Spriggan Requiem .0.Zt VS THE BIG FIVE! - Beyblade Burst God/Evolution



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    Using the Beys from the Big Five is always super fun, especially against the ultimate Spriggan Requiem! Spriggan has gone up against some of the members of the original Big Five on our channel, but the battles were based off the modes that were shown in the anime. Shu picked his Bey's qualities based off his opponents, but this time, it's a complete free for all! BBG Steven will be using whichever mode he wants when he's using Spriggan Requiem and BBG Brendan will be in charge of handling the Big Five.
    What modes would you use against the Big Five if you were using Spriggan Requiem? Out of the original Big Five, which is your fave (guess who loves Joshua Burns and Blast Jinnius now)?

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    1. Simon Armenis

      It was blast jenius. If you see the 0,25 speed you will see that

    2. Mr. Logic

      Why do you keep touching your beyblade when it’s on the launcher

    3. Mojo Rivera

      I think is was spriggan

    4. RYAN NG JIA WEI Moe


    5. Olivera Spasovski


    6. Super winner of MEGA games

      You can say that Jinuius is weak but he got the life after death that save him

    7. Inez Perera

      Blast Jinnius won

    8. CHAN BOR WEN Moe

      i think freede la ho ya wins

    9. L P

      Joshua won

    10. Tyrone Matias

      Burns aka burned aka genius won

    11. Paro D

      BBG can you make a wyvern generation battle.


      Blast jinnies won

    13. Advik Rao


    14. Sharan shanmugasundaram

      joshua burns definetly won

    15. Anthony Baugher

      At the 9 minute and 49 second mark, watch the video at slowmotion 0.25, and you will see that spryzen won by a milisecond of spin.

      1. Simon Armenis


      2. Guavas Cowboy

        Anthony Baugher 9:49

    16. Sreekutty Babu


    17. Zee AbdMalik


    18. Alexander Demianov

      it is shu

    19. Crappy playsz Lopez

      Reguless is bad

    20. Sharvesh Senthil

      It was Joshua

    21. Sharvesh Senthil

      Ok admit it you say sick a lot....

    22. Ꮶɪʏᴏsʜɪ豪

      Spryzen broke Nightmare longinus break in half haha

      1. Ꮶɪʏᴏsʜɪ豪


      2. Anthony Baugher

        R u talking about the show

      3. JustLaughinq

        What point are you trying to make?


      Blast jinius won that

    24. Liam Farley

      xcalius DESTROYED spriggan

    25. hey people

      Blast jinious won that super - close round

      1. hey people

        @Anthony Baugher whatever

      2. Anthony Baugher

        If you play the video back at 9 minutes and 49 seconds, watch it in play speed 0.25 and spryzen won by a milisecond of spin.

    26. Yoshikage Kira

      “Spriggan Requiem” “Gold Experience Requiem” i shu have a dream

    27. Abdulrahman Saeed

      the red one is sprizen

    28. Edwin Jince

      last battle I think genius won by a little

      1. Vannsh Jagtiani

        Jinnius not Genius

      2. hey people


      3. Beth Suarez

        Edwin Jince yea

    29. Diego Palacio

      sprigging won totally

      1. Beth Suarez


    30. Jonas Pereira

      Onde consigo comprar umas iguais a do vídeo??

    31. Mr. Yugioh

      Blast Genius won

      1. hey people


      2. Beth Suarez


    32. Jonathan Verdeflor

      Blast Genius won

    33. Epic Ghoul

      Hey spriggan requim is move look closely

    34. Isaiah Ayafor

      Blast Jinius won

    35. Nabhus World

      spryzen won

    36. Pho S

      joshua won spryzen

      1. hey people


    37. Joanna Marie Medina

      Hey guys why!! Why your comments haven't reached 1k lol :3

    38. Khadeeja Kashif

      blast jinius won

    39. Mohammed Zain

      The 83% of people who loves spriggan Requiem: spriggans definitely gonna win The 16% of people who loves the big five: (: My favorite beys are nightmare luinor and Geist fafnir so I was with the big five I love dragons (:

      1. mudassar arslan Mudassar Arslan

        I lovd spriggan reqium

      2. Joanna Marie Medina

        I also love Dragon beys :) But I really love is luinor the best :P

      3. A Humanoid Of Origin X

        That's not how the joke works but ok.

    40. NHBCofMPH


    41. Hoàng Liu Si

      Joshua burn won! Haha

    42. Larry Mattison

      Blast Jinus Won

      1. The Dragon Emperor

        Larry Mattison he was bout to burst

    43. Ivan Clemente

      Espraisen es muy duro

      1. Mohammed Zain

        Ohla amigo qomastast That’s all the Spanish I know (:

    44. Zachary Montgomery

      How long have you been making videos

    45. Barkada Mo

      Blast jinnius win to the last fight

    46. Owen Gallagher

      jinnius beat spriggan

    47. Mr Lui

      Lui haves cool bey

    48. Noren Jade Bautista

      Joshua won

    49. La Mitchell

      shu won

    50. Ariel Warfare

      Joshua really is the worst character but his bey is pretty good. Jinnius won by a split second at the end there.

    51. Avik Ghosh


    52. Dylan Joseph

      If spryzen is left spin he czn win to jinnius

      1. yuanliang rong

        sxnc so both of them are called beyblade burst

      2. redxct

        yuanliang rong The burst version isnt called that, its the Hasbro version dumbass.

      3. yuanliang rong

        It was spriggan requiem but still same thing even though you said the hasbro version

    53. Aloha 808

      I wanna say spriggan but it is josh

    54. YCP


    55. k b


    56. Asli Moussa


    57. Cheezy Samurai


    58. Titulado Family

      It’s joushua burns


      I think people always underestimate jinnius. But the Hasbro jinnius j3 is better I think.

    60. Fontae Wilkinson

      joshua burns just barely and how did shelter regulas not burst

    61. Lilik Tiley

      Josh won just

    62. sebastian newkoop

      i slowed it down and saw josh won

    63. Ritanjali Singh Deo

      Battle them again

    64. Monika

      If you think about it luinor/longinus and xcalius/xcalibut have basically the same ability and from what I saw josh just barely won

    65. Mar Gabucan

      It was spriggan who won the last match !!!!!

    66. Mar Gabucan

      You should be in stamina type spriggan so that it will save much stamina not attack

    67. Rameo Phan


    68. Mohamed Adam

      Spriggan requiem lost to strike Valtryek’s

    69. Angeline Sendin

      Joshua burned shu

    70. Siya Creww

      red eye and sprzen won

    71. Brent Orate

      Joshua Burnt lol

    72. MalachiDaBest

      When Xcalibur becomes the god of destruction.😮

      1. Mio Honda


    73. It’s Ito

      Joshuaburns won

    74. Guavas Cowboy


    75. ÆReddish


    76. mick456


    77. Chloe Peyton

      josheo bers

    78. Simthe siman


    79. RACHEL LEE


    80. Sehmoh Ambekia