells

    39. risu-ssi

      Suddenly seeing vids like this in my recommendations BUT WHERE IS THAT PLACE? THE ONE WITH THE dog and mountain tops as the background

    40. Harrison Griggs

      What another word for a cat? So what was the cow licking?..

    41. alex alex

      Its the dwight schrute method

    42. Hikmah Yetty

      Wow! That meat technique could possibly end food crisis!

    43. jacobhunter2005

      could you do the same to a pig,or a chicken,or other farm animals? or can you only do that to a cow?

    44. Mehdi Nouri

      3:00 Minecraft

    45. Hawarizmi

      This thing just mentioned Al Quran that blood change to meat and change to the bone. Allah created All.

    46. Albert Chyn

      Cow: yo I wanna lick this cat. Other cows: yooo lemme in on licking this cat too!

    47. qwertyboy567

      2:24 When you bring a lollipop to class

    48. NihA rikA

      2:07 Where is this place? So Beautiful😍🧡

    49. YES

      Smooshing a drop while not smooshing a frog.

    50. LunaZn DORA

      Minecraft making obsidian~ Irl: 1:12

    51. Krystal Comkright

      Why is the possum cute

    52. Krystal Comkright

      Ok how did you get 10 mil subs already

    53. Black Out


    54. Romeo Demafelis

      *shows how to eat a cow without hurting it Vegetarians: wait that's illegal you were not supposed to do that!!!

    55. Chicken nugget Awesome elmore

      Y is the lava silver

    56. Gagan Hari Kiran

      Scientists in free time

    57. Vincent Chin

      “Eating a cow without hurting it” Toxic vegans: we’re gonna act like we didn’t see that..

      1. Adam Danish

        @Bluesteel 360 there is another person that said were gonna act we didn't see that and this is the exact same comment i seen

      2. Adam Danish

        @Bluesteel 360 i bet you liked my comment and then accused me

      3. Adam Danish

        @Bluesteel 360 there is another comment that is like this

      4. Adam Danish

        @Bluesteel 360 I didn't even liked my own comment

      5. Bluesteel 360

        @Adam Danish and plus look at other comments

    58. hanri da fish train productions 36

      U deserve the most honest youtuber award

    59. Raphy jang

      On the other side of the world : Hurting a cow without eating it

    60. Ian Kan

      2:08 the dog sneezed XD

    61. Vivoy31 Vivoy31

      1.11 lava bucket,YES.Minecraft time.

    62. Arka Arham

      Tasty cats * *CHOMP* *

    63. Giorno

      Me when I see you can get meat from a cow without hurting it: vegans will have to see this

    64. lucid Dreams

      Are you sure those are cows?

    65. Evan Lyon

      The final one looks like it is made out of Legos

    66. Sky Sirjellyfish

      1:07 Achievement get: Hot stuff

    67. Galaxy Glitter wolf

      That where I put my minecraft house at 1.17 1:57

      1. Galaxy Glitter wolf

        Yes I liked my own comment YOU CANT STOP ME

    68. Floyd Jared Marquez

      Lava Bucket

    69. Reality

      I would be terrified of falling down that cliff.

    70. That Gaming Kid

      The vegans will now start a revolution

    71. Kranix YT

      Him:They bring the meat to a lab.. Mcdonalds:Its not what it looks like.. Also Mcdonalds:So you have chosen *DEATH*

    72. JakeUP 96

      Having meat without killing the cow is nice... BUT creepy Imagine somone taking ur cells and making a piece of meat out of U...and then hear eat urself... Bon Appetit

    73. albinoburger


    74. Blue Horizon


    75. Jasmine Kirby

      The cow had a heart on its head

    76. ThisIsYour_FinalMissio n

      Oo mister water bucket don’t like lava...

    77. a a2

      The opossum looked so happy lmao

    78. Lenox Holland

      Thatveganteacher🌱👵🏼🤬is typing....

    79. TheBry YT

      Needles: Oh imma hurt it alright.

    80. Lila Thomas

      2:01 wooooooooooow

    81. Toonimations Studios

      checkmate vegans

    82. MrFryingPan OwO

      0:02 Why the hell is trying to satisfy vegans a priority over cancer research? Still though... Damn that's interesting.

    83. Richard Quintua

      1:53 yea thats pretty nice looking dog

    84. Good Gaming

      That vegan teacher needs to see this

    85. Bleserved

      That vegan teacher looking at this*

    86. Hard Harry

      Lmao notice how none of those people tasted the “meat”

    87. Eric Zhang

      Vegans have left the chat

    88. Puuyyis

      The newest way to save animals

    89. Ashen One

      2:43 Others: nature is beautiful Me: how dare you hurt a lady

    90. Aaron Uchiha

      The vegan teacher has been real quiet since this

    91. Jason Fortenberry

      That's what engineered meat looks like. If I had a choice between engineered meat and dunking my head in lava, I'd go swim in lava

    92. PhaeZ Omni

      Vegans: Meat really hurts our an- The scientists : you were saying?

    93. Neeko

      ngl that balloon one was funny

    94. Lo L

      All I Can at the 0:33 is..... LOL

    95. Leigh Kuhn


    96. ShonenAce

      Eating a cow without hurting it : 12 million people including me : Hmmm.......interesting

    97. Jasz TheBest

      "Eating a cow without hurting it" Indians: *NICE*

      1. Jasz TheBest

        @Bluesteel 360 Indians aren't Vegan. Joke is that Indians are happy cuz no one will kill cows not that they will eat themselves lol

      2. Bluesteel 360

        Well they can we meat also but if they are born in North America

      3. Bluesteel 360

        Indians are vegans they don’t eat meat

    98. Tenchi Star

      "Not Vegetarian or Holy. Just home grown tasty beef!" - Butcher future moto.

      1. Guru Vyas

        Dont wanna be that guy but its nor..

    99. RedstoneHair

      why are they licking the cat? XD, thanks DDOF, for the crazy videos you post

    100. Central City

      1:54 Puppy: hey human are you recording me i have to become a famous pup Human: no just view Puppy: oh ok maybe next time i will try