"Follow Me" [VERSION B] FNAF Minecraft Animated Music Video (Song by TryHardNinja)


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    🎬 Video Credits:

    --- Director ---
    Seth Belanger
    --- Executive Producer --
    Zach Belanger
    --- Writers ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zach Belanger
    --- Layout ---
    Seth Belanger
    --- Animation ---
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    --- Assets and Rigs --
    Seth Belanger
    Seth Jones
    Alex Harvey
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    --- Final Layout ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    --- Lighting and Dynamics ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    Evan Robinson
    --- Compositing Artist ---
    Seth Belanger
    --- Editing ---
    Seth Belanger
    Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.
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    Micah’s Twitter: ZAMinationYT
    Zachary’s Twitter: ZaminationZ
    Instagram: zamination
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    1. Zinxler

      At 1:18 I love How The Room Is "101" Wow Zam has Some great taste, nice touch


      How you make this animations?

    3. Kaitlin Pumphery

      Wait- when before he killed the blonde kid was he screaming with him or something?

    4. EpicTanQRFan

      2:11 if you blink you’ll miss it

    5. Galaxy Warp

      I like to think the detective is the one singing this song in the after life

    6. EpicTanQRFan

      I think this is more graphic

    7. sonic does not have crona

      So we lurned lesson don't mess with Henry

    8. The GAMING Meansworth


    9. Роман Белоусов

      2.12 если бы был внимательнее то выжил бы!

      1. 32


      2. 32

        Хоть один русский

    10. Sabin Gabilondo

      Who is going to kill everyone? Water: yes

    11. Deck Quiroz

      Henry:*Learned New attack to kill william* Suddenly........ Henry:*Used knife to break william's arm then tricked william then watch the electric water show and get the popcorns hahahahaha

    12. Deck Quiroz

      William:*Used Quick Attack then the boy has fainted he got 30 exp* The boy: *Used Tackle but it was missed William: *Used knife moves the boy has fainted he got 30 exp* The boy: *cries out loud from the wall* William: *going to be crazy* The girl: *scared soo much* William: OOPS WRONG TARGET GIRL This scene was started in 1:23 to 1:55

    13. Myrna Macawile

      Why are the animatronics look like from a fan game ?

    14. Gleb_ ok

      Это вилем автон

    15. Lisa Watson


    16. WizardFoxAngel

      Dang he saw flash backs of dead kids That’s honestly very interesting

    17. Lego тройка- аниматор

      Я из россин I'm russia

    18. Zavoi Ezel

      why is version b im confused that guy was purple guy or what WHY IS VERSION B

      1. Zifates

        Look in the description there is version A

    19. наум и его блог

      1:23 😭😭😭😭😭

    20. Withered Bonnie fan

      Freddys friends got replaced by a pig and a dog and a different Bonnie

    21. Industrias Jeimin 100

      Wau el espingtrap loantratado muymal miren esos ojos

    22. Edgar’s World 500

      This one is more better than Enchantedmob channel

    23. HalfborntheG

      Purple sus

    24. juan ramon alcala gonzalez

      El original

    25. Jay Widodo

      @2:11 I just noticed those eyes in the celling.

    26. Nathan Matthew

      deleted is zamination youtube

    27. Vic Tigbao

      How could he broke his arm it's made with metal

      1. HalfborntheG

        Its technically not metal, its rotting flesh, decaying ligaments, springs and fabric

    28. Pedro Borges

      new animation for me is better😀

    29. Rest YT

      Yeh it's back

    30. Jorge Martelo


    31. FIFA YT

      2:53 yeet


      2020 omg

    33. By_Ömer

      Öncekilerine Benzemesi İyi Olurmuş Ama Güzel Olmuş

    34. Talan Johnson

      we the devtectave the killer??


      I love it

    36. tech gamer

      I prefer this as the best ending and a as the bad ending

    37. Flynn Hardy

      2:08 wait spring trap is spring trap with William inside, than how does the detective look at spring Bonnie on a stage?

    38. ron ron

      Here go again

    39. Peter Dao

      2:12 can I see eye 👀

    40. Vivier Silguero

      Looks like the mediocre melodies are back and have a pizza place

    41. freddy fan colliter 1000

      Fnaf but all the charters are diffrent me / :l

    42. Santiago S

      much batter

    43. Chan The Arctic Fox

      Why was Chica replaced by PorkPatch XD

    44. The wolf with the typewriter

      I like this version better it's amazing

    45. Nathan

      Also the dislike people couldn’t animate 😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂😅🥲

    46. Bernard Villarino

      =/ I like this =)

    47. _PLRGA_


    48. Anghelokev

      Solo se desir hello

    49. Anghelokev

      Ahí está versión esta padre

    50. Anghelokev

      Nose Inglés una propuesta pueden poner la historia en español y dejare muchos likes y soy peruano pueden venir a machupichu

    51. Glenn Bactol

      In Version A The Detective Died

    52. Jack Wachsmann

      Nghgh xx mzzEEEEEEEE

    53. freddy fan colliter 1000

      willam / come here henry henry/nope you have to die so take this willam/ow my arm

    54. Nathan Smith

      that is a mazing

    55. ridi_ kek

      Springtrap not have electronic

    56. chillguy_12

      I absolutely love this awesome :D

    57. Jose Yael Solis Valdez

      F for springtrap

    58. Holly Durbin


    59. glob globb glabb glabb

      Orginal better

    60. John Casky

      Is this guy like an ex-hypercloud animator or something? This guy is like the best animator ever. PERIOD

    61. Lntt

      1:34 Animation Sins: a.

    62. fnaf 1414

      2:11 is that a person up there?

    63. Drawzamation

      The animation at the end with the water was sooooooo good. Phenomenal Animation

    64. Soph the aqua werewolf

      I think everyone forgave you for adding blood in thins one 😐

    65. Luis Manuel Martinez

      every time you improve your animation and I like that to happen

    66. DeJuan Johnson

      1:42 :| well then.

    67. Lulo Nuki

      Those poor fish in the river thing.

    68. Kim English


    69. Kim English

      Why are their eyes

    70. eliesser pro Miranda


    71. Azriel Madariaga


    72. Levi Barbier


    73. malakih 2007

      2:11 are those eyes

    74. Лублю аниме

      Сделайте анимацию про Danganrompa первая ваторая третья неважно сделайте пожалуйста.

    75. Finn el Pro

      Minuto 01:54 violo a la niña?? Se que es rara la pregunta pero tengo esa duda

    76. Pedro central da zuera

      makes these animations only from books like into the pit, bunny cal, fetch, 1:35 AM and step closer

    77. Давид Пашьян

      Графика вообще отличная и я слушаю эту песню сто раз 👌👌👌

    78. Talal Rashdan

      I wish there was a magma cube rap

    79. super gaming

      :springtrap YOU CUT MY ARM OF AND STABBED MY ARM BUT SAY GOODBYE :the detective more you say goodbye *springtrap gets electric shocked and dies* :in springtraps mind i always come back

    80. stick 4116

      Video cool ZAMination i love this videi

      1. stick 4116


    81. Elsa Casillas

      i loooooooooooovet

    82. Jiří Kulhánek


    83. Rabah Kissoum

      they were 5 , 5 child to be killed by afton and he was in fazber fright when he was springtrap

    84. SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS

      3:33 spring trap:*falls in water* ennard: OH BOY MORE LIGHTS FOR MY SEWER

      1. Carol Jaikul


    85. SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS

      this is a really good theory...Williams death was not fire but water

      1. SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS

        no...I'm not drunk its just my lifestyle is silliness

      2. Nolan Meyer

        This isn't a theory. My guy you drunk?

    86. minou

      it's too good, I love it

    87. Magic Utopia

      Hi Zach and Micah! I still remember your names. I was a fan in 2015-17 and I came back today to check on this beautiful channel. Keep up the good work! My name was Elizabeth FNAF, I used to always request Undertale animations lol.

    88. ɢᴏsᴜ мιsтツ

      Is this what happened to scrap trap?

    89. The_newb_gaming

      why is pigpach here

    90. Isaac Molina Botero

      I love the part where he kills the children but it's very sad 😥

    91. Влад Романюк

      was it a sequel?

    92. Maria Ema Dias


    93. Jackson chen

      I saw something in want lure

    94. pitulek karp

      Its super amezing aim like you zamination ;D nad Subscribe

    95. Benjamin Llanos

      Was the kid folow my 1w fredi wated and kid

    96. Imao. XD

      2:02 Wata Fack Is that Syupid Face On That Animatrocine

    97. Dianna Salzillo

      is this an animoitan of fnaf 6 or some thing else

    98. Ελενη Τρικοιλιδου

      I can't understand why he killed the kids. Did he kill them to become immortal or because he was a physcopath? Plz answer me if u know

      1. Ελενη Τρικοιλιδου

        @Braydon GT ok thanks

      2. Braydon GT

        There is two theories, either A he killed the kids to gain their soul remmenant to achieve immortality or as William put it " So my soul will lead my body to its eternal home" Or B after Michaels death, William killed the kids to try to bring Mike back to life in a way, but option A is most probable

    99. Timothy Playz


    100. Nikor

      2:12 These is Springtrap.