Timelapse Of A Wound Healing

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    1. guinie2

      Shoutout to the dude literally running to be the cameraman for his buddy

      1. Its_ronyplayz M

        Dang that’s a lot of likes

      2. Mega

        ikr, like jeez

      3. lillmango

        Uphill too

      4. Yoonie Bear

        Shoutout to Jungkooks cameraman😌✊

      5. Creepik Pedaass


    2. N3zqu1k Better than M1l0

      0:28 He what now??

    3. Mr1234567895730

      1:10 Shut up and take my money!

    4. Sloth Gaming

      0:25 LOL

    5. Kakshu Bakshu


    6. Kakshu Bakshu

      dikhana kya chate ho

    7. Shaze

      0:27 Dirty Minds: Ah, yes.

    8. Jacob Epling

      whos coming to the litght saber fight

    9. ZeSovietOnion

      “this squirrel wanted to bury his nuts into this girl’s hair” ...ok

    10. Vg_astxro

      Ewwww thats disgusting.... *DO IT AGAIN*

    11. Green_Mario_8

      So we are giant starfish

    12. Staffee R

      0:25 that’s what she said

    13. Offbeat Groove


    14. sakazi

      I want a time-lapse for a depression wound healing

    15. Chrome Anox

      “This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts in a girls hair” lol

    16. imn1ppystr

      that litte boy knew exactly what he was doing with those glow sticks

    17. E

      I kinda heal fast

    18. E

      It takes 4 second for shifters to heal and regular humans it takes 29 days to heal

    19. E

      Compare this to attack on titan

    20. Nolan Valiquette

      He latterly kept his hand still for a month

    21. Giovanni Remo Trevisan

      0:24 hold up, what did you just say!?

    22. cheeseplays among us


    23. Widdermaker

      Well, who WOULDN’T want to bury his nuts there?

    24. PancakeMan

      0:24 listen with your eyes closed

    25. polish cow


    26. T K

      0:25 i just blasted that out loud oh my god

    27. ralsei cat

      the wound healing was so cool

    28. stefan milenkovic

      *,,This squirrel wantet to bury his nuts inside this girls hair."* Me:*thats a very poor choice of words.*

    29. Max Bennett

      Wow I can’t believe he had his hand still for that long



    31. Enzo Gaming

      This is my first video I watched from this guy

    32. Shayan Mukherjee

      Oh my god the in the first clip I hate how it looks like it's being sewn together by little threads

    33. Turtlepsycho

      So it's cute when the squirrel does it, but when I do the same thing I get arrested 🤔

    34. KING KEKE

      Shout out to the person that had their hand under the scope for 29 days!

    35. J4D3N S3TH 4R0N

      Why we have regeneration? Because you want is healing so God gave you, We can even heal the bones, but only 1 year All Animals can heal even regenerating bones.

    36. Zhane Mbata

      Plot Twist: He cut himself to make this video

    37. Frosty4427

      Speed up X2 for Wolverine

    38. Smol Chaeng;-;

      A man just really sat at the same place for days RESPECC ©for whoever said that

    39. KingNewfyDog

      He wanted to burry his nuts in the girls hair

    40. Tree Frog


    41. Trash diamond

      I wonder who decided to take the whole month to just have his hand there and let his hand heal 🤣

    42. Captain Morgan IV

      0:24 Phrasing

    43. McChez

      This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts in this girls hair Imagine without context

    44. Limara64

      This has to be THE BEST CHANNEL ON YOU TUBE, so there nurrr. Hi ALL, hope you are well and C19 safe. Thanks Daily Dose, you are truly fab x

    45. Cat master 269

      "this squirrel wanted to burry his nuts in her hair" me: :O "bois he has done it"

    46. Ash no baka

      did anybody notice the fact that his videos end with cats XD

    47. MaNtM

      Why is nobody talking about the squirrel burying its "Nuts" in the hair

    48. _Pulse_

      2:55 it's cool how instead of doing a drone shot, his bud ran for him. real friend right there

    49. No Onw

      Pov: you're scrolling through the comments while watching the video


      Anyone noticed that there's no nail on the ring finger on day 20 0:17

    51. Inaya Gardezi

      The way it’s healing, looks like it’s getting worse

    52. YEETforever 123

      The second video tho 😂 : what he said

    53. George-Ștefan Leoca

      This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts in this girl- Nice

    54. Wendigo

      0:52 POV: you saw a bear 5 seconds ago

    55. 50 Quarters

      This guy was just sitting in the same position for almost a month

    56. Scarlett Kittyhawk

      Doesn’t this make you want to pick your skab

    57. Noob

      3:17 I swear that cat was the dude's future wife that time travelled and got reincarnated as a cat.

    58. Noob



      I have no complaints and love this channel i just wish his vids lasted longer

    60. moaning pheromones

      low key gave you the finger 30 days in a row

    61. Uknown Particle

      This squirrel, wanted to burry his nuts in this girls hair 😂

    62. Elizabeth Schuyler

      “This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts in this girls hair.” Me: uhm- chile anyways soooo

    63. SergeantEnderboy

      "This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts inside of this girls hair." *hol' up*

    64. Elizabeth Moser

      I feel bad that the person had to rip off a bandaid every day just to get a pic ;-;

      1. Fighterjet227

        I mean he doesn’t have to put a bandaid on it as long as he cleans it. I never really use bandaids on any of my cuts. The scab that grows in is pretty much the bandaid

    65. Vinciplazz


    66. FormaFN

      I burry my nuts in girls hair, it just doesn’t look like that

    67. fastiboii

      my dude sat there for a month straight without moving just to show us how his wound healed. respect!

    68. Lobna Ahmed

      2:05 siblings be like

    69. Lobna Ahmed

      0:03 I don't need sleep I need answers

    70. Mehbuba Khalid

      0:23 sounds so wrong

    71. Sakura Chan

      Now The question is did they make the wound for a video or searched a wounded person?

    72. Juniper Bliss

      Shout out to whoever had to hold their finger in a time lapse for 30 days straight

    73. NickM

      Burying your nuts in a girls hair? highly recomended 👍

    74. SamRulzFTW

      That stickman died

    75. Douglas Rowe

      what the hell that worm is so cool/weird

    76. BoysKilldog

      Wound healing looks kinda disgusting every time i looked at it so kinda i ripped it out every time. What a dumb move isn't it?

    77. Electro games 2

      Imagine losing the key and not being able to turn on the pc

    78. ECO dom

      oh my god, that was amazing, the squirrel burying the nuts in her hair. He must have detected that her hair was a prime landing zone for many many previous nut landings.

    79. Madison Williams

      0:52 Me escaping from 2020 be like:

    80. Ninja Lizard

      On the first clip I winder who volunteered to leave their hand there for 29 days

    81. Nirx Yt

      It went to a dog passing a bowl back and forth to a man going through the woods on a bike

    82. Verosity


    83. iixallia xo

      you didn't peel it off...?

    84. WeebWubb

      “The squirrel wanted to bury his nuts on this girls hair.” *Nibb what.*

    85. Le Pastel Colorful Pixelz!

      dang! he must of left his arm there for a long time!

    86. João Victor Moreira Fialho

      we heal so damn slow, like one month just for some scratches

    87. RandomBoi

      Darn... should’ve thought of a time lapse of my knee healing when it got busted open... well only one thing to do now! * GRABS KNIFE*

    88. Animeghs

      2:35 He sounds like that kid in 3rd grade who always corrects everyone LMAO

    89. The Boredom Channel

      It got worse than better

    90. Will Stevenson

      OOORRR "This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts in this girl"

    91. CallmeXMercy

      My wounds take longer to heal because I always take the scabs of when I'm bored LOL

    92. i like burgers

      0:25 that sounded *questionable*

    93. foisuka808

      someone with a dirty mind could take most of these videos out of context

    94. Noahboyfield

      The squirrel wanted to bury its nut into a girls hair Umm what

    95. Joe Gray

      How long did that man sit there

    96. Reneehaha 2001

      The healing was. X_X

    97. Jaskirat Singh

      This is a good episode

    98. BEATZ BYME

      Imagine the boy who was waiting till the wound clears🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    99. johan spirut

      me: realizes he didn't pick the scab off me: YOU LEGEND

    100. Instantaneously

      What did we learn today? Humans are immortal