This Rock Has Been Censored

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    Rock: pBvSA8OuHcDc/?igshid=25dwl1gphiu5
    Sloth by Sara Sofia: costaricarescue?igshid=151wfdflen6gs
    Ironing: kevinlustgarten?hl=en
    Gold Ring: watch/?v=788750978177576
    Milkshake: watch/?v=330146564170080
    Cat & Dog: willowthebluemerlecorgi?hl=en
    Robot: pBvsRZDanzEd/
    Penguin: pBu2oodmgRJD/
    Rabbit: pBpLUODhlAkb/
    Ocean by KV
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
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    1. Muhammad Arhum Khokhar


    2. Yuk Yuk

      Minecraft players: ive seen this

    3. werevin06

      cow: *trying to attack the man* Horse: nope


      Me: Sees a sloth in a scale Me two seconds before that not realising it was a scale: will it blend?

    5. Juni ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


    6. Mexxicano

      meanwhile in 2030: 0:03

    7. Charles Klug

      who evre edited the security cam vdeo to blur his face should be fired

    8. DoomDuckie

      Just a rendering issue will be fixed soon just contact god.

    9. margarito amargo

      The guy drinking the milk shake was just doing quality control making sure it was up to standard.

    10. IvoSujuka

      When i saw the thumnail i thought its was a part of a creeper's head

    11. Player 922

      when your youtube video is loading and it stays all glitchy in some parts

    12. Zoe Warren

      The I’m not a robot one made me laugh so much lol!

    13. The Bored Guy

      The rock is from japan change my mind

    14. cronicals cronicals

      he never clickbaits

    15. SKEE KING

      Emerald from minecraft in rl be like

    16. polish cow

      2:28 P O G C H A M P

    17. Eggs Benedict

      Mincraft in real life be like:

    18. The_iExclipse

      2:44 dang that must’ve hurt..

    19. Aiden Sullivan


    20. ツNakz

      ohhhhhh, so they just put this rock in front of the camera so the video/pic would be censored!!!

    21. hellothereok


    22. RiffRaff 794

      I can just imagine this being clothes one day

    23. Elyy_

      Lmao japanese rock

    24. Flash Flood Art

      Don’t press read on I told you not to! You’re getting close..... Oh wait you aren’t. Ok you’re actually halfway now Getting closer.... Almost there.... Do you like hot chocolate? Ok! You make it! Next time don’t click read more.

    25. luvyuwu

      who else thought that was minecraft in the thumbnail?💀

    26. LordDaBoss

      New minecraft ore

    27. Aniket kumar

      0:36 I should really try that Guy: Dont try this at home Me : Sadly takes the submarine to home out of the Ocean in my backyard

    28. Gãrbage Princess

      Ya all talkin about the jewerly How about lets talk about how cute the horse is?

    29. JD Rodger Allen


    30. Julie Barch

      0:06 Real life emeralds from minecraft

    31. Neko Ale-san Murillo 67

      normal people: "censored rock" or "japanese rock" Gamers: emerald from Minecraft

    32. Moos Games

      "This clave needs medical attention from the ranger" Ranger punctures calves ear to put a tag on it.

      1. Moos Games

        @OvU that's true, it's rare these days, so thank you too. i guess it's also rare these days to talk about something other then politics, which usually leads to escalation pretty quickly. ;) have a nice day.

      2. OvU

        @Moos Games yeah, and thank you for being so respectful, ive rarely had a friendly debate that didnt end with the other person being really rude, so thanks.

      3. Moos Games

        @OvU i would also assume it hurts about as much as when humans get their ears pierced. just that the humans who get that done usually want it to happen and know what is happening to them. and still from what i heard it must be really painful, i heard more then once that girls didn't want the other ear pierced after the first one was done, because of the experience. but i think we are about on the same level of acceptance to this procedure. i guess it might be the best way to do it. at least the cows can roam free on the field and aren't locked in a barn.

      4. OvU

        @Moos Games well its just piercing their ear, so from what we know about that i can conclude that it probably just hurts as much as when we get OUR ears pierced, and from what ive heard it doesnt hurt much, but thats just a guess, there could be an unknown variable to change how it feels but using information available to me i can conclude that it probably doesnt hurt much.

      5. Moos Games

        @OvU how do you know it doesn't hurt much?

    33. T00LB0X

      that rock hurts

    34. SunflowerPlaze

      3:16 they are sooo cuteeee

    35. SunflowerPlaze

      1:10 ignore this

    36. hunter DA gunter

      at 2:43 that is flat Stanly in a nutshell

    37. Seth Jayasinghe

      2:23 The trickster

    38. No Onw

      The robot can get verified to be a human but my friend cant even-

    39. Sir Narwhal

      Shit that rock do be swearing.

    40. Emaany

      the rock look likes a creeper

    41. MKS

      0:03 found in japan

    42. Homocidal god of suicide

      The guy with the gold ring is a fucking genius

    43. Akaza

      *Japanese Rock*

    44. Arpit Jakhmola

      Japenese rock

    45. Shashi Rekha

      1:04 cute sloth...

    46. swordfighter

      reminds me of a certain genre of adult japanese cartoons.

    47. vellichxr

      geez! even rocks aren’t appropriate now

    48. void flix ,

      It is not censored it is called Minecraft

    49. Karmnewo4 Mira

      I think the rock is from japan🙊

    50. Shpookie

      That’s a “Japanese film” rock

    51. ٠Honey_ Pot٠

      It’s fine the server is just glitching :D

    52. :)

      Japanese rock

    53. ApplePie

      Who is here bc of minecraft

    54. mypetis CERBEROS

      1:37 smart boi 😂


      Mom, I swear I'm just watching smth useful Mom:so what's that naked rock

    56. Hjme Heenatah

      That h*ntai artist: BRRRAKA MONOGAAAA

    57. Noah Redtfeldt

      1:07 I loveeeeeee sloths

    58. Mushirio Studios

      The rock be looking like japanese films

    59. Arnav Playz

      you've never clickbaited us :D

    60. Steel Wolf

      1:37 robbery successful

    61. Lee P

      AMsels : this rock is too unapropriate i must censor it!!

    62. נוי זכריה

      clear underwear coated with this rock


      Damn.....The Rock Is Inappropriate

    64. Lucifer Alston

      When your too young to see a rock because your family always see a rock being thrown to someone's head and epicly bleed so bad and that ladies and Gentleman that's how your life will be ruined by your family's. tho your now 10 years old and all of the sudden every rock you see is Blurred until 3 years the rock became not blurry but there's still a leftover glue that all of your neighbours help your family to blur all the rock and even the neighbours doesn't let anyone to see rock and that's why should call the village the. the family that won't show they're kids a R O C K that is not 13+


      2:34 and thats why I always go to Mcdonalds by walk xd

    66. Naufal Hazim

      That rock make things look like "Japanese Film"

    67. Kelly Mills

      All the animals are so cute like if you think so too

    68. Raszy Sky

      2:26 pog

    69. WaNwAnシ

      0:55 i have a question i know its a sloth but im not sure if its a sloth or a ground sloth ._.

    70. Mighty Aussie

      0:14 hentai rock

    71. Thxrd Mxxnlight

      This is congo tourmali- Me: MiNeCrAfT O.o

    72. Ranjit Mario Francis

      Omg the baby sloth was so cute

    73. Bruno

      *minecraft* *xd*

    74. kingdom of portugal Ball

      0:03 my brain:help

    75. Phelix Productions

      Where's the unsensored version

    76. sHe DoSEnt eVEn gO hErE Y

      See- I want a horse now😔

    77. scuttes

      i love it when he says lAtEr at the end of the video in a surfer voice

    78. Artjoms Kasumovs

      haha hentai rock

    79. Hobson Fudge

      Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: hears Minecraft theme intensify

    80. I will defeat Justin Y

      Ah yes the Japan rock

    81. Deltarune Lancer2

      Minecraft rock**

    82. Jonathan Coombs


    83. ᔕᑎOᗯ GᒪOᗯ ᔕTᑌᗪIOᔕ

      I love how the robot was just as surprised that he passed the captcha

    84. Tabby_cat Meow!

      Dat cow do be angry do

    85. ii_vintage arixello_ii

      me looking at the thumbnail: oh thats just minecraft

    86. noviken poviken

      If my nose growns bigger if i lie i could tell people that my nose grows longer everytime i tell the truth

    87. Cringy Weeb

      Guys, we found it.... The real life Minecraft Emerald

    88. Blue •

      2:33 Some Karen : HUMANS DIDNT CREATE CORONA!!! Also Humans :

    89. Aidan Kinder

      Did anyone else think that gem looked like a creeper leg


      Plot twist: the rock is actually censored

    91. YourBoi Mason

      what are you doing step rock

    92. Plot Twister

      That baby sloth literally melted my heart Edit: this is prob the last comment I'll make

    93. Sherlock Holmes

      Creeper ore

    94. Evan Hanner

      Omg the rock is so cool

    95. Waldo

      Welp, everybody is talking about the rock, but I really only care about the rock

    96. John Cameron

      The mechanical arm might technically be a robot, but it's not the type of bot that the reCaptcha is looking for, so it's cool. No harm, no foul. You're on thin effin' ice though.

    97. Mason Wen


    98. Iamthewaterbottle

      minecraft emerald

    99. Captain Bleirdo

      Censored rock? What about the censored shake thief?