What Happens When You Eat A Bee

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    1. JPL Toy Experience

      That guy will now surely win in a spelling bee competition.

      1. Aubrey Morris

        OMG lol

      2. G

        Not funny

      3. Phsyco Clauxvdii0

        Creativity [100]

      4. A Umar

        Idk why I’m watching this lol Edit:I’m dumb

      5. 18633 Naad-e-Ali


    2. isaac santana

      i am like 421,000 yeeeyy

    3. Drone EEngineer

      Imagine taking a whiff of that vent at the grave... 🤮

    4. Life with Lara

      *Legends say the fans that didn’t get to see harry potter train wasted their money*

    5. Deathraider

      Bro she got dem goldfish pros max sheeeessshhhhh 3:03

    6. ¡?Ëthåñ¿!

      The bee thing is fake. Unless he is allergic to bees, it’s fake. My dad was drinking a soda, when he swallowed a yellow jacket. He was fine.

    7. HazelNut Weeb

      1:56: dis dude can jump high! Everybody: c o o l Me: haikyuu!! Has entered the chat

    8. Logan’s Fun adventures

      Zeek Elliot can jump high too and that’s not amusing it kind of is though

    9. Moonlight Star

      Wow that is so bad

    10. XD_itz-cam M

      1:51 why don’t he have jump fatigue🤣

    11. Toasty kams

      First of all. How the hell did a bee get in the damn burger.

    12. jose guevara

      Who else thinks this guy is way underrated?

    13. jose guevara

      I thought that was jake Paul

    14. SirCraftinator

      Alto's Adventure in real life be like: 1:57

    15. Lykaios N

      Nah can’t jump higher than me when I see a spider

    16. isak

      This guy can jump really high Tommy: *pathetic*

    17. •Minty Haloz •

      Legends say that till this day,no one has seen that train on that side

    18. Tyler Carr

      That guy that gave them girls water is Ross creations he has a AMsels channel

    19. Lava City

      Ayy Ross from VlogsCreations with the picking up ladies with water joke 😂

    20. KrD Zuko

      1:52 Stefon diggs hurdling

    21. Taron Carr

      Nah you just talk too much🤣😂

    22. Eternal Raptor

      how does he jump that high!

    23. Jeúnine Balfour

      I inhaled a bee before when I was 8. Nothing happened to me

    24. Ace MacawH

      Next up, goldfish airpods

    25. CosmicBro TV

      The second clip is Ross from vlog creations.

    26. Ruinzpro

      0:50 that vlog creations

    27. zainebe

      I remember one time i was eating ice cream and accidentally ate a bee, it was terrible and painful

    28. SnowZ

      The guy has no jump fatigue

    29. Coo1dudechar1ie

      2:11 I need that lol when I did

    30. skela

      Nobody: Not even trump: The Roblox Jumping Animation: 1:50

    31. Itsjust Psalm

      The caption should said: What happens if you ate a alive bee


      When I saw the thumbnail I was like "is this guy jake Paul"

    33. AlphaRP Railway

      1:25 this happens to me anytime lmao 🤣🤣

      1. Charlolien


    34. Kayne The Great

      Plot twist that guy eats jollibee

    35. Ole Cranky Gamer

      George Washington was always afraid of being buried alive. His will stated he had to be left out for a couple of days being being buried

    36. holi 愚か

      when you have nothing better to do than seeing people's tongue get stung

    37. Matthew Manzano

      420k likes. nice

    38. Tiff Zhu

      When he eats a bee he doesn’t cry when I eat vegetables I almost cry lol

    39. MrPotatomas


    40. AkenoIsBest

      The bee guy kinda looks like Jake Paul.

    41. Nurse Xóchitl

      Epinephrine shot time 💉 And ouch, I bet that tasted pretty spicy! 😂

    42. Megan Newgent

      His voice makes me want to punch him

    43. Ethan Chahua

      Bruh under this vid was a meme for the bee movie😳

    44. GAME MAN

      He didn't EAT a bee

    45. Savi Bhola



      he looks like logan paul.

    47. Akshat

      No one : That bee struggled from cooking although her body was getting burned to just stung on that persons tongue who cooked her 😜😜😂😂.

    48. Galaxy Glitter wolf

      Pathetic he probably only had to jump boost one

    49. Dog.


    50. Safa Ja

      One time a bee get in my mouth 😅😅😅😅😅

    51. Dizy The Shitposter

      i kuk da hamborgir -jake paul

    52. The A n R vlogs

      I thought he was Logan Paul I was like '' HA karma''

    53. Giselle Quintanilla

      What I love is that the title is always the first vid and the title is everything that catches our attention 👏 🙌 ♥ 👏 🙌

    54. Izuku Midoriya

      When I was in... let’s say 2nd grade, a bee landed on my tongue, thinking it was a flower, it flew away after it saw that it wasn’t a flower, I will never forget that moment. 🐝

    55. nicolecutie cruz

      That's The dumbest thing I ever seen

    56. Chancelor Caldwell

      “I opened my mouth” “And there was a bee on my *dung* “

    57. Tadan Bayless

      2:11 that family took "R.I.P" to a whole 'nother lever

    58. Slaimito

      soy el unico que piensa que es la version en ingles de un poco de todo?

    59. DracoMxlfoy

      If i went to watch te Harry Potter hogwarts express, and some other train ruinded it, i would be PISSED

    60. Fortnite Gang

      First one looks like jake pule

    61. ASHWATH. M



      2:05 Odessay in real life

    63. yasiro.smurkio

      1:15 If squidward could drive a train

    64. Soviet Unionball

      my dog did that

    65. Borkus of Nord

      2:30 "Here's an incredible drone shot of Italy's crunchy side."

    66. VRTK

      me at 3am well intresting..

    67. •ohboii•

      She has a goldfish ear .0.

    68. Lokesh Rao

      guinness world Record for largest tongue🤣

    69. TMØ

      Oh now we know what happened to Mike Tyson

    70. Mirena

      Actually thats what happens when a bee eats you!


      Wow just wow

    72. toveri

      1:44 u sound high

    73. Umer The Clumsy Tube

      It stung my **thung**

    74. the MC of the under

      i just liked alot of comments just to make people happy

    75. Reigndy Cacnio

      The train was a paid wizard.

    76. AXORE

      0:32 my worst nightmare

    77. Spark

      That guy must have been born with springs in his legs

    78. sanjay narayan

      lol that cat under the couch was funny af lol

    79. GamerBoy747

      He looks like TFUE

    80. Maggie Holliday

      That’s so sad 😞

    81. Lekhanh Danh

      I love this movie.

    82. Jamie Hood

      Poor guy

    83. Noah The GamingAssassin

      That Dood is a Kangaroo

    84. Ella Turkowski

      Wai- oh my- they buried- food??? I can’t eve- oh m-

    85. Bills Mafia

      Ayee, it’s Ross! 0:40


      Who else feels so bad for laughing oh just me then

    87. ahmed samatar

      Poor man he got stung

    88. p. Kalman

      2:25 Imagine putting inside a bluetooth speaker and play a screaming audio XD

    89. asad yousaf

      Tho I wenth toth theth toilet

    90. Feena Flanagan

      He will definitely win a spelling bee competition.

    91. CrossHigh Studios

      The Cat Tho XD

    92. Ethan Jones

      3:16 u made my day alright :)

    93. plazger

      Title: This happend when you eat bee Me: thats why i eat hornets

    94. amna jamshaid Student

      Italy's crunchy side??

    95. I really want to die help me

      I was on a swing set and a bee flew in my mouth and stung under my tongue luckily I didnt get swollen it just hurt really bad

    96. Simxply Grace

      Uhm i think i kinda not and liked 2hen that family was scared to be buried alive im scared to of that but that is pretty cool that they made that thing!

    97. Alemton


    98. Kaos_Faris

      He has the same exact subs at Deji

    99. KreetusDeleetus

      Title: What happens when you eat a bee Me: Yep, it becomes super T H I C C

    100. zyjovian pleasants

      i feel really bad for that msn from his toung