"Help Me Breathe" Cat Almost Strangled To Death Doesn't Want To Die Yet (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

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    The cat who got his neck stuck in a pipe waits for saviors to help him breathe again.. Will he survive?
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    1. Kritter Klub

      Follow the link for part 1 below :) 📍Part 1 : amsels.info/video/video/sp56vJ2tenyVir0.html

      1. Yun Engdahl

        Can we get an update on his condition? How is the recovery?

      2. Barumahan Barabai

        Part 3 dongg

      3. Opik Hidayat

        Part 3 please

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      5. Trabajo Home


    2. Suma Akther

      Please save me Allah

    3. Pari paaru

      U r GOD for that cat.... Great job gyz Thanku soooo much.

    4. Gordon Tomlinson

      We need part 3 please.

    5. Геннадий Иванков

      Спасибо Вам от всей души за добрые дела! Удачи , здоровья и всего самого лучшего!

    6. Milo_Playz 101

      When you caught him I noticed a strange lump on his back um I’m wondering if that is something bad to the cat or if it’s just ruffled fur?

    7. Claudia Rivera

      Dios mio.. Señor tanta maldad con inocentes

    8. Kieu Tran

      I want an update!!

    9. Judy Earls

      Great job, thanks

    10. luvmoogreentea

      please do an update about him


      Regards to the speechless animals and animal lovers, all the very best, atleast he is with the doctor

    12. Bayu Laura

      Insert this Conten subtitle Indonesia

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    14. Saad Mughal


    15. Kyan Kandee

      Part 3👌😭

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    17. el que te ve en la noche

      No están los subtítulos en español. :(

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    19. Funny Animals1

      Wow, very beautiful. I saw the video by chance and I liked it a lot and became a follower of you ❤️ I pray and good luck.

    20. Choi San

      this was heartwarming as every other pet rescue UwU but is no one gonna talk about how almost every cat they save, they're called Nabi? XDD

    21. Purniawati Wati

      Kasian bngt😭

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    23. Pepper Pop

      quand je pense qu'il y a encore plain d'autre animaux qui soufre comme ce pauvre chat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 s'il vous plaît les gens areter de poluer le trotoire et les océan vous avez vues les , c'est les animaux qui sublie les canséquanse 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    24. LeahJade_Playz

      I hope that angel will recover any life matters for me bc im vegan

    25. Эльвина Эльдарова

      Кто ставит дизлайки?у вас что нет сердца?

    26. Leni Leni

      saya juga pernah menolong kucing yang di pakein pipa gitu

    27. EMRE

      Türkçe altyazı lütfen! Turkish languages pls 🇹🇷

    28. Phyllis Steging

      Thank heavens they trapped him and were able to take that heavy thing off. But 5 years? That poor cat must have been miserable. At least he will get well and get some good food and they will return him to the lady that cared for him---I hope. Bless this kitty to have an uneventful life from now on!!!

    29. Linda lee

      Thank you and Big Respect to your Heart 💖💖

    30. xAnescox

      este canal es hermoso!!! siempre los ayudan, ojala Kritter Klub fuera de afiliación mundial, en mi país Perú los gatos y perros sufren mucho. yo doy comida y agua a algunos gatos, ya no están tan flaquitos, pero se pelean mucho. si pudiera cogerlos los llevaría a castrar.

    31. Fatma Uslu

      Warning, there are now fake cat rescue videos all over AMsels. We don't know who is doing everything!😔😔😔🆘🆘🆘

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      Oh my God i want cry 😭😭😭

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      Sadina 😱❤️

    40. Lizzie Kanki

      part 3 please !!!!

    41. maria casutt

      Grosses Danke an Euch💜💙🥰🤗🙏🏻

    42. Ida Di Maio

      Povera bestiola.

    43. zjuli zjuli

      DIOS TODO PODEROSO los colme de bendiciones. Gracias por todas las aves que DIOS nos mando .


      Un grand merci de lui avoir porter secours pauvre petit bout. 👍❤❤❤

    45. Nuni Nurainii

      Sub Indonesia please!

    46. My Hope


    47. Rina Padilah

      OMG 😭 pecinta kucing nangis liat ini 😭😭😭😭😭

    48. Charlotte Kujbida

      Quel beau geste

    49. Liberté Chérie

      02:15 5 years with this tthing that tortured him? 5 years to ask help for this poor soul?!!....What"s wrong in people's head??

    50. Elizabeth Schossler surda

      Susto. Pescoço. Gata Copo

    51. Quân 4

      Nice video thank you for sharing stay safe stay healthy stay connected good luck for you you have a wonderful day my friend

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      Pobre gato me parte el alma verlo así

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      I love you animal save

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      Please part 3 ! 😿


      Türkçe alt yazıı

    58. Miri Urita

      Gracias 😊

    59. maria del carmen paredes basto

      Dios cada vez me asombro mas de la maldad del humano. Que nos pasa x q actuar asi con seres q no pueden defenderse. X eso sera q Dios ya esta cansado de la humanidad.

    60. Selmyn Dua

      Субтитров нету. Там английский только.

    61. Nova Oesman

      I am from Indonesia. I am very very salute for your team safe any case of cat. Your are very carefully. I watching many video and make me happy after you success to helping cat. Good luck and Godbless you forever. Part 3 please......

    62. Niken Lawu Ning Tias

      Sub indo please

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    64. Анна Лобанова

      Poor fellow. How he had suffered.😿

    65. Margarita Pena

      Who does that to an animal.

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    67. Mari Fe Lopez

      Que gente mas mala ,son los mismos que hacen los videos , los que les hacen yodo eso😔

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      Deus abençoe 🙏 pessoa do bem que ajudam os animais 🙏❤️😻🐕

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      Part 3 please...

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      Thank u for helping this poor soul

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      Люди спасибо .что вы есть.

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    75. Rosario Lopez Luna

      Subtítulos en español gracias no entiendo


      Afortunadamente aún hay gente de lindos sentimientos que los ayuda. Dios les bendiga y proteja siempre

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    78. Nadja Souza Bezerra

      Maldito quem fez isso com esse gatinho a vida desse maldito vai ser de mal a pior desgraçado poriisso que n o mundo ainda tem pessoas que amam os animais são pessoas que Deus deixou no mundo abençoado todos que amam os animais 🥰

    79. Jackeline Lopez

      Are we still HUMAN BEIGNS??? So where is our HUMANITY??? ... there is NO NEED TO BE SO CRUEL WITH THE MOST DEFENSELESS 💔😡.... luckily THERE ARE MORE GOOD PEOPLE! 🤗🤗🤗💖

    80. H. A

      We Humans are the Beasts on Earth....

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    85. Biljana Jančić

      Thank you for help the poor cat.

    86. Biljana Jančić

      China, China...

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      Что за подлая тварь это сделала?! Спасители достойные люди! Дай Бог им счастья!

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      Gracias muchas gracias 🙏🏽

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      Todos ustedes son Ángeles para los animales indefensos 😭😁😇

    91. roberto brazzatti

      ♥️♥️thank you , this cat is perfect

    92. Shauna Anderson

      Poor, precious cat!!! That thing has been around his neck for some time, his face is swollen and probably can't breathe, drink or eat properly. I was on the edge of my seat when the cat was in the trap!! He is going to feel great when that poor is removed. So thankful for his rescuers!!! 😺😹😸👏👍👍

    93. Shauna Anderson

      Poor, precious cat!!! That thing has been around his neck for some time, his face is swollen and probably can't breathe, drink or eat properly. I was on the edge of my seat when the cat was in the trap!! He is going to feel great when that poor is removed. So thankful for his rescuers!!!

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    95. indra ganz


    96. indra ganz


    97. indra ganz


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      Die arme Katze 😞 Gute Besserung ❤

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      Ya Tuhan...kasihan segeralah ditolong bawa keDokter...terimakasih telah menolong...

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