Men Caught In High Winds on Skyscraper

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    1. Sanju Shahi

      It's sad knowing that a horse can grow mustache but u can't....

    2. Sailor Ashy

      Mom: when are you gonna start studying? Me: *intensely listening a snake crack an egg he already swallowed*

    3. Deadrollercoat

      0:51 trainer:omg a pikachu!ill capture this one for sure pikachu: *uno* *reverse* *card*

    4. Overlord2020

      0:33 me heading towards my 2nd floor math class open wide window after the teacher realizes that I have been on my phone during the entire lesson.

    5. chuxety


    6. chuxety


    7. Stephen Jones

      That's not a horse, silly. That's my uncle Charlie!

    8. Indianboy 95


    9. Pickle bro13

      That looks like the ps5

    10. The Gaming Bros

      I like your stash g

    11. Fizzy Stick

      Congrats on 10 MILLION

    12. ALL Geckos

      the fax that there snake discovery in this made my day


      If that was Oklahoma there wud have come some anime character

    14. Regina Hallie


    15. Orangeforever


    16. WackySugar58 Official

      Only Okies know that first story the very day it happened

    17. One Race, The Human Race

      I was waiting for the cubes to become a cube

    18. ChemicalReaction

      I had to talk myself into watching this one because of the thumbnail. Instant anxiety.

    19. Auron Silverburgh VGM

      1:06 when one planet is not enough to fuck up.

    20. Sunflower


    21. Tava Daardendrian

      (Sees dudes swinging around): Holy crap (Sees ‘OKLAHOMA’ fire department): Oh, makes sense

    22. PhantomGamez

      Guy: shows lamp to cat Cat: wait thats illiegal

    23. Rob Nolan

      The end clip was by far the best

    24. Cecilia Rivera Galindo

      nobody: i'm not even joking nobody is talking about this: the cats legs at the end: S T U B we love you smol cat legs

    25. Dylan Mcadam

      Did the pikachus pay for his phone

    26. G-Rated

      3:09 Wash Thee

    27. mr bling


    28. Snug_ Gorilla

      Why dose the building look like a ps5 ....... just me

    29. Areg Budaghyan

      1:14 Covid i that you?

    30. Wallows Echo

      Amazing car art

    31. First Al


    32. Purplenomad

      10milll woooooo

    33. potato :3

      Pikachu van thing wasn’t funny

    34. hayleah olson

      Looks like the world biggest PS5

    35. Breast Feeding

      0:48 r/Iamatotalpieceofshit

    36. im gay

      *the stAchE*

    37. FRED MACintyre

      *0:45** fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that ball did not have the mass or speed to move his planted stationary dead weight fake!!!.*

    38. Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn

      @2:28 "there's a type of horse that can grow a moustache and its called Katie Hopkins.

    39. yamen diab


    40. Arnav_Dragneel

      That car is never gonna get cleaned lol

    41. Jon Demus

      That horse works at my local hip coffee shops

    42. Juazz


    43. CheatCODE Gaming

      Imagine you liked this comment for no reason🤘🏻

    44. Jess Ess

      omg that cat at the end was precious 💖

    45. Fiona Grand

      A group of pikachu: throws pokeball at human. Human: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

    46. FrostBite

      0:52 bruh that's just messed up.

    47. du bekommst nrw verbot

      1:16 that was chakra from naruto dude

    48. Seth Taylor

      Why did he talk about a horse that can grow a mustache but only show Willie Nelson?

    49. DrDestroyer9

      *Daily Dose of Internet says High Winds* Me: I have a feeling this is in Oklahoma..

    50. Jeremy Owens

      Just another reason to not become a window washer.

    51. Misha

      The wind also put a lot of poop in those guys' pants.

    52. Nico Nico


    53. Recipe Heaven

      When I saw the snake eating egg I wanted to squish the egg inside

    54. GrandCorsair

      Even though that kitten has lost its paws it still the cutest little thing. ❤️

    55. Animation Studios

      1:12 One of which is a Tesla roadster...

    56. Jai Dev

      The horse had braids too, not just a mustache

    57. Tina White

      The Pikachus literally assault people.

    58. Ashley A

      That creation of adam art was awesome till you see they didn't wanna draw Adams dick so they scribbled a line haha 😆

    59. Ashley A

      Unless they knew that dude. The Pikachu people are shiity people 🙄 its not funny to fuck with strangers you don't know what they're going through or how you "harmless prank" really affects them

    60. Pop eyes

      Viking horse

    61. ItMeKobb

      that's oklahoma wind alright



    63. The Elder Hunter

      Seriously, kudos to the engineering and design of that suspended scaffold.

    64. Sudarshan Siddoju

      0:15 if you observe carefully the building looks like a *PLAY STATION 5*

    65. Marius Tengesdal

      1:05 Proof that we humans are the virus..

    66. drk soul


    67. Christian Howard

      0:50 looks like 3rd or 4th time was the charm lol

      1. Christian Howard

        Whys he sittin so far away from his bike lol

    68. Imagine not having a profile picture

      Everybody gangsta till the guy jumps from the Skyscraper and opens the parachute

    69. Mikail aria Mahasena

      The cat just made my life 10x better

    70. Ahmed Elian

      Good; Earth has a debris shield to protect from alien attacks.

    71. Ahmed Elian

      Window cleaner trying to stay positive: "Just close your eyes and imagine that you're in an amusement park ride until they come and sav...... alright we gonna die."

    72. Michelle Frandsen Smith

      danger noodles like if you understand or don't i don't care

    73. Fr0stB!tt3n

      Forbidden Roller Coster

    74. GamerBoy747

      0:09 I thought it was about to fall

    75. Gifted

      Id of noted down the number plate if I was the guy who got hit by the pokeball

    76. Jes Kvell

      Even in space we humans pollute it.

    77. Mike Jimenez

      that debris 3d model looks like covid.... hmmm.

    78. Katy


    79. Clingsy ASMR

      The skyscraper on the thumbnail looked like a ps5 lol 😂

    80. Travelbird

      I don't think it's so funny having your may 1000+ $ phone in your hand and get it destroyed by some assholes.

    81. Vash The Stampede

      I'm glad i turned down that window washing job lol

    82. BurnToast BUTTER

      Thats why i saw a cheeto bag in the sky?

    83. Frankie

      0:51 wow those people are so mean, that could just ruin anyone’s day smh

      1. CommanderRedstone901

        You... do realize that maybe, well, I dunno, the guy who got a pokeball thrown at him was probably just an actor who VOLUNTEERED to have that giant pokeball thrown at him?

    84. ElectricFire2736

      That pokemon thing was really shitty, not funny.

    85. PolarBearsRCool

      That tower kinda looks like a ps5

    86. Peace Lovin Criminal

      Space debris hahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣STOP PLEASE🤣🤣

    87. Emp Jeff

      Those people in the Pikachu suits are what I want to be.

    88. Help me reach 1k subs without videos

      My mom is the pickachus, I'm the guy Me: Hanging out with my friends and going late at night My mother: 0:51

    89. Jamal Bee

      Corporations try to tell you to care about waste while they create all of it, care about pollution, when they create all of it. Live your life, because your recycling habits as an every day consumer IS NOT THE PROBLEM. How many cars does it take to cause the problem of one rocket?

    90. V's Alien

      horses that grow a mustach... i think we all know what happened here 😂

    91. Nority Yt

      Snake asmr?

    92. dot dot dot

      whats so funny about harassment and ruining someones day?????

    93. MV nobody

      1:29 kinda looks like one covid 19 virus cell ngl ._.

    94. Jessica

      0:33 he does it like his life depends on it... wasting no time 🤣😅💕

    95. -Em-

      Why is his voice weirdly comforting?

    96. Fluffingo

      Everybody gangsta til the pickachu gang shows up

    97. The Popling

      0:50 In Soviet Russia, you do not catch the Pokemon. The Pokemon catch you.

    98. DaSaiyanBuzzard

      Snake discovery


      0:00 there is a puttth sound at starting of u r every video

    100. 100 subscribers with videos challenge

      hes playing us like a damn fiddle