Hamburger Left in a Closet for 24 Years

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    I meant to say parralel not perpendicular. Oops!
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    1. Salnos

      My mom be like: "it's still good to eat"

      1. capped baldy

        I'm dead

      2. Boffin

        Good one

      3. The Parrtyy

        All of our mamas 💯

      4. General Kokoy

        Wow! you got 108k likes right now.

      5. Daviking Bautista


    2. Thompson airsoft


    3. kim san

      **gasp** its a hamster with a knife... I need that in my life

    4. Vibing Cat

      "somehow the hamster has a knife" me: "what is gonna use the knife for?"

    5. Hitoshi Shinsou

      The *window balcony* would make me have an anxiety attack, mate-

    6. NS_OwenThe Cow

      It dident rot because it’s not meat lol

    7. Agus Mc

      The hamster obviously has the knife for safety

    8. Will H

      WE HAVE MCDONALDS AT HOME! McDonalds at home: 0:09

    9. Lellenjoy

      That hampster is from Russia.

    10. P0SI0N

      *When your palms are facing up, They are perpendicular and don't touch* Is it just me or does this not sound right?

    11. ToxicGamer

      The real question is is why the ants didn’t even try to get the meal At all in 24 YEARS!!

    12. Lilli Howard

      “For some reason this hamster has a knife.” Oh...InTErESTInG

    13. Halle vlogs

      Mine would have bugs around it.

    14. Kgg Raspberry

      Okay this was just on my recommended who actually searched this

    15. Kate Gonzalez

      Omg am late and I just wanted to say that the second one made me cry in tears poor guy I hope god makes a miracle 🥺🥺

      1. Kate Gonzalez

        I mean the 3rd one (sorry)

    16. Emma Bowling

      The Hamster: I've had enough of this dude I need to plot my revenge...

    17. suhhhgamer playsgames

      Because it's made of plastic

    18. very good youtube channel trust me

      _italics_ *bold* -crossout-

    19. Gacha_Drift 1216

      respect to this dude for never click baiting us

    20. Basic_White _Weeb

      That hamster is Gundham Tanka’s-

    21. Yaqoob Hussein

      I watch this channel every night

    22. Lauri Niemelä

      I think im little late on this video, but was Mission Impossible 6 recorded on that cliff 3:20

    23. Programmer

      That is why I don’t go to mc Donald anymore

    24. KD Studio

      Watching a horror movie:not scared. Watching a hamster with knife: I’m moving out

    25. BeuBruh

      2:29 this dude says to much BABY ;-;

    26. Jash Jesrani

      “Can we have a hamburger” Mom:We hv hamburgers at home Hamburgers at home:...

    27. Guardians of the Under World

      that hamster is gonna become the next MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER

    28. Sahura_nani

      -oh yeah- help her! -end her!- please!

    29. Aman Ahmed

      I would still eat it.

    30. Bryan Oliver Palma Quirumbay

      El pibe que la pidio viendo que nunca le llego :(

    31. Krisz Tóth

      How is no one talking about the "how is no one talking about" comments?

    32. Rithica Devireddy

      I don't give a shit, I still love McDonald's

    33. 514XYJ4XY Y

      I could have ate that you dum as

    34. ItzBr0k3n

      Mom: Pop this in the microwave for 30 seconds and your good

    35. Unknown roblox player

      So my burger decides to mold after a few days but this lady's lasted 24 years

    36. Fakhruddin Ahmed

      That hamster was human and wearing costume

    37. 【 Lunairee 】

      Hamster was the impostor

    38. PupLifePlays

      Horrors might not be real but if I see a hamster with a knife I'll just go to another state

    39. BlueShark Gaming

      I cant even left a burger for 24 minutes

    40. Dora the explorer

      The mouse me like : Now no big fat fluffy thing can chase me

    41. Syed Rafiq Kazim

      I think you got "perpendicular" confused with "parallel"

    42. Johanna :3

      I could NEVER touch this meat with my OWN hands

    43. Tyler Tydus


    44. Ninja Raid

      Hamster: peace was never an option

    45. Portia Wong

      When you wanna rob someone but u need assistant, Friend: hey how about my hamster! You look at his hamster Hamster: “gets knife” now give me your money! Friend: “pulls out gun” come on give it You: damn it

    46. Ella Jarvis

      its me. i am hamburger

    47. Michael Palik

      the forearm bone video isn’t true the bones don’t cross lol. it’s a left hand skeleton and it is being twisted clockwise which is impossible for anyone to do.

    48. Solale de la Baume

      That hamster do be murdering people tho

    49. MushyGooshi

      Ok but like I actually might have eaten that if I didn’t know that it was older than me

    50. Lu na

      Forget about the burger, but how could you forget you bought fries??? THAT CANT BE ME

    51. Jesus 3nr1qu3

      Nobody: The one kid who forgot to eat his lunch and save it in his locker:

      1. Gamerz Dont mess around

        LOL I know right, next thing a kid finds it a year later

    52. BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations

      The balcony window You would be confused why there are marks on your wall

    53. Tanis TV

      11 million views :o

    54. Funkypie S

      That hamster looking like he is commuting a felony

    55. Jsquared

      Hey man, I think you meant to say parallel not perpendicular. No need to thank me :)

    56. GloriousSeagullGaming

      i dare u to eat it

    57. HatTop

      The hamster: "Peace was never an option."

    58. Moody tea

      When your mom works at a hospital and has "Surgical Masks" and gets them home for us when we go outside : *epik*

    59. N3v

      Lmao I stuck a piece of cheese on my wall And it’s still there No mold No rot Just small and crispy (It’s been a year, me nor my family wants to remove it lol)

    60. HashOCE

      Welp, I overdosed 😳😳😳

    61. sur ronster is a legend fefe fefe

      That hamster said “square up- nvm”

    62. Shayla Smith

      The hamster one was apparently not even the persons hamster 😭

    63. John Diaz

      The dude blew onto the lighter with a common face mask that surgeons use.. AND PEOPLE STILL REFUSE TO WEAR THE MASK

    64. Not Mia

      Now we know where McDonald’s gets their cheeseburgers-

    65. Memes4You

      "The good *old* mcdonald

    66. adir&coffee btm

      I used wifi password, It worked best,wifi ever.

    67. straw_berry hi

      is no one going to talk about how you can't blow out a candle with a surgical mask looks like you can't breathe with a surgical mask

    68. Wam Wam

      Haha gay hamburger

    69. Jesus Cortez

      Me: I’ll eat it in 24 hours Me not remembering about my meal until 24 years later: somethings wrong I can feel it

    70. melodiius

      0:44 "what do you have...?" "a KNIFE!" "nO!"

    71. First name Last name


    72. PG3D DragonN Gaming

      Me: Mom can we go to McDonald's My mom: We have McDonald's at home McDonald's at home:

    73. elizaa schuyler

      The hamster scares me

    74. YT_enderphoinex


    75. Professor Chicken

      The Hamburger is me.

    76. ***RRRo̶ses***

      0:47 Me: the hamster behind the slaughter

    77. Ioop Poop

      Things we don't talk about: 00:38

    78. a nugget

      just dip the burger in water and then put it in microwave then you can enjoy a really moist and delicious mcdonald burger :'v

    79. Dinhosaur

      hamster be makin sacrifices

    80. •ohboii•

      Hamster with knife go brrrrrr 😧

    81. Abdullah Mufti

      Emergency meeting 🚨 Me: white is the imposter Yellow: show proof Me: 0:43

    82. MigoPlayz

      Can we talk about the Hamster who had a knife? It literally ran when he was caught We're probably not hearing from that man/woman ever again

    83. shanelle pieza

      Huh. Longer than me

    84. D&A Delicious

      3:08 I guess this is why we should wear masks now?

    85. Auroshree Mallik

      this company made a window that can transform into a balcony My boss: You're fired. We're broke

    86. Dvushka

      Aha great discovery! *now eat it.*

    87. Scribble the dog Does Stuff

      Ha! That Guy Use 2020 Mask

    88. Max Clouten

      The hamster “hide ur wife I’ve got a knife”

    89. xyzFelix

      Eat it, you won't.

    90. Gaty TPOT

      Person: what u got there Hamster: A KNIFE! person: NO


      How was the burger not found by ants

    92. stalinium'u bulan bilim adamı

      my mom left a pizza in a closet for me,cuz i'am on a diet and i realy love pizza.we bought it on july and i probably eat that 1 month later of today

    93. MaiCha MH

      That McDonald is better than every country's military MRE

    94. Mister Maple Syrup

      Your chances of meeting the mouse mafia are low... But never 0

    95. Jay OB

      The burgers older than me 😐

    96. Tushar

      0:43 peace was never an option

    97. ridiculous ronin

      Dry aged burger

    98. Rach H

      Why is that burger the same age as me, yet I look older? 😭

    99. Kakashi's Weeb

      and. i have subscribed 👍

    100. Kakashi's Weeb

      wow ow wowoowo surgical mask i am COMin