Water That's Been Trapped For Millions Of Years

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    1. Jeremy Kramer

      This was a good episode

      1. Eray Kepenek


      2. 9kdevilzz


      3. Aimo

        495th comment Uw0

      4. Killua Zoldyck

        Yes it was!

      5. -—-


    2. mercy's child

      I like how he keeps true to his word and add more content than was promise


      Is it me or every “ later “ I hear on this channel gets better and better

    4. Dorin 2011

      XD THEY DELETED MY COMMENT LEMME REPOST IT 0:42 me trying to explain how i didnt vent

    5. Ernest Imken

      If the rock were millions of years old there would be no water in it. Nothing is perfectly watertight.

    6. Sarah

      2:29 It's not about the cat "not liking it" it interferes with the cat's ability to assess it's own weight. Cat's have a keen idea of how they can maneuver based on their own weight, jumping etc, this is just fucking that up, yeah funny

    7. Comment Bot

      Nobody gonna talk about that mold that looks edible?

    8. Ello There

      Drink the water

    9. Dorin 2011

      1:30 Me when i get ejected but told the truth

    10. Dorin 2011

      1:25 My heartbeat when someone says i am suspicious

    11. aja otero

      Is that a rolling corona virus 2:04

    12. Eli

      Isn’t that the Bikini bottom

    13. Wha- what?

      Why the tire while driving sound like someone poop?

    14. Fortsiiite


    15. Bad.At.VideoGames.


    16. Oscar Smith

      gosh darnit cant drink the rock water cant eat the sarcophagus cheese cant use the bog butter cant even make a good ancient grilled cheese with a drink

    17. hoephoric-

      Enhydro agate taste test😛

    18. Yana E. Yanakieva

      Where was that forest? The time lapse one

    19. akif

      I drink million years old water all the time

    20. BipulGamer 07

      0:18 *Potato* 🥔🥔

    21. Smol Chaeng;-;

      Cat was like "Wait a damn minutes it this real-"

    22. r a y l e e g

      I wanna drink that water

    23. Arbabosu Mandal

      Mineral water? Nope Water mineral? Perfection

    24. xBowtazx x

      hey man want some water? its only like 30 million years old.

    25. Sofia Kroeplin

      Its amazing that this guy has never clickbaited us

    26. Phaedra Walker

      Y'all we found SpongeBob's family😂

    27. ConRado

      2:23 unicorn poop

    28. ConRado

      Imagine the type of ancestral disease that has been trapped in this water for millions of years!

    29. Aayush Vardhan

      0:42 eminem,s wants to know ur location

    30. Chimmy_ Playz

      Fun fact: a sponge is not a plant/coral or something. It is an animal

    31. mattajas

      I wonder if it tastes like dr.pepper.

    32. Raikan Topeni

      1:11 Inside my belly when I eat too much junk food and have food poisoning

    33. Red Sus

      Everybody gangster until the covid start walking

    34. chance carrisoza

      Normal people: slime mold Me: forbidden bubble gum

    35. jasmeet malhotra

      Legend has it that if you drink the water, you'll wake from the simulation and win the game.

    36. The Lamb Sauce

      guys that water was sentenced a life sentence for poisoning the dinosaurs don't free it

    37. G Perm

      1:43 covid 19 suspect

    38. 90pingClapz

      DAMN million dollar water

    39. me

      hey look something I've never seen before...I think I'll destroy it. Typical human behavior!

    40. Lonezly Roblox

      1:30 I can’t stop laughing lol

    41. HUMAN_TORCH1212

      The earth is only a few hundred Thousands year old

    42. Salamander64

      oh nice this was posted on my birthday

    43. Gabriella with Covers and Stuff

      Damn I’m thirsty. What’s this! It’s a rock with water! Time to break it open

    44. Rick roll 2.0

      I wonder if that water is still safe to drink

    45. History Builder

      Plot twist: The “sponge forest” is actually bikini bottom

    46. Adamarni

      I wonder how it tastes.

    47. Random peenoi

      a n c i e n t w a t e r

    48. Yuvaraj Kothari

      by his voice i know that he is a classic whiteboy with black glasses and gold hair. bet.

    49. dumbness in a nutshell

      imagine dropping the hydro egg thing

    50. Zombie Killer

      Ancient virus inside the water : Hey COVID Wassup COVID : sHuT uP BoOmEr

    51. Maria Mary Malfoy

      1:26 Jesus, that sounds so wrong! Goodness, my dirty brain!

    52. Seer_Apprentice

      2:20 i think thos are eggs

      1. Seer_Apprentice

        eggs benedict

    53. Zachary Macabuag


    54. Rum Gum

      3:05: Hmm... I guess sponge do really live under the sea...

    55. Anggie Ng

      Pink slimeys

    56. gaming pro


    57. Cookie'sWorld

      I know I wasn't the only one that wanted them to drink the water inside that rock

    58. Amirul Haziq

      2:10 he do be rhymin tho

    59. Pog Kitten

      I wonder how the water tastes

    60. Preslie Sanchez

      I wonder how the water got into the rock

    61. Villanueva mattew

      The pink look slime is not slime it's egg snail

    62. Nixites

      I heard if u drink that ancient water. You will have super powers

    63. Shamrith Ponlingam

      2:15 I bet there are deticated restraunts for this in china

    64. IbzKhan

      0:58 sick beats bro

    65. Cathy Brash

      3:20 that is the gateway to another dimension

    66. Menacing Hat

      This is clickbait bc every water in the world is a million year old >:O

    67. abcd dung

      The cat be like: .. * stands * the faq??

    68. Kylo Ben

      1:31 omg my dog did that in the exact same place wth this some voodoo crap

    69. Samyosocoo

      That’s a GoPro

    70. Goku

      I kinda wanna see how it tastes

    71. Anna L

      1:28 now that sounds a bit-

    72. ShRimP0125

      1:43 CORANAVIRUS

    73. CanisMajoris513singer

      This was an amazing ep!!!!!!!

    74. Entearter Gaming

      1:25 . When your butt turns too much

    75. ThatGirlWeirdo UwU

      2:47 Bruh the edits XD

    76. Cameron Sturdevant

      Hasn't all the water been trapped on a rock for milions of year?

    77. mr_pumpkin

      This video was posted right after my birthday lol

    78. Pop Bum

      Wow you found strange looking fungus that’s probably rare considering no one has seen it lets poke it with a stick

    79. Rafalanz Gaming

      you know that feeling when your parents say its time to go home, that was what I felt when the vid ended keep up the amazing work!

    80. Lele Pad

      imagine eminem watching this guy at 0:43 be like: 😳

    81. ha ha

      Haha fuck

    82. Mya Wong - MRH Student

      2:14, tell me it is not the end of the world!

    83. Naman Sharma

      0:40 who did 0.25x 😂😂😂😂

    84. Blobfish Man

      all water hasbeen around for over million years

    85. ButtHead G.O.A.T

      2:18 stop your making them bleed and poked to much

    86. ButtHead G.O.A.T

      All the water we drink and play in is also millions of years old

    87. DogeMemes

      Dat Cat Didn't Wanna Be A Shark

    88. Dr Sauce

      Why don't bidders just talk normal when there selling lmfao like the bids 100 who got 150

    89. Donna Mbambo

      Am I the only one who really wants to drink the trapped water?

    90. Samuel Ikonallah Olokpo

      3:02 hey that's my home passing by, yeah, the little shiny one!🇳🇬

    91. Elizabeth Marta

      I don’t know why but I want a face reveal. I want to see this dudes face.

    92. Pedrokiz2

      crack open an old one with the bois

    93. Anastasija Makejeva

      3:05 *Subnautica soundtrack intensifies*

    94. KLXQ

      0:31 Cat: hol up what is this??

    95. Shadowxy

      1:40 dont tell me covid mutated again

    96. Siimply Rosiie

      I don’t know why, but the tire cam looked like you’re inside a whale’s mouth 😂

      1. Axolotlkid09

        How do you know what it looks like inside a whale mouth.....?

    97. Mahra Alsaadi

      Wait if it was Trapped then who added it in there

    98. Κυριάκος Λιούρτας

      I mean , isn’t all water if not billions then millions year old ?

    99. Mantas Marcinkevičius

      Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 1:26

    100. kayecee pascua

      1:10 my f*ucking dirty brain: 0_0