What Your Sweat Looks Like Up Close

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    1. Off the Wall

      That lady who got spit on, didn’t even try to wipe it off. She just accepted her fate.

      1. Niah M

        She couldn’t wipe it off she had to wipe it off when she got home

      2. Mohammad Hossain


      3. Deha Aprawe


      4. hey it's justin sosa


      5. Andrea Mari Buencamino


    2. phud

      2:34 Motorized kissing machine Where's the button to invest

    3. Thema Mabuza

      Why didn’t he show Africa’s air quality 😱🙄

    4. -кιтsυηε sкαтεs-

      I hate spiders but that one is kinda cute

    5. D Blockhead

      Can we all admit that that spider was cute ฅ( ˙ ꒳ ˙ ฅ)

    6. neoperseus

      1:25 . That only works with crap cars.

    7. Sans

      "Wanna see a little dog burp?" Me:hell yeah.

    8. Rheana Galang

      Its making ME sweat

    9. Sayk

      What breed is the spider 0:55

    10. Snipez Gotchya

      That jellyfish is called a comb jelly

    11. Samuel Reckling


    12. Naiku Sakiro

      Not gonna lie for me a person that’s is scared of a bunch of holes all together the first one kind of creeped me out with how it looked like holes but it was cool

    13. De teye Video’s

      1:20 ye it aint his car

    14. perry dela peña

      I don't know why but my fingers started sweating

    15. Agent F4Z

      Is nobody gonna talk about how cute that little spider is with it's owner?

    16. Shitposter

      That spider is the cutest thing in the world

    17. ົཽHikari pasute

      Aaaaawwwwww the baby spider is sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee

    18. P m Shanmughan

      1:49 is the moment when some girl show me some emotion

    19. Rai Uvevev

      That spider is a real life lucas lol

    20. J Plays CODM

      "Watching this" My hands: im wet

    21. Nino Alexaner Barredo

      1:25 Criminals: *interesting*

    22. Sulekha Awasthi

      Him: you wanna see a little dog burp? Me: you know it😌

    23. Bonk c:

      No wonder I’m always so damn thirsty, body using it all to cool down

    24. Kate Quinn

      awww what a cute bear cub. . . until it chomps off your hand

    25. DKrazy

      "Here's how to unlock a car from the outside using a shoelace" Car Jackers: *Interesting*

    26. OffCharted

      Did he just tell us how to hijack a car

    27. Isabel Z

      That unlocking car mechanism is Key for robbers.

    28. •latte bear•

      Why is the bear treating that guys hand like corn-on-the-cob?

    29. Simrah Islam

      Is it just me or does it feel like the finger time-lapse is SO SATISFYING like we need more good videos like these

    30. that one animator

      The spider is strangely adorable. And that's coming from a person with Arachnophobia

    31. CBT_Rat

      Why is no one talking bout the LED jellyfish 😳

    32. Sassy Bells

      I’m a water vender

    33. Par King

      1:28 thieves: oh thankyou mah man

    34. H J

      Meanwhile watching this video with sweaty hands

    35. St.Angella of Stupidness


    36. Marc Vollrath

      Me trying to talk to a girl be like 0:07

    37. Derek Freit

      Some newer cars dont have that lock out in the open they have a small light that and it can only unlock from the outside if the keys are nearby

    38. Ysg_mya CD

      Yall know he just tought us how to steal a care right?!

    39. ChillyEDDIE C

      Who also blink1:54

    40. Orient Prospect

      Water...it looks like water.

    41. Keira Yoshekage

      Guy:has a pet spider **it goes missing** Guy:*dosent wear socks* *feels like he stepped on something small and squicy* Guy:oh no

    42. Ellie Lubuw

      OHHHHHHH WHY IT LOOK LIMEGmTgwfjjfjgbrjb

    43. Corbin Parsons

      Bear eating hand ASMR


      Only tryphophobics can relate

    45. calista cc

      The car shoelace one will make you look like a criminal

    46. Global Gaming

      1:22 *Robbers will remember that*

    47. Adian Lewelling

      me when playing smash bros 0:00

    48. Lastreverse

      I knew I was a plant 😎


      It looks like little tiny pimples

    50. BTS Paved The Way

      3:05 Sure it's cool but... Isn't it unusually fast? 😶

    51. Nobody Knows

      Thats Lucas The Spider Rigth THERE

    52. Asia McCall


    53. adri & kennedi

      0:50 IS THAT A GORILLA

    54. Pizza time

      That jellyfish looked like something from subnautica

      1. João Pedro de Oliveira Bastides

        Isn't really a jellyfish, but a comb jelly. They are from a different phylla.

    55. Quarterback Dman


    56. Discount Disco

      DDOI: here's a cool trick on how to get back into your car if you locked yourself out. Robbers: Interesting!

    57. F BI

      Jellyfish has rgb now

    58. TeamAT 2k04

      I wish all spiders were like that

    59. Pigeon

      This video didn’t only just teach me how to get in my car when I got locked out of it but now I can use this trick on other peoples car lol

    60. Kaiser Playz RBLX

      The car opening technique gave robbers *IQ 100*

    61. Celia Santana

      I love that jumping spider

    62. DimplyBrush 3500

      The way sweat develops is like when you put play doh through that thing and it pushes it out on little strands

    63. Xane E

      Dude know people are going to steal your car lol 1:21

    64. Dubby

      Criminals after watching the car shoelace hack: ITS SHOWTIME

      1. InkPea_1069

        @God god ur everywhere. Praise the god

      2. God

        Ikr lol

    65. yeetice

      bro is it just me or is that spider lowkey kinda cute

    66. Jenny Sydenstricker

      Me:*sees the sweat* Also me: *Okay,can I die now?*

    67. Utsman atsauri

      I like the guys sound

    68. Longson Fullmetal

      salem looks like witches summoned satan.. Oh wait

    69. Mint .


    70. Dhyan Modi

      3:05 that's a gamer jellyfish

    71. Mynem Esjeff

      Im not dislexic but for a second I though his shirt said LONG DICK 😂 1:41

    72. sponge bob

      It's me! Again!

    73. Aldo Resendiz

      Thanks for giving criminals an idea

    74. Patrick McMahon

      “Whitney you are not helping this situation” should be made into a meme

      1. Trky Playz

        Your right

    75. Bat Man

      Can somebody link that pollution website?

    76. Santiago Del Castillo

      some spiders are cute :)

    77. Anexory_Playz

      What is that website that you can see air quality


      1:44 Thanks ALOT !!!!! Know robbers can get in my car

    79. suspicious duck

      Nobody : Everyone trying out that one kid's glasses : 0:07

    80. Shah Shahrol

      The string hack how to unlock the car is how ppls car get stolen

    81. lionkid boni

      Sweat glances

    82. Chello Chamber

      2:55 I think we’ve all that moment where we’re so tired we just find the closest thing to put our heads on and just pass out.

    83. LittleMiiss_ JJ

      Ewww like its little holes in our skinnnn

    84. Noobelix 2


    85. Horse Rider1123

      Don’t worry that doesn’t happen to my finger I’m not human

    86. Zander Robinson

      Do you guys think that daily dose of internets voice is annoying reply if so, like if you think voice is fine

    87. Fried_4U

      I feel like the video about how to unlock your car with a shoelace with help more criminals then regular people lmao

    88. Tailzz

      anybody else flinch at 1:54 xD

    89. SiimplyJxria

      That must be why there’s little indents in the lock thingy

    90. SiimplyJxria

      Basically....it’s the hair holes on ur skin...that let out water o-o

    91. Cynthia Abana

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      1. Noobelix 2


    92. Captain Raptor 225

      2:58 at indonesia

    93. ByNightFall _


    94. Alisa Farren

      No one: The spider: ●● ---

    95. Gehrig Sicoli-Strausbaugh

      1:23 how to rob your neighbors car 101

    96. Shower Thoughts

      Me: daily dose of internet posted *clicked video* Instant regret

    97. Stephanie Logan

      I can recall the first time I heard a cat float a stink biscuit.. he was sitting on a hard wood floor, which made it even _more_ hilarious.

    98. Michael Angellotti

      1:53 Hahaha 😄😂😝😅 so funny!

    99. ALBEST

      "I mean look at his mouth it's like doing stuff"

    100. Leila Logan Monteiro

      As much that I hate spiders that was so CUTEEE