Usher - Don't Waste My Time (Official Video) ft. Ella Mai



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    Usher - “Don’t Waste My Time” ft. Ella Mai out now!:

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    1. joflash citona

      this video is super cool ... I like it. I invite you to listen to the best voice in the world

    2. Vashawn Thurston

      I freaken love this song

    3. Snowflake

      Blacks are beautiful. That's what i can say for now.

    4. Michele Alvelo

      Goddness, I love and appreciate the talent and perseverance in Mr. Raymond.💚 He's been having us jamming for dang near 30 years. I wish him prosperity in everything that he touches! 🙏

    5. Amari Kees

      So usher my birthday is coming up and I really want you come to it it is on may 30 th

    6. Roshawn Harrington

      I really don’t think y’all understand how much we needed this record and video. This new wave of music that’s being put out these days is not for me. This right here is what’s been missing. King of R&B came through with one!!!!

    7. Qwazi Media

      no doubt that usher is a great artist. he got the swag good energy and can sing . "dont waste my time trying to argue" cz it will be invalid anyways check out my cover to this song and tell me how i did

      1. anthony larbi

        @diona sexy same here girl i checked it out he killed it

      2. diona sexy

        I checked it out on your page that was dope and thats great talent right there

    8. Karabo Gungubele

      my word!!!

    9. Stephen Boniphace

      The weeknd: Who released my new song......!!!😬😬😬

    10. pooh reeper

      If ysabellecaps didn’t bring you here I don’t wanna hear it

    11. Bgera Collectors

      Lyrics! Moves! Cast! Scenario! Everything on top 🔥 King of R&B ladies and gentlemens 🙏 Usher

    12. 1way Savage

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> she bad af

    13. David Connor

      Song of the summer and we ain't even gonna get to enjoy it. 😥😥😥

    14. Richard Queen, Jr.

      Somebody please tell me what the dance at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> is. Thanks.

    15. Vanessa Cullars

      Still the Man 💖

    16. Boogie Funk Productions LLC

      Nice throwback vibe, Kudos Usher and JD. Shout out to Jamie Kennedy "Malabu's most wanted" haha and lil cameo by Evan Ross, we met him at Disney a few years ago, super humble guy.

    17. Humor Mexicano

      Is that Soldier boi from 90 day fiance? I love your show bro

    18. James Foster

      I like this.

    19. Faye Lovee

      Urrrrsher Bay-beh like " I ain't new to this I'm true to this" #LEGEND ... ga head Ella ... good collab

    20. Faye Lovee

      Yasss .... bring that good R&B back to me lol

    21. Julia Anaya

      the vibe, colors, & patterns in this video to add to the beautiful singing.. art✨✨✨

    22. Marena Jordan

      I love this freaking song man!

    23. Catherine Moore

      How i miss classy artist like this!❤❤❤

    24. It's My Life Daralynn

      Great song and thanks for including the brown girls no profanity, twerking or nudity . It's a nice change.

    25. Cadenceslayz Periodt

      You know that dude who in rap game who did label records he is the dj in the song

    26. 41 SINISTER


    27. Frostee Gaming

      Quick question: When did Jamie Kennedy get an honorary black card? I'm just wondering.

    28. diamond mimi

      Ella mai is grogeous

    29. ricengravy38

      If Martha was in the kitchen with Snoop, this video would have been lit lit

    30. Berders_ WillBurn

      ush need to make way more songs....

    31. Cornell Muhammad

      This is my jam

    32. Queen of Thorns

      My bf still has his ex on FB :(

    33. Diamond Dior

      I need it Usher🥰

    34. JacQuelin Allen

      Classic Usher with the new Ella Mai

    35. TwiLight Tarot

      I actually like this... nice

    36. Lady Chas

      This was dope!

    37. aniki937

      What's missing nowadays in music ... BASSLINES !!! Memorable basslines aren't just anymore sadly 😢😢

    38. Sam Turner

      I love this song !! Very chilled ! Looks like they having a blast !

    39. Tamerra T

      So usher just gon be fine forever I guess 😍😍

    40. Daniellia Myers

      I love everything about this video 😍

    41. Danny S

      Self-isollation is vital during this crysis! not ONE person had a mask on in this video. Shameful lol

    42. Danny S

      I will never get this time back lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a>

    43. Frances Browder

      HE STILL GOT IT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. sabri du31000

      Keep it real men that shit brings you back in the good old days

    45. C a r l a R a e

      I love that classic beat.😌Hi five- I like the way. The nostalgia.

    46. Marco Rios

      Sounds like the old usher I like it

    47. Bianca Bee

      Nostalgic ❤❤❤

    48. g-

      Who are the two girls at the beginning in the kitchen?

    49. Tulsi Parekh

      what choreography is in this video? is there a routine for this?

      1. Dillon Chouhan

        I've been watching the dance on repeat! SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL MEEE

    50. diona sexy

      good music usher is great artist

    51. A mazing

      Can we all appreciate that he did not have Ella Mai out here half Naked! And He gave us all those star appearance! YASSS!

    52. virginia redbone

      OK...URSHER I THINK U GOT #1...🔥🔥🔥

    53. A mazing

      Okkkkkaaaayyyy nice I’ll break from twerking! Video was classy, fun, with a lil bit of sexy......I see you Usher!

    54. Hollie Jones

      SNOOP D-O- Double-G !!! :)

    55. Reem Elemam

      He recorded it in Morocco 😩

    56. SpookyWhisky

      I seen this on tiktok

    57. JDH

      Play this song at 1.25 speed and prepare to have your mind blown!! It sounds like a completely different record!!

    58. 10noluv

      Thank you, I’ve been waiting on this video!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    59. luciousbbwkitty

      This video gives me hope that I'll still be able to enjoy the summer *fingers crossed*

    60. simonne_ nonina


    61. Yluna De Paris

      Loveeeeedddd everything about this

    62. オカザキマチコ

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    63. Andoesz Nultweenul

      Makes me wanna go to the club.. connect with oldskool friends and have a good time' Real RnB never dies..

    64. Jackboy Khalil

      Finally R and B is back 🎤🐐🔥🔥

    65. Marisela Salvador

      I swore he had Hi Five's beat...

    66. Jacquie c

      Jackson vibes👌❤️ usher pure class

    67. Girlielove188 Love

      Love it! 😍🤩

    68. Tamere Massey

      This is my jam!!!

    69. ThisIsPhami

      This is RnB to the core. I told eeeeveryfuckinone. RnB is coming back in 2020

    70. Antwon Dauzart

      I just came to say how fine Ell Mai is

    71. Renee Pee

      My favorite song😍😍😍 love it , it's a VIBE!

    72. 펭클럽회원

      From South Korea :-)

    73. Christian Valle

      USHERS BACK YESSSS !!!!! good music

    74. laura joyce

      yes respect. A much needed sexy r and B track ready for summer

    75. Jacqueline Tate

      So u had a party without a KARDASHIAN!!! PARTY of the YEAR!!!

    76. Claudja Dwight

      soooo I LUHHH HIMMMMMMMM #ursherrrrrrrrr

    77. Jayruz Tanner

      💓 love this new song

    78. TJ of Wakanda

      My boo looking so good at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a>.. Gives me chills how she singing this jam

    79. Derrick The Gator Riverboat

      Keep R&B alive! This is good vibes.

    80. I Graham

      Lol the most polite way of saying get the hell on somewhere if you didn't come to do what I came here to do.