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    Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.
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    Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing.

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    1. kartik rana

      Dayyum 😍😍😍

    2. Pierce Markusic

      This guys responsible for all the suffering in the world and hes just buddy buddy with a bunch of people?


      A moment of silence for those ppl who haven’t discovered this show lol

    4. Kübra Bal

      Heyy millet aşağı yorumlarda buluşalım :)

    5. Adriana Mello

      Some comments in here make me laugh. I know everyone has their own opinion and they have a right to it. But maybe you should wait for the season before complaining about how they're giving the whole season away when the season is 16 episodes long just bc they revealed Michael. Most of this is a bunch of scenes thrown together that don't actually tell you anything other than Michael is here and Chloe's not doing very well with Lucifer's absence, which was already expected. I don't see anything that means they're giving everything away. Maybe it's just me, like I said everyone has a right to their own opinion, but don't you think that if they revealed it in a trailer, then maybe Michael impersonating Lucifer isn't actually that big of a deal?

    6. mxcøcå

      I love you Netflix thank you for giving the show Lucifer /movie the opportunity to continue I am so happy to see that season 5 is coming out I wish that more seasons of Lucifer come out in the future but all I’m saying is thank you!

    7. Kunal Patil

      Best creation of Netflix ever

    8. Kisumii

      is this the first time the show revealed that lucifer has a twin?

    9. turhan khan


    10. Maha Lakshmi

      Waiting for so many days finally back Morningstar

    11. Pierce Markusic

      Like satan himself would just run around punching people

    12. Be ready

      For second I Thought I was witnessing the second fight of maze and Lucifer, I guess it's not my lucky day then

    13. Silver Darling

      This noise just came out of my mouth.... it sounded like a gasp for air that was choked off.... Finally... I hope this is as good as it looks.

    14. Andrea Taylor


    15. Abigail Talbott

      Yes #1 on trending!

    16. Рисса Кортес

      Wtf?! 💩

    17. Kingb Lumona

      Will all waiting for this trailer

    18. KnightsBlade

      When God says to Lucifer you're cancelled It's going to be rather hot from then on 🔥🔥🔥 The Lord rebuke you satan

    19. Nasib Palka

      Indian Like 👍


      have an amazing day 🥺

    21. Bharath V

      what is this . is Ben 10 and the Lucfier Universe gonna collide why isn't michael not blonde

    22. ading adormeo

      I'm so ready for season 6 now

    23. Vidit Jain

      Another Luci vs. Michael feud? Tight.

    24. Emma Wilson

      i cannot believe it. a netflix original series gets BETTER as it progresses? wow can’t wait to see this.

      1. Emma Wilson

        but DAMN Yall cant give chloe a break 😂😂 this girl going through too much

    25. Nana Aforo

      well I'm aroused.

    26. Black Wood

      I was thinking, while we we're gazing at Lucifer's/Michael's hind quarters, that his face looked off. Too round and his eyes didn't line up. Silly me, it's because Michael's actor (at least in that scene) wasn't Tom Ellis, it's Matthew Bohrer. It also looks like Michael is slowly forming his features into Lucifer. Perhaps that's his power, like how Lucifer can draw out desires and Amenadial can slow time. Or they simply copy and pasted Tom's face on the Matthew's body. I'm just speculating.

    27. Red Velvet

      Twoooo Tom Ellis😍💕

    28. TyrranicalT-Rad

      This awful show is still on the air ?!?!?

    29. 5disc :D

      is it just me or are the kiss scenes really awkward..?

    30. Science Exploration हिन्दी

      Ella: “as far as I’m concerned, Lucifer can go to hell.” Everybody else: so who gonna tell her?

    31. Mahesh kangude

      Hail Lucifer

    32. vaibhav khanzode

      Lucifer is Back👹👹😍😍❤️❤️

    33. kenny robinson

      I really hope this somehow ties in to the Sandman TV series.

    34. Karthik S

      Michael vs Lucifer . Great🤗

    35. ashley octave


    36. TheRisskee

      HELL YEAH!!! 😈😈😈😈😎🤙😜

    37. Tamira Cannon

      Can't wait!!!

    38. sahil baravadiya

      can't wait

    39. Manik kumar pikhen

      Now i have to renew my subscription

    40. HEAIZEA

      One of the best things I've seen in 2020

    41. Kalk Gitt


    42. Movies Info.

      I need Micheal to be there in Lucifer's story but i didn't expect that( a twin thing) that would more fun and fascinating 😁😍😳

    43. Shivam Vishvakarma

      Lucifer:-So tell me what you truly desire Me:- infinty season

    44. Max ghost105

      Lucifer come back

    45. Squeegle! :D


    46. ItzSkilks

      Atleadt the real Lucifer comes back

    47. Sanjana M

      This just made my day

    48. Rajiv Khurana

      Lucifer op

    49. Movies Info.

      I'm thinking that how they will end this show though i love watching happy endings🤩

    50. Savage7

      Nice little Nod to Stephen Kings (The Shining)

    51. Vastly Gaming

      So...they showed the whole season...why tell us about the brother and stuff? Literally showed the whole season it seams. That would have been a cool twist to find out it wasn't Lucifer...

    52. TheHayabusa1604

      Idk how I feel about the twin aspect

    53. Elf5687

      It would have been better if we found out it wasn’t Lucifer in the show rather than the trailer, but I’m still hyped!

    54. Topher Cyphers

      I cannot wait for this !

    55. Rahul

      Season 5 part 1?????

    56. Emily Ballesteros


    57. michaela bronsch

      The only thing I don’t like is the twin thing, he’s never mentioned it in the 4 other seasons so it makes absolutely no sense to do that

    58. Cali Horton

      I bet trixe figures it out shed know it isn’t him

    59. shifa

      the amount of times ive seem tom ellis’ ass is concerning

    60. Shubham deol

      When will hindi trailer come??

    61. yanyan batac

      since lucifer was picked up by Netflix damn it was 1000x better..!

    62. Mayank Solanki

      Just one word. . . Amazing 😘🤗

    63. Mike Kirgan

      I think Eve will end up ruling Hell. At least that is my theory after thinking about how Lucifer can end up staying on Earth. Look back at season 4. To me they gave hints of it already. There was the scene where you had Eve acting like the Devil over Lucifer's shoulder trying to convince Lucifer to hurt someone and the Detective acting like the Angel trying to talk him into good. Think about why Eve came back - it was because she enjoyed who she was with the old Lucifer. Didn't she seem really excited about all the punishment and especially the more violent punishments? All that combined with her being made by Gods hand, which gave her powers that only celestial beings have, the ability to leave Heaven - I think it also gives her the ability to sit on Hell's thrown and rule. I think Eve will end up deciding that is who she really wants to be - a punisher - the ruler of Hell. We will see if I am right, but that is my theory.

    64. Ricky Pandit

      Omg😭😭😭😭😭 why Michael cheated lucifer

    65. Kaitlynn Not Kaitylin

      I don’t like the American accent. :c

    66. WarmachineGBro X

      😩I don’t want this series to end😩 Anyone else

    67. Aaliyah Williams

      If Chloe sleeps with Michael......

    68. Don Fresh

      I hope they explain what's the deal between constantine and lucifer.

    69. Megha Nair

      There's no Hellooo Detective, plz don't ruin the show Netflix

    70. Jarred Farris-Neal

      Wish Mark Callaway would be on one of these episodes

    71. Username

      Oh bet

    72. Lego Machinex

      Beyond hyped. But ngl Im hoping that the majority of this trailer's footage is actually from the first episode, and that it's just a really smart play on Netflix's part so that they don't spoil too much of the first half of the season, but also still have a good new marketing aspect of his brother being there instead of him. I mean Tom Ellis did say in an interview that a lot of stuff happens in the very first episode. But if thats not the case, hopefully the real Lucifer comes back by episode 5, because I'm pretty sure the parallel universe black and white musical episode is episode 6 (might be wrong on that) and the show tends to like to switch to a completely different topic (sometimes flashback or something else) for the episode right after a big twist, (Like Cain in season 3). Either way, I really hope we don't go ten episodes with just Michael bring in his place, but whatever happens I'm sure it'll be amazing. Cannot wait.

    73. Your name here

      Ok Lucifer keeps getting better and better

    74. faliha

      ME: OMG ITS LUCIFER Me a few seconds later "OMG ITS MICHAEL"

    75. ALL DAY

      0:36 that the moment I realized something off. Lucifer will say hello detective.

    76. MaKayla C.

      “Hellooooo bad guys”😭Omg I love him😭😭😭💗

    77. Sapphire Morningstar

      oh snap the archangel Micheal

    78. rarted


    79. Durant Communications

      A clue: something odd about Michael's posture. His one sloped shoulder... as if he's carrying himself ala a Shakeaperian Richard III?

    80. Rhinosaur

      ngl im glad netflix is a thing and started making there own content cuz idk what id do with out it. ;)