Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Polo G

Polo G

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    Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
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    Produced by: The Superiors
    Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
    Additional production by: Priority Beats
    Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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    1. 2xSlime

      That nigga Polo so slept on man..Smh

    2. Versuspl

      Funny fact all of Polo G chains and clothes worn in this music video cost enough to get all the homeless people from the music video out da streets so the fuck yo talking about

    3. ripper_ dips23

      This hit way different after a other police brutality to George Floyd Rip to him 🕊

    4. Sebastian Urrea

      2.6 millions, n snitch9 have more than 200millions, wtf is this shit, this song deserves the N1 billboard

    5. Chaotic

      2.8m in a week but gooba gets 35m a day, smh.

    6. IPullUpOnYew -_-

      Rip George floyd😭

    7. VIZZY Z

      Yo was that king von at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a>

    8. izzy moretti

      the goat himself 🐐

    9. HighLife

      Man did his thang 🗣🔥🐐

    10. Jada Hill

      i wish i could say more.... but we are all the same theres not reason that someone should have to feel bad about their race they are human just like any other person of this fucking earth it breaks my heart that someone could actually make another human being feel shitty about themselves.. think about it we ALL have the same blood running through are bodies theres not a single reason that ANYONE should make a regular standard person feel like this yall need to fix yourselves and quick (.)

    11. Almantas Glinskas

      Now I understand why Justice league was not so well received, Drew wasn't filming it

    12. wavez is a legend

      I feel this man i grew up poor and people I knew died my dad died right in front of me

    13. Aqz Aimz

      R.i.p gorge Floyd

    14. 1ktrell playz

      How is it possible to dislike this

    15. Isaac Sellnow

      Its funny because nobody is including whites who get shot more than any other race. But it's not important to anyone it seems. Rest easy George Floyd🙏🏼

      1. Dallas Ross

        White people get killed too but black and Mexican people go through more than just getting killed so yea we don’t include them

      2. Isaac Sellnow

        This song hits tho. 🔥

    16. jimmy hayes

      George floyd is smileing with his family ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

    17. ThatzOnNxt

      I feel the pain 💔🙏

    18. Lea Clarke

      2m in a week r two, for someone putting acknowledgement to discrimination and inequality and a rat gets out fed prison and in days has hundreds of millions of view for a song that will never amount to anything

    19. LL Kobe

      Believe it or not ,polo aint like other rappers ,he is unique And will carry tupac’s legacy to his own.

    20. CUR FU

      make a song with roddy rich

    21. aziz amons

      They gone try to kill him because he is talking facts like they did Tupac

    22. SpringzX

      They killed Martin for dreaming now I can’t sleep

    23. Nizam Noordeen

      This deserves to do way better than how it is🔗✨👑

    24. Slim


    25. oh yeah yeah

      “They killed Martin now I can’t sleep”rip dr king 👑

    26. oh yeah yeah

      RIP pac rip floyd ❤️ fly high my brothers

    27. Dejon Gaming

      R. I. P George Floyd

    28. oh yeah yeah

      RIP George ❤️

    29. MXG Gaming

      All The Dislikes Are From The People Who Are Proud Of The Cop Who Killed George Floyd.

    30. bokhari ayaan

      If this song isn't Grammy nominated I will cry

    31. Eldushawn Parker

      "Some things a never change" not true

    32. stefancelmare21

      nice refresh of the old 2pac song. better than Dax.

    33. Og SAGI

      Man after Kobe passed 2020 just Ain been the same the year truly has been a sour taste but then came lil uzi album I was thinking like who tf finna top dis but sure enough here come polo mf g and is crazy cause I remember listening to "through da storm" an I was thinking dis nigga special he gone be one of the greats congrats polo stay safe out here yo music heals no cap

    34. Dallas Ross

      Rip George Floyd

    35. - ZuNchiTv

      This deserve to be played in the church🖤🖤

    36. iamZohali

      Derek Chauvin disliked this...

    37. Marquise DeShaw-Injustice

      "Hard bodied, how them situations molded me"

    38. Justin's Psycho

      This is real talent 🗣💯!!

    39. Justin's Psycho

      This is real talent 💯.

    40. WHALE

      Yo this song goes hard but the lyrics make me feel more sad then I am rn sometimes I wish o wasent here so I didn’t have to go through this stuff

    41. Mishyne HayesCokley

      I bet dislikes are from people who don’t understand so they dislike the song because they don’t like it

    42. Selina Faust

      i can't stop thinking about their families😔 its so sad #Rip to all whose lives been taken by the blues

    43. Napoleon Alvez

      2Pac and Mr. Floyd are smiling right now.

    44. Pretty girl Shawana iLife

      Balck live matter period

    45. BlessMy Clipzzz

      Polo g was drippin in dis videos

    46. STeve

      R.I.P George Floyd

    47. Thecomeup Guy

      Yo this shit was so fucking dope🐐🐐🐐 i kno pac happy



    49. Syncario

      You truly are a 🐐

    50. Swetsy FN

      He tell stories in his music that nice

    51. Jhon Wick

      This is tough🤧

    52. JxstinYeee

      Beautiful Song 💫

    53. Alastair S

      RIP George Floyd. The people who are rioting, looting and burning are disrespecting him. He wouldn't of wanted people to do that stuff.

    54. SAT_ YAM

      I felt so much pain in this song ! Really you're a great artist polo G #GOAT

    55. Hint Of Salt

      This brought tears to my eyes real talk

    56. Димитър Стамболийски

      I love you bro ❤️💞💕. You are one of the few rappers that I like nowadays.

    57. Abdullahi Abdullahi

      Polo should win Nobel peace price

    58. Butterflai

      only the none -guilty people gets the worst

    59. danny brook

      Von in the cut

    60. Stephon Turner


    61. kostas kal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> is that king von

    62. YBN Maouu

      You ain't my color, then you don't know the struggle of livin' black Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that? Bro y are the best out there keep it real i luv u❤

    63. jid L

      And is it king von of its not i think im trippin <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

    64. jid L


    65. Dee SF

      Rip George Floyd 🤞🏽🙏🏽 fly high yu can breathe now

    66. Narox

      i still see no changes...

    67. James Percer

      Didn't like the jay z remix. This one is nice.

    68. Leonardo Monaco

      Wishing for a hero R.I.P George Floyd 💔

    69. Kevern King

      Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that?

    70. Ynw Manny


    71. Angel Nastevski

      Polo G is god

    72. Kayy

      R.I.P George Floyd this shit needs to stop man to many of our people are being killed 🥺😭

    73. Niccolò Maggi

      Pac spoke about this in 98, Polo speak about this in 2020. It's incredible how some things will never change

    74. Enti Sebastien

      I spot king Von😎

    75. faisal chrifi

      What a good song I feel like 90s hip hop came back really that I'm pretty happy to hear this gem

    76. TLE Gamingcode

      RIP George floyd

    77. unreleased Guapo

      polo g is spittin facts

    78. XITrayXI

      “This shit a setup no wonder why they call this shit the trap”

    79. chris pittmon

      changes tupac but its still hard amsels.info/video/video/nr2qqJ57f2Kcgr0.html

    80. Nades Son

      Who listening after the killing of George Floyd 🤦‍♂️