Minecraft Dungeons Is Upon Us



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    Yeah so I'm not actually taking a full week break because Minecraft Dungeons waits for no man.
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    1. the dungeon scrawler

      when jardon doesn't realize that lv 3 death cap is infinitly more powerful than lv 28 swift boots.

    2. Benjamin Heine

      punch would be good on the crossbow

    3. Swanky

      When they beat the red stone golem they forgot the loot chest that spawned after it died.

    4. Elliott Madison

      Jordan got the Hardlight from destiny lol

    5. triple M

      That crossbow is insane... but i don’t think he realizes how op infinity would have been. Not necessarily infinite ammo but close enough to be much longer firing

      1. triple M

        Also MACHINE GUN B(L)OWS

    6. Ernest Ong

      that thumbnail, i thought it was Pewdiepie

    7. Gamer412016 brenner

      I have the full digital version from psn.

    8. Seth Ravert

      When you realize that the trick bow is one of the best weapons in the game if you have synergies.

    9. REALbiggestlegofan Connor

      That Redstone golem wasn’t the one from the trailer it was probably a weaker version but the one from the trailer has 3 eyes and horns

    10. Noah G

      I’m mad how Jardon salvages everything he gets & doesn’t realize how good those weapons/amor is or can be

    11. Adam Watson

      The slimes only do 9 damage to me you are to weak

    12. Pele AnimationComics

      You guys were too over powered in the game and I love it!!! 😈😎

    13. Zazen

      That cauldron is just Octodad in disguise

    14. Stefan Paetrow

      i have a normal rapid crossbow with accelerate and love it for boss fights. this unique one is awesome

    15. Troll Bridge

      Flinstones Gummy’s Confirmed Everybody, Flinstones Gummy’s Confirmed

    16. Tim0thy

      I like how he chose Recycler over the two powerful enchants he got lol

    17. Mr Wookie

      Would you prefer fiery forge or soggy swamp?

    18. Ryan -501

      I'm so frustrated, read the comments Jordan, for God sake.

    19. papa jimmi

      Tip: When out of arrows, use your Flaming Quiver Edit: nevermind

    20. Benjamin Jayle of CSA

      I think you should have gotten infinity on the crossbow since it eats through ammo

    21. Keng Aroo

      A minimap sure is helpful, haha

    22. Keng Aroo

      Ngl, this game is kinda hard end game

    23. Hasaznasa PL

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2785">46:25</a> he just left chest ? From boss ? Bottom right

    24. I Am Rolly

      cs: cluster mob nuker guy other guy: one man insta dead guy

    25. Jonas Was Here

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1321">22:01</a> missed chest...

    26. Jonas Was Here

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="768">12:48</a>...missed epic chest

    27. Neil Owen Carani

      Oh wow. You found a Gatling gun Bow, that sure wouldn't get nerf

    28. Jacob Kern

      Jordan now has an M134 that fires arrows.


      atleast it wasent the redstone monstrosity


      give me ur souls sounds like somthing from undertail

    31. diabuns Fadera

      Ur lets plays is so.... Relaxing...


      they shuld add a minecrat warning sighn


      did enyone realise in the picture of redstone mines the two villegers mining redstone


      only if mobs in minecraft droped emraleds


      lapis isnt a crystal its a stone i shuld know i own a peice of it

    36. Luap Ahcor

      what controller are you using

    37. Juboi Schmith

      you need to explore more ur missing a bunch of good loot

    38. Grey Wolf

      I just played and beat the story in a few hours (the first run through isnt very long). There are a lot of combinations I think would be really cool, like a soul dagger with a souls enchant on it, then using a soul armor for even more souls, just so you could have a crap ton of souls to use on abilities. I haven't tried that yet but what I do use currently and it works way too well is a scatter crossbow with the enchant that has a 30% chance to shoot 5 arrows... The scatter crossbow shoots 3 projectiles already, so you can shoot up to 15 arrows with 1 arrow, now if you can get 3 other good enchants on that bow for extra damage that's even better. Now that you have that bow, use the firework arrow and other arrow quivers to do massive damage. Imagine 15 fireworks all launched into 1 enemy or a group... It literally kills everything, I best the end boss in a matter of seconds because I just shotgunned him in the face over and over with the bow. It's absolutely insane. And that's only with the 1 enchant in the bow.

    39. TheAlphaTeamPlays

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2633">43:53</a> the arrow ricocheted and you shot yourself

    40. NoahTheKingRS

      I mean if this is what a break is good for you bro

    41. E3.14C

      instead of un-unalive, re-alived.

    42. E3.14C

      ngl the purple ranged slimes are pretty cool, I'm at least sold on teh 19.99usd version, and if I want the dlc so bad I save a penny for upgrading lol.

    43. Ephraïm Boateng

      The minute i saw witches in the soggy swamp tittle card, i knew they would die at first. Potions are no joke!

    44. Veli Ahmedov

      mine mission give me hope , cave update will be awesome

    45. Zenith

      Why tf aren't you saying dead or death? Stop saying unalived for crying out loud

    46. Andrew Senter

      Don’t ban me but I don’t like the taste of flinstones😕

    47. Soffan 0

      I got to lvl 20 lol

    48. Brady McGugin

      double raidiance, gravity gauntlats

    49. Axileus

      Do you know what would be really cool? Community made levels and a fallen kingdom map

    50. devin knight

      Why does he act like there's a timer or something? "I can't look at this obviously amazing loot rn guys, lemme go get killed now"

    51. devin knight

      I feel like years of Minecraft has made it impossible for him to be good at a game like this. Because it pretty bad yall

    52. Trey Hippensteal

      Jordan packing that A10 Warthog

    53. bs39991

      use the shield when reviving each other to take no damage

    54. Ryan Innamorati

      really enjoying this series man keep it up

    55. Jinxvectro80 v

      me at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1975">32:55</a> Is that the CAVE UPDATE MOJANG: Shoot him

    56. That Nigerian Prince

      i love how he gets a literally holly glaive (deals extra damage to the undead , heals his alys and weakens his enimies)

    57. fallenrangers

      when i first saw the teaser of dungeons I was hoping they would up the danger level and fun of Minecraft but instead its a whole other game

    58. Dominic Lopez

      He looks like Waglington with the wizard hat 😂

    59. Fenekku Kitsune

      Just watching Jordan using his dodge for movement and tanking the Enderman's telegraphed attacks like Y U NO DODGE THE ATTACK Also he's complaining about not having any arrows but he has an artifact that gives him fire arrows...

    60. Ayar Cohaila

      That bouncing chain-gun though

    61. Geekanomicon

      If you ever wondered if Real Life interrupts a video watch this video LOL. Jardon, you are my hero!

    62. Tine Resnt

      Will Cap ever look at anything other than Dmg?

    63. Sage

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2688">44:48</a> THE LOOK OF D I S G U S T ON HIS FACE

    64. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access


    65. A Worm

      Not to be mean but watching this is making me so stressed he trashed multiple items that can be really useful

    66. Bois YouTube

      whos here because of the odd 1s out to see who was more subs because some ppl said about it

    67. Owenojoni

      Wow! It's been ages since you last uploaded.

    68. asuna_san

      Hey just here to thank you for all the minecraft songs they made my childhood so good

    69. Fu Taotao

      I don't know what is with Jardon and Lifesteal.

    70. Jbad11_42

      That wasn't long nough of a break. Wow you a dedicated homie

    71. Justin Plays

      Did he just called you Jarold?(I forgot he's name sry) at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a>

    72. ItzNight-_-

      bring back troolcraft :(

    73. Chloe Linsao

      jardon, my boy, please take a break, stress and burnout isnt very sick-nasty

    74. MetalHealth

      Why did you say the launch of the game it’s not even out yet I preordered it the day after you uploaded this why would I have to preorder it if it’s already out

    75. AuTiSmo WizMo

      Thank you for the memories I just rewatched all the songs thank you

    76. Jordain Williams

      Had no idea your name was Jordan. Good name not gonna lie.

    77. Akiva Jacobs

      Everybody else: will Minecraft dungeon mobs be in Minecraft? Jordan: “HoW dO YoU DeAl WiTh RaNgEd SlImEs?!!?!!”

    78. Unknown Person

      Go get a break, your voice seams just a tiny little small bit off.

    79. Forksocket

      That was a long break it felt longer than leafys?